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I got my boyfriend funny mike with ah prank by calling him another boys name he instantly got mad lol get this prank to 20k likes very funny must watch .. MRECH: WWW.FUNNYMIKEMERCH.COM "WATCH NEXT" GIANT COCKROACH PRANK ON GIRLFRIEND'S https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SpNKbV0DXE&t=4s IG: http://instagram.com/Jaliyahma IG: http://instagram.com/Funnymike BE SURE TO FOLLOW THE LINKS TO KEEP UP WITH MORE CONTENT Business Contact➡️: Loginsavage@gmail.com Let's get this Video to 20,000 LIKES! PRESS NONFICTION BELL!!🔔 THANKS FOR WATCHING & DON'T FORGET PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!
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Текстовые комментарии (1161)
FunnyMike&Jaliyah (1 месяц назад)
Janiya Lindsey (2 дня назад)
FunnyMike&Jaliyah funny Mike u to much u better not hurt her or u ain't the one for her she need someone that will never hurt her jus sayin
Curdell Haynes (3 дня назад)
FunnyMike&Jaliyah funny Mike I want to see you make a fortnight video tonight
Martin Hernandez (9 дней назад)
Martin Hernandez (9 дней назад)
I love your video thay are funny
Slim Reaper (16 дней назад)
FunnyMike&Jaliyah add me on p4 Howie_love20
Manuel Edmond (1 час назад)
Like your vids
Jonathan Poe (5 часов назад)
She looks like Danielle off Black Ink Crew Chicago
Troller 34 (7 часов назад)
Mike be chill asf
Andrew Turner (7 часов назад)
Wats yo ps4 name
Grace Cunningham (15 часов назад)
She looks so much like Dierra
Lavontrey Gadson (17 часов назад)
8:04-8:16 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 "let me see" 😂🤣
Amira Cooper (1 день назад)
Mike Always Say “ Before I Put My Hands On You , you gone go “ 😂😂😂
Omar Castillo (1 день назад)
too long for no interesting reactions!!!! joe my assssssss
KING’s CHANNEL (1 день назад)
Paris Butler (1 день назад)
Every time he get mad “why you playin wit me bra “stop playin wit me bra”😭😭😂
Mayham CHAOS (1 день назад)
Mayham CHAOS (1 день назад)
'Do I look like I fell from a apple tree'😁😂
Marcus Chavis (2 дня назад)
Mike was mad
Brendan Pettus (2 дня назад)
Why was I watching fornite more than the prank at the beginning
Chandler Moultrie (2 дня назад)
Call Baby Joe
Destiny Nicolee (2 дня назад)
Oh my godddd😂😂😂
Charlita Hayes (4 дня назад)
can you make more video like everyday
Lesha Williams (5 дней назад)
did you say you not swimming in ketchup packets 😂😂😂
Thatboy .YC (6 дней назад)
If it was Chicago that a be normal
Nicole Holiday (6 дней назад)
He go get her pregnant 🤰🏾 watch
rags to riches (7 дней назад)
This nigga name is MacArthur 😂😂😂😂
Meyah Mafia (7 дней назад)
Jade Meyers (7 дней назад)
I swear I love y’all!!
harry eubanks (8 дней назад)
DJ Kinney (8 дней назад)
I think FuunyMike is abusive!
shorty Stearnes (8 дней назад)
they scent cute asf
Dorian Terry (8 дней назад)
Mike a bum ass John wick😂💯
Jildamar Life (10 дней назад)
s0sa jb (10 дней назад)
Fr out of all names joe
5,678,801 (11 дней назад)
10:19 meme Material 😂
ItzyagurlNiYa J (12 дней назад)
Yo I’m dead😍😂😂
Brandi Pearson (13 дней назад)
ken ken12 gang (13 дней назад)
At the start she said she going to get him hard 😂😂😂😂so she the one with the balls around the house i see ya
Kristoffer Ramos (14 дней назад)
damn i feel bad for that controler
René SoooPrettii (14 дней назад)
4:25-2:27 😂😂😂😭 Mike Was Smackin Her Shit 3 Hard 💯😭😭
lil rod lil piiwii (14 дней назад)
Mike u ass at fortnite 2:53 and 6:29
kylie Coleen (14 дней назад)
Any small subscribers wanna subscribe
Alexander McCarson (14 дней назад)
By yo momma hse lol
Patches (14 дней назад)
“Swimming In ketchup packs “ 😂😂
DJ Videos (15 дней назад)
Who else was just watching the gameplay😂
Amira Wang (15 дней назад)
like if buddy low-key abusive
Slim Reaper (16 дней назад)
Son face when he saw the camera priceless😂😂😂😂
Mercy B. (17 дней назад)
ken didn't really cheat lol good prank though
Theysay _thepretty1 (17 дней назад)
So you feel like I go home to see joe 😂😭😂😭
game for game (17 дней назад)
mike why would you drink your potion on the roof .so that you can get shot !?
