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10 Most Amazing Bomb Shelters in the World | LIST KING

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Текстовые комментарии (60)
Duane Ayers (4 месяца назад)
ARK #2 Bomb Shelter should be on this list...
TruthOldSchoolStyle (5 месяцев назад)
They're Not Amazing if Everybody knows about them...lol
Matthew Shank (7 месяцев назад)
And those are only the ones we know about. Imagine the ultra rich and their top secret ones. They don’t want crowds showing up.
zacthecatty35 (7 месяцев назад)
Why on earth would you want to survive a global nuclear war? The earth, water and atmosphere would be poisoned for centuries. There would be no food, infrastructure or transport. Everything above the surface of these bunkers would be destroyed, burned and rotting to death with cancer. You may as well bloody kill yourself. Or entomb yourself underground in concrete I suppose.
Maxid1 (9 месяцев назад)
There should be the disclaimer aftet the title of this video name 'that we know about'.
T. Aaron Metz (10 месяцев назад)
Hey genius, The Greenbrier is in WEST VIRGINIA. NOT VIRGINIA!! West Virginia is it's own state that separated from Virginia during the Civil War. We have no state affiliation whatsoever with Virginia.
Stacy Creasey (9 месяцев назад)
T. Aaron Metz thank you!!! I was about to comment the same
DJ TVBS (10 месяцев назад)
2:31 Diefenbunker Canada’s Cold War Museum in Ottawa. This is not part of the Greenbrier Bunker and the video cover is the entrance to the museum.
Sudsy Sutherland (11 месяцев назад)
Check out the band called,"Fallout". Which was formed by Carnivore & Type O Negative lead singer Peter Ratajczyk Steele & Keyboardist & EMT in New York City now Mr.Josh Silver.
Manuel Camelo (1 год назад)
why the u.s. is so fucking "illuninati"? Stop with those triangles you jewish fucks.
Dabigkahuna76 Shabazz (1 год назад)
Black people we fuck I don't see us being allowed to live in none of these muthafuggas
Michael Hartman (1 месяц назад)
A little hit. Congress once had a railroad to safety which left before any public announcements leaving the public to burn, suffer, and fend for themselves. The waiting area had sofas and a bar, and the destination was rather nice with a cafeteria and such. I strongly suspect if you are not a high ranking official, you will be with the rest of us.
B D (11 месяцев назад)
Okay if that's the case I won't go in I don't call myself why I call myself Pink's skin but if they were to do this with African Americans I stay out with you guys peace✌✊
Manuel Camelo (1 год назад)
Demond Delmore Blacks are NOT allowed to survive a Nuclear War >;(
Indiana Drones (1 год назад)
When they say shelter for civilians they mean the 1% and essential government staff. Not Brian the local machanic
ON- BLACK (1 год назад)
gta v bunker
Snickersthecat And Cooper (1 год назад)
I live near Mt weather
I'mDevinStevens (1 год назад)
I live 30 minute's away from raven rock.
Älg Björnen (1 год назад)
Number 9 is stargate
Venom Memo (1 год назад)
I live in Colorado yay
Noosey (1 год назад)
I wanna go their
latteboyssmile (1 год назад)
Google it,if you can have near of any.
Kevin Kelly (1 год назад)
The truth is those individuals building these shelters are being paid very well but they'll be unable to access those shelters when needed and all their money will not save them
Elizabeth Alkatiri (1 год назад)
war might HAPPEN tomorow!!!!!
Michael Hartman (1 месяц назад)
Caused by defective equipment.
Manuel Camelo (1 год назад)
so wat?
Nuwn (1 год назад)
you were wrong
ArchieP Gaming (1 год назад)
why did they close thr shelter in Britain whyyyyy
Gaz M J (3 месяца назад)
ArchieP Gaming it was all that good , plus they had kelvden hatch which was modern and up to date
Mount Yamantau is in the Ural Mountains, Bashkortostan, Russia. ... See also[edit]. Nuclear bunker buster · Raven Rock Mountain Complex ...
OrgyDerby (1 год назад)
So Colorado is just a golden state now. Place to be
Venom Memo (1 год назад)
OrgyDerby nvm
Venom Memo (1 год назад)
OrgyDerby what do you mean
Clorox Bleach (1 год назад)
i liv in colorado springs
francisco4ben (1 год назад)
Russia has already built 5 more bunkers that we know about under Putin's reign speaks volumes doesn't it
francisco4ben (1 год назад)
i love how their is no bunkers on the east or west coast
francisco4ben (1 год назад)
dont go to dever airport look into it before you do it actually has shower heads like they used to kill the jews in them
OAA OAA (1 год назад)
It's good to know where to go when there's a bomb shelter around, but where you go when there's non nearby???
zacthecatty35 (7 месяцев назад)
You won't survive when you emerge. Nobody wins in a nuclear war. Everyone who "survives" just gets cancer from the radiation. Or starves to death.
Gewgulkan Suhckitt (1 год назад)
Play dead. Nukes don't attack people they think are already dead. It's basic bomb psychology.
Ax B (1 год назад)
you have such douchy comments please die
Fred Rechid (1 год назад)
this video will come in handy when hillary gets elected and Russia hits us with nukes
Redneck Dippers (6 часов назад)
+ArchieP Gaming we ain't dead. So your wrong
ArchieP Gaming (1 год назад)
Fred Rechid well it's trump now so all americans will be killed by trump or yellowstone
Hunter Holbrook (1 год назад)
Fred Rechid or trump lol
Simone Ferro (1 год назад)
Madison (1 год назад)
MOUNT WEATHER OMFGGG THATS FROM MY FAV SHOW EVER THE 100. IT was used for people to hide from radiation
Albert Wolford (1 год назад)
huh,metro was right!
Gage (2 года назад)
anyone else jump up when he mentioned the enclave base, i didn't know that shit was actually based off a real life location
Russell McCallum (1 год назад)
ki ki (2 года назад)
my cock is hard
Condemned ATLAS (2 года назад)
Heh Raven rock, blew that pile of s*** up in fallout 3
Shane Muczynski (2 года назад)
63000 subscribers but only 4 comments? WTF
Redneck Gamer (2 года назад)
The Greenrier bunker is in West Virginia...not Virginia
tuttifruitiiluciee x (2 года назад)
Mom Margie (2 года назад)
Mint Lynx (2 года назад)
4:41 That's the enclave base!
a person (5 месяцев назад)
I blew that shit up
Azzylands Is cool (1 год назад)
fuck it's you shit I hate you
Moonscript (2 года назад)

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