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Yoga to Open Hips | Back & Hip Pain Relief, How To Beginners Stretch Routine, Total Wellness Austin

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The hip openers will help ease pain and tension in the low back, sciatic nerve (sciatica), knees and ankles. ♥ Start Your Two Week Free Trail http://www.wellnessplus.tv ♥ Help Support This Channel http://www.patreon.com/psychetruth ♥ Subscribe To Our Podcast http://wellnessplus.tv/podcast-audio/ #WellnessPlus #YogaWithLori #BeginnersYoga -------------------------------------------- #Yoga to Open Hips | Back & Hip #PainRelief, How To #Beginners Stretch Routine, Total Wellness Austin The hip openers will help ease pain and tension in the low back, sciatic nerve (sciatica), knees and ankles. Tight hips can cause pain throughout the legs and can result in hip replacement if the joint becomes too stressed. Follow our Social Media https://www.instagram.com/psychetruth http://www.facebook.com/psychetruthvideos http://www.pinterest.com/psychetruth http://www.twitter.com/psychetruth http://www.youtube.com/psychetruth http://www.psychetruth.net Visit Lori's website: http://www.totalwellnessaustin.com/ Music by Scotty B http://www.ScottyBMusic.com © Copyright 2012 Target Public Media, LLC. All Rights Reserved. #Psychetruth
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PsycheTruth (1 год назад)
Want more yoga? Check out Psychetruth Plus, 100's of videos not on youtube: http://www.psychetruthplus.com
Dominique Chang (2 месяца назад)
This back ache guidebook called “fonon fetching site” (Google it) has healed by back pain. That is really a good deal to me since I have been working with many, many guidelines and also my back still very painful right after each a different one. I didn`t anticipate my back would be much better. This may be only the greatest solution to my trouble!.
Stanzavik (5 месяцев назад)
I love her voice. No vocal fry, nice and calm
Jim (7 месяцев назад)
wish I knew the importance of hip flexibility earlier, years of weighlifting has badly ruined my lower back and I mostly have a nagging pain on my right lower back now whenever I deadlift or do rows. This session was hard af for me, realized how tight my hip is.
Jacki Brolhorst (8 месяцев назад)
The work out was great, but I think the instructor should work on her calming yoga voice.
wendy wehofer (9 месяцев назад)
This was very helpful. However, not to be mean, I found her voice to be not be good for relaxing yoga.
Michelle Jackson (10 месяцев назад)
Loved the video, felt great! Random question, where did you get those pants :) they're awesome
MSEAD123 (1 год назад)
Great stretches for me after being sore from a tough workout. I like the relaxing music too. I have very tight hips and quads as well as low back pain from degenerative discs, so I enjoyed this. If someone needs a softer workout just ask for it nicely and try not to get presumptuous. I think it would be great to have some more ultra beginner workouts or workouts for those in major pain recovery, or for seniors that aren't Richard Simmons -as well. LOL!
Nelson Cordero (1 год назад)
i love it i feel soflexabl and m a kid well im in baillay i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu so muchh
Ryan Gilchrist (1 год назад)
Ur kinda cute tbh hmu
shirin hassan (1 год назад)
Lala B (1 год назад)
I found when doing the hamstring stretches, that if I reach my hands away from the forward leg (say left leg is forward, I reach hands forward but over to left side of mat) my sides released---that was so awesome feeling! I must hold tension there a lot.
Aman Sidhu (1 год назад)
Thanks a lot for these wonderful exercises. Is it normal to feel a stretch around the IT band/outer thigh rather than the psoas. I feel an excruciating stretch near the outer thigh when I try to put my elbows down in the first exercise.
Theresa Klein (1 год назад)
Very nice after a long day on my feet!
Denz m (1 год назад)
helpfull vid. thanks lori☺
HOSSAIN ALI (1 год назад)
Heather Woods (1 год назад)
This back pain guide really shocks me, search for Google "fetching loni". Generally, I only say this helps keep my knees, hips and also back all aligned properly. As I get out of bed early in the day, I really don`t feel pain any more. The condition of my knees has enormously enhanced ever since I began using this..
Heather Woods (1 год назад)
This back pain guidebook is a treasure, look for Google "fetching loni". It considerably relieved my severe back pain caused by a recent injury. However it allows me to position on my side or back that helps reduce some of the spasms. .
akdlaskeo (1 год назад)
thanks for the nice exercices :)
Cadena Ek (1 год назад)
I know the best online workouts guides. Go to Unflexal and get the best workouts instructions.
