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Tool Time Mechanic Tools we Regret Buying

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Today we talk about the tools we regret buying. Check engine light on a 99 bmw. Check out my online store and pick up all your mechanic supplies! http://www.AutoMechanicSupply.com Check out my personal blog where I talk about Mechanic and Service Businesses. http://www.NestorMendoza.com Check out my shops website. http://www.TheMechanicOC.com Follow me on Instagram. http://www.instagram.com/_nestormendoza/ music by : soundcloud.com/jeff-kaale Instagram : www.instagram.com/jeffkaale/
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Paige Ding (2 месяца назад)
Out of the Tool Box Multi-Tool 24-Piece Set Training Kit for Beginners and Professionals Check it out !~ https://www.walmart.com/ip/436840184
Caskas (3 месяца назад)
I always appreciate your honesty and hardwork.
Greasy nPoor (3 месяца назад)
that boot would not cause evap code. just sayin.
910 Redline Motorsports (3 месяца назад)
Love how informative all your videos are. My wife and I have had a car detailing business for 4 years and it's to the point where it runs itself with having hired a few family members and friends. We both have ASE's and are car enthusiasts and looking to open up our own mechanic shop, I have a good amount of tools as she does as well we definitely need to get the bigger equipment such as lifts, brake lathe, parts washer and air tools / compressor, wheel and tire machine. Trying to find out what other things would be a must to go ahead and open our shop and also the best way to do our layout for lifts etc. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated and your time and as always keep your great content coming it's always a plus to learn how others operate and are successful and happy while doing it.
PDX rc (7 месяцев назад)
I really appreciate that you've show us youre going into work like a nornal being haha
joey alfaro (8 месяцев назад)
I wish I could go to Cuba see the master mechanics I got glimpse in Cuban chrome the series. man those guys make do with less
Bryan Davis (8 месяцев назад)
Is this a repair video or a tool video? Kinda misleading in your description of the video.
themonolithian (9 месяцев назад)
Bro can you do an auto to manual swap on my 90 miata?
Bruce L. (1 год назад)
If you buy a tool and turns out to be a waste of money, Remember, there's always someone out there as dumb as you to buy it from you.
The Mechanic OC (1 год назад)
FLIP203CT (1 год назад)
I make tools more than buy them, free.99$ ! A oldskool greek guy at my tranny shop taught me alot about making tools But one tool ive bought 2x is the 3/8 ingersoll rand hammerhead, buy it, dont question it and youll thank me once you use it. Youre welcome 💯
David Roach (1 год назад)
BMW are nothing but money pits not worth buying
The Mechanic OC (1 год назад)
Troy Cole (1 год назад)
I like your show
Nathan M (1 год назад)
great video, what's the song called at the end? at 9:33
Random Happenings (1 год назад)
Nathan M its called shit
1400IntruderVS (1 год назад)
German rubber hoses suck
Sand Hollow Homestead (1 год назад)
Good tools walk away... Bad tools get left outside... Borrowed tools get put away... done.
PurpleSwan (1 год назад)
this video should be called "The scanner I regret buying".......
vikrant baghel (1 год назад)
Wast of time
Dibnah (1 год назад)
just got into your channel. its awesome. i've been running my own shop for two years now in England. its tough but we are getting there. keep up the great work. we need more cool stuff like this out there!! thanks again.
Michael Caruso (1 год назад)
great videos keep them up tool time love it
The Mechanic OC (1 год назад)
thanks michael!
Mathew Erickson (1 год назад)
Well snap on is not a good scanner deal. I have an android based tablet for a scanner, 2400 bucks and works awsome
Victor Perez (1 год назад)
and now im out of the business...so they just sit there in tool box...doing nothing...untold amount of tools(MONEY)...not worth anywhere near what i paid for them...BUT I RATHER LET THEM RUST THEN SELL THEM FOR PENNIES...
