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The North-South Korean Peace Agreement. Michel Chossudovsky

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Friday April 27th, 2018 a 'historic' meeting between South Korean leader Moon Jae-In and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un took place in the demilitarized zone between the two countries. Both leaders signed onto a joint declaration to cease hostile acts, pursue denuclearization of both countries and engage other world powers, including the United States, in this process. In a special breaking report for GRTV, Professor Michel Chossudovsky comments on the significance of this meeting, coming as it does weeks before another expected meeting between the North Korean leader and US President Trump.
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David Walsh (22 дня назад)
I dont pay too much attention to what Trump or any of them say. I look at what they do and ignore what they say. The Washington regime (aka the deep state) will not want peace on the Korean peninsula. The role of Nt Korea in the Washington regime's plans for the world is to provide a pretext for the continued US military control of the Korean peninsula - the eastern borders of Russia and China. I cannot see the Washington regime allowing the repeal of the Combined Forces Command; ie giving up their military occupation and control of the Korean peninsula. Therefore I am anxious about this move. Remember, the first and second world wars were preceded by all kinds of peace treaties and non-agression agreements - all of which merely set the stage for the subsequent wars. The Western deep state complex is determined to have unipolar control of the entire planet.
Laurence Friedman (22 дня назад)
More wishy washy guesses from Chossudovsky. Alternative media has become so jaded regarding the US that they'll make whatever excuses they can think of, to deny credit to the Trump administration. There is almost zero question that Trump is the only reason this is happening. Military intelligence sources suggest that the CIA was using North Korea and Iran as a rogue states as leverage for all out war between Russia and the west. NK is now defused. Iran I hope will be sorted out as peacefully as possible. And of course they are setting up a meeting now. This report is several days old. Nothing negative.
ZigZag Jon (22 дня назад)
I have major respect for the professor however, he above most people must know that these bastards are ALL in it together and this whole thing is simply "theatre for the masses" - look at the make up of the UN Security Council that's clue #1, then clue #2 - look at who funds the UN .... understand this and it all becomes very clear - it's a "game" that has been played out for at least 150 years (possibly more)
Goop (3 дня назад)
longer but good opinion
swordoftruth (22 дня назад)
Pray this reunification goes thru and the US is kicked out with all its Satanic WMDs!
1142 Eat my Ass (22 дня назад)
No!!! What trump meant was things were going so well that he might not even need to go!!! What the hell is wrong with you??!! You used to be where I came for reasonable commentary but you are starting to sound like CNN with your derision of Trump. He could cure cancer and people would still hate him. I'm not a huge Trump supporter, God know some of the things he has done I very much do not agree with, however he has done what no other president since Ike has been able to accomplish.
1142 Eat my Ass (14 дней назад)
jjbmgm Don't give one fiddly crap about someone's title. Tired of the anti Trump and anti American rhetoric. I don't agree and you can dog pile all you want. I still won't agree. Also, there is nothing wrong with my punctuation. Grammar Nazis be damned! We aren't writing a term paper or a resume. These are YouTube comments. Just FYI.
jjbmgm (14 дней назад)
Michel Chossudovsky is a Professor Emeritus of the University of Ottawa (Canada). Although, one can assume you do not know the meaning of this distinction based off your punctuation alone. One can imagine that a professor emeritus simply acknowledges that Trump is a dangerous world leader. There are no American political bias in his analytical breakdown here. He has done a wonderful job and had a brilliant conclusion.
1142 Eat my Ass (21 день назад)
AngryHateMusic Wow that escalated quickly!! Further reinforcing my opinion of you being just another troll, I won't waste anymore time on your silly ass. Coward? Like your fat Cheeto stained fingers have ever done anything other than deride people that don't think as you do! Bitch please!
AngryHateMusic (21 день назад)
Proving that even a million Douche-bags can be wrong. You are a Coward, both moral and intellectually. But then I knew that from the very start. No one but simpletons such as yourself makes statements like that, a very consistent trait of such stupidity and failure of thinking. So far both of you have called names like children and attempted to label in terms that are obviously stupid to anyone else, then you accept that as reasoning... LOL! In effect you just shut yourself up as if I told you to.
William Roach (22 дня назад)
What do you two think about "Q" ?
ZigZag Jon (13 дней назад)
William Roach Well you certainly seem to fit the bill - unrighteousness my arse
William Roach (13 дней назад)
ZigZag Jon are you stupid? Why would you choose the side of unrightousness? Are you a fool? This is a great question you should ask yourself. Am i a fool?
ZigZag Jon (22 дня назад)
William Roach A stupid game being played and followed by very silly people - bit like the flat earthers
Stevie Gee (22 дня назад)
First class analysis as per usual.
Hass moh (22 дня назад)
Professor Chossudovsky is one of my favorite Annalist, he has been on point often with remarkable foresightfulness. Too bad the masses only given the opportunity to hear obedient and mostly mediocre ones.
Cynthia Allaire (22 дня назад)
You're welcome, Hass Moh. I share your appreciation of Professor Chussodovsky, and recently bought one of his books. You get an "A".
Hass moh (22 дня назад)
Thank you Cynthia for your "foresightedness", I'll settle for B - ... or is it - B ?
Cynthia Allaire (22 дня назад)
Not to nitpick, because I agree with your sentiment, but the word you were looking for is "foresightedness" or, maybe the phrase, Professor Chussodovsky is "remarkably foresighted". The US masses listening to major US major print and televised "news" are subject to analysts that are worse than mediocre. Some percentage of them are CIA hirelings, and others are openly connected to the Pentagon.

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