Naresh Parekh (1 год назад)
Great , God bless you all.
Sheila Johnson (1 год назад)
Thank you. Since doing the yoga poses, i have had much relief in my left hip. Thank you
Sheila Johnson (1 год назад)
Thank you so much since doing your yoga poses i have had much relief in my left hip. Thank you
Louise W (1 год назад)
Will this help uneven hips?
Peter Lean (1 год назад)
Hey Laurie ,my massuer told me that if my feet turn left or right then I need to work on the inner or outter muscles of the hips ,after finding your video on opening hips up ,Im feeling a lot better and not as much pain ,but what can you give me to streghten my lower bac kas a postie I spend atleast 4 hrs a day delivering mail here in Australia on a motorbike ,so let me know ,again thanks ,Peter
K R A (1 год назад)
Powerful 80s hair
dinu rathore (2 года назад)
plz say any yoga to correct my knock knees genu valgum
Maddy Greven (2 года назад)
It hurts... is that normal?
Kameron Lurf (2 года назад)
Maddy Greven shouldn't hurt! Take caution when doing these poses as she is far more flexible than most people.. Find that sweet spot that feels relieved with every exhale you take, you should notice your muscles relaxing which will be your sign you're doing it properly. If it hurts, you're most likely guarding so it won't do any good for you except discourage you from trying again, hope this helped!(:
Pamela Parker (2 года назад)
Love these great hip opening poses. Thanks Lori. Love your outfit. What is the brand?
Amanda Tamasauckas (2 года назад)
I'm 6 months pregnant with my 3rd child, I have been having lots of hip pain most likely my desk job. This video was amazing and helped instantly. Thank you for sharing this.
K R A (1 год назад)
For sure invest in birthcontrol
Rosemary Mackay (2 года назад)
This was great. Explanation and pacing was perfect
JrK (2 года назад)
I struggle to even get into the first pose to be able to stretch my Psoas properly as the further I go forward the more the tight my groin/hamstrings get :(
Biing-Ming Su (2 года назад)
Great video! It help to relieve my hip stiffness and pain a lot. Thank you!
gmanhfx (2 года назад)
Excellent, thank you!
Jackie Mendez (2 года назад)
I love your outfit and thanks for these videos. I had a baby in February and been having hip and back pain lately. This helps so much ! Thank you
tiffany petraszko (2 года назад)
love your outfit
lucy and molly martin and bambrough (2 года назад)
My left hip was giving me quite a bit of trouble before I watched this video. I was trying to dance but it hurt so I stopped and did this instead and my hip feels much better now! I'm glad I found this.
Krixsus (2 года назад)
Bruh, my lower body is so tight.
Стоян Мусев (2 года назад)
God bless you.
agirlwithnoname (2 года назад)
Nice routine. Thank you for sharing!
imfromtambunan (2 года назад)
thank you for this
D. Greenwood (2 года назад)
I watch your video post hiking. Really helps.
Sappho.Poiesis (2 года назад)
does this also help in the case in which i have almost no hips? i mean like they're not "wide" like usually women do.
88vansskater (2 года назад)
Should you warm up before doing these stretches?
Ricardas Bauza (2 года назад)
Hopefully the hip opening Yoga will help release the left hip soreness. Thank you for amazing video.
Bruce Hampton (2 года назад)
OMG with capital OMG'S HA HA. This is an unbelievable video and I have been searching for awhile to find something I can halfway do with very very tight hips,deteriorated disc's in my back and bad knees. I was concerned about bringing my knees in and kinda laying on then the last stretch but I died okay I think. One thing I can not do is sit with my legs crossed in front and I will work on it to accomplish it sooner or later. Any tips on that Lori and thank you so much. I will be following all your videos form now on. You are awesome not to fast or slow.
gicoletful (3 года назад)
omg thank you so much for this hip opening poses. That's a real good stretch on my hips and inner thighs. i hope my right hip pain goes away after more practices with you.
Sara E Alvarez (3 года назад)
Thanks for sharing this video, am going to start doing this cause am having really bad pain shooting down from both of my hips all the way down to my legs and feet. This pain keeps me up all night and hardly can't walk .
LOVE ALWAYS (3 года назад)
Thank you so much for your video, I used it several times already, and it DID help me! :)
A McGrath (3 года назад)
this was really nice! it took me two times watching to even loosen up-but I broke through some really emotional stuff!!!!