Troop (1 год назад)
very good advice about new people buying scanners. and youre right, the tool guys dont use them on a daily basis, they are just trying to sell tools
FL Bill (1 год назад)
A few things... One, I'm an a ASE Master tech with over 25 years hands on in field experience. The code I hate more than anything are the p045xx. They do not effect the drivability and can be so hard to find. Two, I know you are young, but please watch the language. Why??? Three...don't let "2" offend you, keep up the good work! I too have so many scanners that collect dust...new value of these tools almost brings a tear to my eyes. Prob. 20k easy. I'm sure I have over a 750k in tools and equipment...people think we just hook up our "machine" to the car and it will fix its self. We are the machines! Wrench on and thanks for keeping it real.
I wonder if a different background would help with the focusing... xD xD [I get that probably you've gotten better at it by now, though]
WtDaFk (1 год назад)
do you have a thermal imager
WtDaFk (1 год назад)
why not?
The Mechanic OC (1 год назад)
Steve (1 год назад)
TBH I use a $100 harbor freight as a cheap one-way scanner just to pull codes, but any diagnostic work I do, I NEED *at minimum* a modis just for the simple reason I am very scope heavy. IMO using a scope is very helpful in determining a problem, on the flip side it does increase the price of the scanner dramatically.
002water (1 год назад)
well said, I am a MT (27yrs) I bought the OTC 4 channel scope, in 2004 and I only use it once, and when I did I was not sure if it was right. I bought a one channel scope, but being on flat rate I quickly have to decide weather I should go after the problem or let it go to the dealer, you know even thought I have all this experience and tool its still a 60/40 job, 60% I do right and 40% is educated guess..... and out of that 40 %, 25 % it works and the other kick my butt and I would read google and Michelin and still finally my company returns the money and send them to the dealer..... but as I get older I only invest in education even if its not needed (better to know what not working), but when I physically look at my tool box it hurts seeing I both a 60 buck tool to take the strut out of a VW knuckle but only use once and then realize I could have use a chisel. Hey keep on doing with you do... later.
DJ Zarelli (1 год назад)
Hello what's the link to the vacuum leak smoker that you have?
The Mechanic OC (1 год назад)
http://amzn.to/2gfNITX This is the cheapest and best smoke machines. Ive used it with no problem. If you do buy it buy it from that link. It gives your boy an affiliate link.
Lash LaRue (1 год назад)
I always run across guys who swear by snap-on or craftsman, etc. They're not wrong that the tools are better made that Harbor Freight, but if you can buy 5 of the same tool from HF for the same price as one Snap-On...
kingkong8974 (1 месяц назад)
Depends on the tool. Some things are fine as hf
Scott Pearson TOOLS &MORE (1 год назад)
Good to hear about the scanner. I am looking for one for my 2014 Ford f150. I need one that will read the transmission. I just found out that you can only check the fluid level with a scanner or computer. I am not happy about that so when the warranty is up I would like to be able to do it myself.
SliK FiX (9 месяцев назад)
Scott Pearson hey man the dipstick is underneath the vehicle between bellhousing and rh catalytic converter. Need a 19mm combo wrench to take cap off and vehicle has to be running and hot. It's a pain to get to but a scanner will not check fluid level... fluid temp sure but not level
Scott Pearson TOOLS &MORE (1 год назад)
The Mechanic OC that's what my dealer told me when I couldn't find the dipstick and the transmission is slipping a little he said that it has to be checked with a scanner or computer
The Mechanic OC (1 год назад)
Hmmmm you need scanner to check the fluid level. Not sure if the scanner will tell yuo if the level is correct tho. I ll look into it.
William Moyer (1 год назад)
First one I bought was a 20$ one from amazon just to get codes then saw an innova on sale for 150 I don't have my own shop yet so I don't need much but i definitely have gotten my 150 with great segment
The Mechanic OC (1 год назад)
thanks bud. Start buying the equipment and scanners.
