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Pioneering Neurosurgeon Visits RFUMS

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Dr. Alexa Canady, the nation's first African American woman neurosurgeon, visited Rosalind Franklin University on Feb. 6 during Black History Month to share her story of struggle and triumph. Canady's visit, part of the Black History Month Pioneer in Medicine speaker series, was sponsored by the Division of Student Affairs and Inclusion, CMS Office of Student Affairs and Diversity, the Student National Medical Association , and the American Medical Women's Association.
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Terrell Ryans (2 месяца назад)
Children's Hospital of Michigan Neurosurgery Department is not the same without you Dr. Canady
So Tara (1 год назад)
✨✨Wow! Thank You For Posting!!!! Dr. Alexa Canady Is Such An Awesome Woman.✨✨
Dr. Yau Gofan, DNP, AGNP, CCRN (2 года назад)
I worked with Dr. Canada at the Children Hospital of Michigan-Flint as her Operating room circulator. I so enjoyed her intelligence and her skills as a surgeon. She was well respected and a trusted surgeon in her field. I considered her a mentor and great inspiration for African American women.
Willie Prothro (2 года назад)
She is an amazing and awesome physician -surgeon! I learned about her several years ago and each time that I hear about her or read something about her I am just as proud and excited as the first time!
Terrell Ryans (2 года назад)
I was one of her patients she did all of my surgeries up until her retirement in 2001
Audrey Scott (2 года назад)
Dr. Canadady is an Amazing Woman. On March 27, 1985 she performed surgery on my son and saved his life. After a rough night I came back to the hospital several days later and found her rocking my baby in her arms with love and caring in her eyes. Every where we went I was asked who did this surgery,because the surgery was flawless. follow this link to see the Youngman this Amazing Woman saved .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A804ws2cYYI&nohtml5=False
Kimberly Heck (2 года назад)
I was a neurosurgery nurse at the U of Minnesota when she did her residency….I always felt the world could fall apart around her and she could pull it all back together again, incredible woman and physician…...
Tori Love (3 года назад)
gives me hope
Tara Reid (3 года назад)
I adore her tremendously!
Missy L (3 года назад)
What a wonderful opportunity to see her speak. Amazing woman !
Eben Wagner (3 года назад)
this woman saved my life 
Terrell Ryans (2 месяца назад)
me too
Ryan Neal (1 год назад)
me too!

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