Beatrice Rebecca Imhauser (3 года назад)
Thank you for your video, done it about five times and it already helped. My hips and lower back isn't so painful anymore. I will do definitely more of it. :)
Moulay Omar (3 года назад)
wonderful video, I'm excited to see your next video +++
MooShoo (3 года назад)
can u do a video that works ur way to opening ur legs i cant even do the 1st thing u did i have arthritis on my hip and its very dificult for me to open it the drs told me that i need surgery for it to b posible but they also told me i wasnt guna b able to walk but i am walking with out any trouble but i do struggle openning my legs b/c its painful on my hips when i try to stretch please try to come up with something oh and i cant aford the surgery thats y i havnt done it .. so if u can pls make a video thats really really simple thank u
Lisa Moore (3 года назад)
Hi, I have two herniated discs L4-L5 and L5-S1. Would this help me and I am the worlds most un-limber person. Every ligament in my body is tight. As I watch this I can't help but think of how much back of my neck pain am I going to have,lol. I will call my dr and make sure I can do this before I start.
Ade Naas (3 года назад)
These are great stretches but sometimes you hold the poses too long. . You say 30 seconds but it's over a minute or more Thanks tho
Susan Kline Strahosky (3 года назад)
Excellent, thank you.
Sahara Aden (3 года назад)
Stephen Rayson (3 года назад)
should you warm up before doing this??
Christopher Ryan (3 года назад)
Thank you for the wonderful routine and insight Lori! I love the pace and energy you bring to this video. Feeling good :-)
Bill Goldschein (3 года назад)
how can I turn off subtitles?
Bill Goldschein (3 года назад)
Oh btw I love your emphasis on breathing-(long and slow and thru the mouth) and holding poses, as you do.. Its basic to yoga and too many pts dont pay enuf attention or none at all
Bill Goldschein (3 года назад)
I have been following you for more than a month. I have done this routine every day for more than 2 weeks.  I have been doing yoga for more or less 40 years. (Im old.-66. I learned yoga in India in 1971. I visited various ashrams and health clubs over the years in amerika but found nothing. I have been yoga by the Book - Integral Yoga Hatha by swami Satchidinanda for the past 25 yrs. I had a stroke 15 yrs ago and have issues with my left side. I used your video to help cure a problem deep below my gluts. The Soas muscle has stretched.  I am now feeling pain in the crease between the leg and the hip on the left side. I can hardly lift my left leg. The pain beneath the right glut is now more of an annoyance than a pain. But I seriously need help on the left leg crease but dont know what to call it. I thought it was the Soas or Soax.
Lewis (3 года назад)
Music too loud - please remix
poisonousmeds (4 года назад)
Lori, you are such a sweetheart...sometimes I focus on your voice and it helps me breathe easier. I may be in love with you. I appreciate you. Peace and blessings...
Bill Goldschein (4 года назад)
no thank you for letting me join you great yoga better breathing
marrob357 (4 года назад)
Is that Elaine from Seinfled?
marrob357 (4 года назад)
WOW!! She is nice and "Thick"!! By the way, if I could do these moves I wouldn't have tight hips.
SusanD Stilson (4 года назад)
Believe or not, there's an easy all natural treatment solutions could allow you to get rid of back pain within 17 minutes.
runningonthestreets (4 года назад)
This is very helpful after my kickboxing practice. Thank you :)
Cheryl L. Lagrone (4 года назад)
I have suffered from back pain for decades until learned a effective remedy.
Cheryl L. Lagrone (4 года назад)
The good thing is it's natural, uncover more here: goodlife5.com/cure-back-pain-naturally
Lindsay Ten (4 года назад)
Awesome! I just started working out seriously after several years and my hips have been tight and sore. I used this with a twenty minute flexibility video, also form Psychetruth, and I feel great right now!
Phil Pacific (4 года назад)
why...do you talkk... like. you have.. cerebral. paulsy. 
Fay K-O (4 года назад)
Wow!  Thank you!  My lower back feels so much better!
Zal Moxis (4 года назад)
Nice pants.....
John deCourcy Hichens (4 года назад)
i got run over by a car leading to massive muscle wastage on one side and strength imbalance. put on a lot of lost major muscle group loss but getting a lot of joint hip tightness injury especially after training bjj 3 times a week. this one video just opened my hip flexors enough in one session im fit enough to go camping and walking today and tomorrow. (bow)
Ken Shiro (4 года назад)
I was trying to squat heavy weights and noticed that my hip flexors were really tight (pain) and tugging on my lower back, which was due to poor glute activation. I was told by Strengthcamp's Elliot Hulse that I should lay off the heavy weights on my legs for a few months and do some Yoga that opened hips. Today was my first day and I started sweating, shaking, and breathing really shallow, which is indicative that the exercise is working on some weak muscles. I will keep this up. Thanks.
becki strudwick (4 года назад)
+brent pruss i felt it in my abdominals and my arms!