Daniel Wilson (1 год назад)
I usually end up buying the harbor freight tool at first and if i use it fairly often i'll get a good one. Or i'll just wait until the harbor freight breaks then buy a good one
Andiar Rohnds (1 год назад)
guy, you should be selling used cars. not working on them.
Henry Liu (8 месяцев назад)
Andiar Rohnds He does sell used cars as a side or did, and dont knock on him for asking for help
flatratetec (10 месяцев назад)
Andiar Rohnds agreed. I saw another video where he was asking his viewers for help diagnosing a lean code on a Toyota. It's scary that people are paying this guy to "earn while you learn".
Jason joncas (1 год назад)
What you have there is an ethos its obsolete cant upgrade it its year specific . I have one also good for a $2000 paperweight if you want to connect to anything in my case newer than 2007 . Waited a few years after i got it to upgrade the software . Now my rep says its obsolete WTF .Dropped over 20k over the last 35 years in their lap and they wont do anything for me. While i guess i am a tool junke and snapon is my crack keep buying shit from them.
Shannon Smith (1 год назад)
Dude you rock!!!! There are so many mechanics that are broke as hell because of the tool truck!!!! Preach it brother!!!!!!!
WeWanTYouRSoLe (1 год назад)
not really about bad tool buys, but that smoker is'nt one of them, where u get that and how much?
kingkong8974 (1 месяц назад)
+The Mechanic OC I like how it's small. I remember my instructor having a really expensive one and an 800 dollar one. He recommended by cheaper one
The Mechanic OC (1 год назад)
the smoke machine was like 1200 from snap on. theres cheaper options though.
austin harwood (1 год назад)
If you regret buying tools your not a real mechanic. Just saying. I've been a mechanic for a little over a year now and have already spent thousands on tools and I have no regrets, you spend money for good tools
The Mechanic OC (1 год назад)
lol, in ten years you will.
A daft punk (1 год назад)
I'll never regret my $12 ebay Bluetooth scan tool, or my handheld impact driver.
The Mechanic OC (1 год назад)
If they are useful I wouldnt either.
Bradley Sanderson (1 год назад)
Buying nice tools like snap on, the worst part is that they grow legs and walk off while road testing a truck or while on lunch.
The Mechanic OC (1 год назад)
oh man lol
Luis Baez (1 год назад)
I use Autel currently i own ds708. Is few years old but when i listening mechanic saying snap on is the best cuz tells what to do in the car is when i realize 10k tool is not enough if u dont know how use it. I like Snap on but for 3k i can get a good labscope and a good scanner and with the ability how use it u can get the best out those tools, like u said dont listen 100% what that guy is trying to sell at the en of the day is profit is selling tools
The Mechanic OC (1 год назад)
definitely true. Thanks for the input bud.
Pablo Martinez (1 год назад)
I think your videos are awesome and I enjoy watching your channel. I work on European cars mostly and they are not as bad and complex as most techs think. EVAP leaks on BMW and MB are the easiest ones to find and repair, if I'm not mistaken I think you own an Autologic . Terrific tool and you can run the EVAP test or fuel tank leak test with that awesome scan tool or you can get the adapter for the filler neck and smoke the system from there ( easiest way to perform a smoke test on European cars ) . Not a hater by any means, just sharing some info so you can diagnose EVAP system leaks faster and accurate on European cars. Thumbs up on the work you do and keep it real
Walter Frederick (1 год назад)
One tool I regret buying is a pair of wire strippers from Harbor Freight.Did not work right and was sticky stripping wires.Never worked right too not stripping wires.I had enough and threw them in the scrap metal pile.Ended up buying a pair of Matco wire strippers made by Tool Aid made for Matco to replace them which do work.So far no regrets doing this.
381 322 (1 год назад)
The HF wire strippers I got were $12 and work great. They have an adjustment on it.. can definitely see varying clearances out the package from stripper to stripper. My bro has an expensive pair from my father about 15 years old. I don't believe it adjusts so you have to match the guage wire. I would not trade mine for them.
Jessie Harrell (1 год назад)
the scanner that you used on the BMW where did you buy it from?