Kenntaevien Butler (18 дней назад)
jailah prank funnymike by braking fortnite
Justin Cash (18 дней назад)
i love this channel but GET DROPPED OFF BY DDG AND KENNEDY
Paris Clark (18 дней назад)
Yeah yeah yeah yeah!!!!!!!!
LIL GUCCI music (19 дней назад)
She look like a frog 🐸 her eyes are spreaded lika mf 😂
Bryson Verken (19 дней назад)
Gotemmmmmmmm 😂😂
Keniyah Reid (20 дней назад)
OK I already watched this but everyone wants to know why y'all haven't been posting we really support everything y'all going threw ( we love y'all .... Team Jaliyah and Team Mike)
Tiffany Baker (20 дней назад)
Every body like this is she called him another boy name
Tiffany Baker (20 дней назад)
Ann Kindred (20 дней назад)
Bitch yall need to post more tf
Joe Tv (20 дней назад)
Subscribe to me please, help me grow ☺️, content coming soon, and I’ll sub back 🤪😌
jesus campos (20 дней назад)
Taylor faye twerking on mike prank
Kornell Jones (21 день назад)
Add me on ps4 kujo56imdatdude
Leo Xavier Castelbranco (21 день назад)
Funny name change to Joe 😂😂😂😂😂😂
dre brown (21 день назад)
“im not trynna go swimming in them ketchup packs” - funny mike
Eastwood Rufus (21 день назад)
Yea aint tryna step on no Ketchup packets 😂😂😭😭 Lmfao
Sisters Forever Lewis (21 день назад)
You are my biggest fan
Catelaya Nails (21 день назад)
Does Jaliyah do promotions ?
Delicia Marie (21 день назад)
I was watching him play fortnite the whole time. 😂
Eric Dondiego (21 день назад)
Make more videos
Malik Stewart (21 день назад)
I was more interested in the fortenite game than the prank 😂
KittyKittyCat_meow (21 день назад)
That nigga said you talk to nigga name McAuthor lol I'm weak😂😂
A00RICO kingfunny (21 день назад)
U got Xbox one and fortnite for it
Nah Tucker (22 дня назад)
Yo send me a tv for my birthday
Freak Gags (22 дня назад)
I would like for you to check my original footage of pranks, stunts and much more just uploaded like 10 of them on youtube id really appreciate it if you guys can check em out and i was wondering if you can somehow help me by featuring my channel in any way that is ofcourse if you liked its original content yourselves .<3
Poppiin Lyrics (22 дня назад)
What kid of puppy Jaliyah got
Jalin Herring (22 дня назад)
Joe Ingles
MrJDesquire (22 дня назад)
This 22 savage dude?
Kemirah Hicks (22 дня назад)
Anyone know jaliyah Snapchat ? If u do reply to this
Blacc Rasta (22 дня назад)
she called u joe iknow for a fact that aint a nigga lls thats tuff
Nique Lola (22 дня назад)
React to movie clips by cj so cool
BLUWOP JOHNSON (22 дня назад)
James Bradley (23 дня назад)
Can you please do the I don't like you no more prank ON GANG!!!
Aaron Clark (23 дня назад)
Mike you fake asf
Loretta Gissendanner (23 дня назад)
When he started beating her head I was deaddddd😂😂😂😂😭
mari mari tv (23 дня назад)
I watch. All the time
babygurl brezzy (23 дня назад)
can yall do a challenge called the A$$ challenge. its were yall try to sing the song head ass gang without. saying. A$$
T TayK (23 дня назад)
She did already tell you that but she didn't call you Joe
travis gipson (23 дня назад)
When is the next video 🤦🏾‍♂️👌🏿😊
Cemahj Myles (24 дня назад)
Hey mike and jaliyah
jamyrion Coleman (24 дня назад)
Mike: " I don't want to be swimming in them ketchup packets" Me;🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tasneem Mujahid (24 дня назад)
Woooww " ian trynna go swimming in ketchup packs" 😂😂😂
Nykeyba Foster (24 дня назад)
Can yall post a video today PLZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yo Leefaa (24 дня назад)
Mike u abusive af... She should leave him. Before he gets really physical.
Antawn Hill (25 дней назад)
Mike let's 1v1
Garrett brignac (25 дней назад)
Why so many pranks? But not to hate
SKULLY DA SHOOTER (25 дней назад)
Us boot nigga don't fukkin play that shit son we'll YEAH a bitch for playing like really really and Yeah jo bitch ass
SKULLY DA SHOOTER (25 дней назад)
I like y'all relationship straight city shit real life Type shit
Daily entertainment (25 дней назад)
Can we get more videos
Koni Robertson (25 дней назад)
Mike mean mike. Ima choke u
da_rawest_ ways (25 дней назад)
she got you bro
Hailey Perez (25 дней назад)
Why you being JOE my nigga ?
Jaela M (25 дней назад)
Jaela M (25 дней назад)
Where is the new video we miss you 😭💗🤟🏾
Malik Workman (26 дней назад)
What’s your PlayStation account name
joy nicole17 (26 дней назад)
Can I get a dollar

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