Andrew Klenk (4 года назад)
+brent pruss negative
brent pruss (4 года назад)
Did any of y'all feel it in your arms too?
Ken Shiro (4 года назад)
+whatever04811  I do these stretches every time after I train/lift. My hip flexor pain was coming from bad squat form, and I realized I needed to start using more of my adductors in my legs (groin muscles), and it has gone away. As for my lower back pain, the stretching and squat techniques helped, but it is really posture and form during exercise. Keep the chest out, and don't let your lower back round, even during sitting, for me. Hope that helps. Good luck.
whatever04811 (4 года назад)
Hey man, I like Elliot's stuff too. I have the same issue - lower back pain (tail) Did the stretching help? What was your progress? Thanks
Deb Knapp (4 года назад)
Thankyou!  My hips are warm and looser.  I needed your help today!  
Andrew Klenk (4 года назад)
I think I love Lori! ;p
Moriah Mitchell (4 года назад)
Thank you for this video! I have a bad lower back and this is great for it!
wezz keion (4 года назад)
This felt great I'm suffering hip problems do to alot of golf and these really open me up thanks.
djpgrl (4 года назад)
when I do that last pose I feel a burning in the inner thigh...i feel like it going to rip...how  do I stretch thighs?
Isla Penman (4 года назад)
You're able to remove your back pain completely by replace your eating plan slightly - I've try and now almost relief all the pain. I think you should try it
Louise W (1 год назад)
Poses held too long for me
Sweetcooze (4 года назад)
I want to slurp on your vagina like a slurpee
Tracy Guzman (4 года назад)
I am over weight and have been walking the past month and my knees and hips have been hurting this just pulled them and relaxed them. I will keep doing it as best as I can really enjoyed this.
dougefresh133 (4 года назад)
My left side is super tight.
NS G (4 года назад)
are these exercises recommended for persons with knee injuries?
Ade.Naas (4 года назад)
Great stretches and you are hot to watch which makes yoga even more enjoyable
Natasha Bellasario (4 года назад)
This helped me! I have bad hip pain in my left side & I gave this a try about 20 mins ago and it helped already. Thank you!
Sara Marie (4 года назад)
thanks for this :) I am a regular yoga practitioner and I hurt my back about a week ago.  was stuck in bed with a hot water bottle for a week and my body has been crying out to me for yoga! finally got back on the mat today :) thanks for the great stretches. in a couple of weeks or so I think I could be back on track! any other recommendations are much appreciated :) 
William T. Lieberman (4 года назад)
You are able to eliminate your back-pain once and for all by replace your diet plan a little bit - I've try and now almost relief all the pain. I think you should try it
William T. Lieberman (4 года назад)
+Lê Hà Check out here for additional information: fine4.info/back-pain-relief
Lê Hà (4 года назад)
Can you say it clearly?
Terry Milby (4 года назад)
I love the yoga pants and shirt. Where can I get those
Bailey M (4 года назад)
Tom Holecek (4 года назад)
Thank you so much for helping me
Marilee Algie (4 года назад)
Sorry but because I have injured my own self from doing wrong alignment I feel the need to express to you that in time you are going to be causing hip miss alignment. It is very important to keep the hips facing the same direction and level. Just a food for thought,or spend much hours of misaligned hip pain. Not fun.
bigdog mack (4 года назад)
you are an angel...this info is amazing i have been suffering extreme pain in the hip joint after doing this for a week the pain is less thank you thank you...i will look for more from you ...OMG a angel
heatfanforever3 (4 года назад)
OMFG that feels much better, it's like when I get really active or I'm running a lot my hips tighten up on me 10min later after the activity
deems721 (4 года назад)
I've been struggling with back problems for the last couple of years. I followed this yesterday and haven't felt this much relief in a long time. I'm recommending this for anyone who's struggling with back pain. Thanks Lori!
Khalid Abutalib (4 года назад)
very nice
fanofkt (4 года назад)
Holy shit, her thighs are incredible!
Khalid Abutalib (4 года назад)
her upper half is normal but the lower is not !!!! 
PsycheTruth (4 года назад)
Hehe, most people comment about her upper half. I think your the first comment I've seen on her lower half.
Mary Counts (4 года назад)
This is wonderfully painful after a week of squats haha phew. Needed it. Thanx!

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