Jessie Harrell (1 год назад)
The Mechanic OC. what about innova scanner 3120scan tool/ code readied for obd1/ obd2
The Mechanic OC (1 год назад)
nah, get a solus pro.
Jessie Harrell (1 год назад)
how getting one from autozone? it right at $300.00
The Mechanic OC (1 год назад)
Its so much money tho. 25k. almost not worth it. lol.
Jessie Harrell (1 год назад)
Thanks man been looking for one.gonna do some research on the you used on bmw
I Am Zuk (1 год назад)
Nice job man I really appreciate that I really like your videos and the explanation your give to the viewers it really help us. I am a mechanical engineer now just studying at college level 2 in the future I will be also a mechanic.
The Mechanic OC (1 год назад)
nice. Thats awesome bud.
ThisISETHANBRADBERRY! (1 год назад)
do mechanics buy their own scanners? or does the shop where they work normally have the equipment ? thanks!!
David Malinovsky (1 год назад)
I suspect that the mechanic would buy the scanner but the shop would pay for the software. The software subscriptions are in the $1000s per year. More than a typical mechanic can afford.
Randy Stanke (1 год назад)
bunkerbuster depends, ive seen both ways.
The Mechanic OC (1 год назад)
Mechanics normally buy their own.
Chris Lewis (1 год назад)
I've always been kind of Jewish with money, but why would spend a grand on something you didn't actually know about? That's crazy lol. Props for working on a Beamer, those euro cars are a pain in the butt. Nice video series
Jason joncas (1 год назад)
Yea my ethos only does up to 2007 asked the tool guy to upgrade it to 2016 says its obsolete. No software to upgrade it WTF spent $2000 back in 2004 with all the adapters for foreign and domestic cars now its usless after 2007 model years.
The Mechanic OC (1 год назад)
Dam, Id be pisst. Well, for an upgrade you can buy another scanner with the update in it already. Used of course but still, its updated and probably a newer model.
dandaman150c (1 год назад)
my solus pro was alot more than a grand.
Pedro’s CArTAlk (1 год назад)
whats the exact model type for that Innova you used at the beginning of the video?
amstudio (1 год назад)
I find buying tools as I need them works best. Totally agree ask others what they use the most.
381 322 (1 год назад)
both true. the worst is when I spend half the day reading about tools online without going outside and working on one of my cars. I have a good collection at the moment. Only thing I've purchased in past couple of months was a $100 transmission jack.. and I love it. Money well well spent.
The Mechanic OC (1 год назад)
Thanks for the input. It takes years to build a good set of tools. As long as you have the basics, youll be able to fix most cars no problem.
Chris (1 год назад)
point of video at 4:52
Deshvir Kaler (3 месяца назад)
Thanks hero
carguy67b (1 год назад)
Been in the car buz for 40+ years, I've bought a LOT of tools over that time, some purchases better than others. Probably the dumbest one resulting from a willingness to spend, . . . a 1/10 scale (functional) Blue Point floor jack. Makes a kool door stop
The Mechanic OC (1 год назад)
hahaha! that is a good one!
Aa Bb (1 год назад)
i bought a 14$ dollar obd2 scanner from amazon cause i was having problems with a 3.4 chev. it has come in handy a lot since then.
381 322 (1 год назад)
+Aa Bb guy at autozone gave me a little key for my OBD1 Chevy S-10 a few simple things he taught me, and I was able to troubleshoot the next 3-4 sensors that went bad and effected driveability over the next couple of years. I went from 13mpg when I got it.. up to 26mpg before I got rid of it.
dandaman150c (1 год назад)
Aa Bb he bought a code reader not a scanner. only codes.
The Mechanic OC (1 год назад)
whats the part number on the scanner?
The Mechanic OC (1 год назад)
hell yeah. all you need for basic diags are live data the codes and freeze frame data.
mrgearheadfromhell (1 год назад)
Going through my tool box is a good way to get fucked up, I don't play that shit.
Aaron Kimmins (1 год назад)
mrgearheadfromhell always ask first!
XxTomcastxX (2 года назад)
You definitely use Casey Neistat's style of filming! but you do a good job
The Mechanic OC (2 года назад)
Thanks bud. We take inspiration from others then put our twist to it and make it completely different.
Ricardo Reyna (2 года назад)
Tool time! Lol makes me laugh every time. Keep it up.
Bruce Allen (2 года назад)
go on ebay for your scan tools. snapon scanners are so high mainly because of their trouble shooter.... no other company can match their trouble shooter.
A daft punk (1 год назад)
Bruce Allen Lotta them are probably stolen from some other poor mechanic, but yeah.. no way to track them anyway.
The Mechanic OC (2 года назад)
Good point. The solus pro i use is slow and its annoying.
Bruce Allen (2 года назад)
they verus is a great tool, but its massive and takes forevvvver to boot up. It runs a windows xp Operating system which tends to choke up here and there and run a bit slower. just my .02
The Mechanic OC (2 года назад)
I was thinking of the solus ultra but a Used verus has more to it for the same price on ebay. What do you think?
Bruce Allen (2 года назад)
solus ultra would be a decent scanner these days... even has a 2 channel scope.
glendor1 (2 года назад)
have you looked into laptop scan tools? we could adjust the timing going down the road,and read alll censors. even with free linux software i can read and clear codes.
The Mechanic OC (1 год назад)
oh man that's old school.
glendor1 (1 год назад)
currently i use obd auto doctor.I was the body and painter so i dont know what the shop used.I would ride the mechanic around sometimes while he played with the computer,then he would burn a chip later.that was in 96 or 97.
The Mechanic OC (2 года назад)
I have one for audi and VW. Its great. I dont want to buy more scanners. I have what I need. Only one I would buy is the verus. What company makes the software youre talking about? Can you give me a link so i can check it out? Thanks bud!
Dantheman92 (2 года назад)
hey man, just started watching your videos. you do a really good job
The Mechanic OC (2 года назад)
themechanicman thanks bud! Thanks for watching.
wyattoneable (2 года назад)
I watch other repair channels from NY and PA and boy, they have a lot of rust to deal with. There is an advantage to be in So Cal. Nice clean cars...mostly. This tool time is very helpful so we don't waste our money.
381 322 (1 год назад)
my ex's dad in Cali hated my 93 rustbucket S10 from Wisconsin. he had it on the lift and never had chunks of rust in his eyes/ears before.
Budget tools (2 года назад)
do guys buy alot of budge tools if so do you mind making a video about your guys best budget tools you bought ie harbor freight tekton craftsman kobalt husky gearwrench I think that would be a hit video for people entering into the mechanic field
The Mechanic OC (2 года назад)
Good Idea bud. Ill make a top ten budget tools every mechanic should own.
MoneyMarcMes (2 года назад)
Do you have to update your Ethos scanner through Snap On? I heard updates are $500.00??? That true?
The Mechanic OC (2 года назад)
Good point bud, I didnt think about the fuel level being off. Thanks man, I appreciate the compliment coming from you. Keep uploading vids! theyre cool as fuck to watch.
Bruce Allen (2 года назад)
watched a few of your vids... keep up the good work! good to see someone smoke a car on an evap leak rather than throw parts at it. people think that because when they clear an evap code and not fix it, that the problem is gone because the light doesnt come right back on. the only reason it doesnt come back on is because once codes are cleared, the computer has to run all of the IM readiness monitors again, and depending where your fuel level is, it can take a little bit for the computer to run the evap monitor.
The Mechanic OC (2 года назад)
Most shops wont get same year cars for a long time. Not worth the update fee.
Bruce Allen (2 года назад)
i agree. i only update to 2 ears before the year we are in.
Bruce Allen (2 года назад)
ethos isnt really worth updating anymore.... i dont even think they have bi directional controls.

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