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15 Amazing Isolated Homes

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Here are 15 amazing places built in shocking places! Beautiful architecture in the most secluded parts of the world it's insane!!! 7. Jarson Residence This isolated desert paradise is, funnily enough, located in Paradise Valley, Arizona. It was built in 2007 for two real estate agents and their sons. The house was designed to be a “vessel of personal discovery” for the owners. Despite the modern appearance of the house, it is actually made out of weathered steel and copper so the house can blend in with the desert landscape. The house contains a gallery for the owner's art collection as well as a music chamber and potters studio. 6. Soleta ZeroEnergy This picturesque home is perfect for the eco-minded introvert. Soleta ZeroEnergy One is a home prototype that was built in the company's home country of Romania. It was developed by the Justin Capra Foundation and it is run completely on clean energy. The house even has a feature that allows it to be controlled via smartphone. The home is affordable and versatile because it can be used as a single home, an office, or a vacation home. It is also made entirely from natural, locally sourced materials. 5. Cliff House This crazy house has the very appropriate name of ‘Cliff House’. It's located in Victoria, Australia and it's got five stories that climb down the side of a cliff. It has three rooms, an elevator, and a spa. The house is suspended over the ocean by steel pins built into the cliff side. The house was designed by Modscape and it is completely one of a kind. Which isn’t really that surprising. A spokesperson from the company said that the design of the house was inspired by the way that barnacles cling to the side of a ship. The house is entered through a garage at the top of the cliff that descends to all of the floors of the house. This house shouldn’t be owned by anyone with a fear of heights but, that view is amazing. 4. Tubular House This soup can shape house was built by the architect Richard Carbonnier so that he could live in the ice cold tundra of Baffin Island in Canada. The shape of the building was not only designed to withstand the winds but to also hold heat inside. Carbonnier has said that the building was made to do as little damage to the ground as possible because growth in the environment is very slow. He also explained that the building of the house was difficult because he would touch a tool and it would immediately freeze to his hand. Since the house cost just 260,000 to build and it is so ecologically friendly, he hopes that similar houses will be built in the near future. 3. Lake Muskoka Treehouse Did you love The Swiss Family Robinson? Are you okay with living in a small amount of space? Well, then this treehouse is for you. It hangs in the trees around the bank of Lake Muskoka, Ontario. The house is thoughtfully built so that it doesn’t disrupt the growth of any of the surrounding trees or the trees it is built on. The house was built around the base of four existing trees. The architects of the house worked closely with arborists to preserve the trees supporting the house. In the end, the solution that they found was a single high strength steel cable hung from each tree to support the house. The single cable minimizes the impact on each individual tree and will not stunt the tree's growth. 2. The Crystal Mill Built in 1892, this power plant sits above the Crystal River in Colorado. The house actually once functioned as a compressor station where a wind turbine was used to fuel an air compressor. The compressed air could have been used to power tools and other machinery. The mill closed down in 1917 along with the local mine but the picturesque quality of the mill has made it one of Colorado's most photographed sites. The mill is on the National Register of Historic Places and it has been there since 1985. You can only photograph it from afar, though. The house is privately owned and the owners don’t allow visitors. That’s probably a good choice because it looks like it would collapse whenever anyone steps foot in it. 1.Chess Pavilion Welcome to the most dangerous game of Chess you will ever play. Mount Huashan is one of the five great mountains of China and it is also regarded to be the most dangerous hike ever. Much of the hike is done on a small ledge that can hang hundreds of feet in the air. Reinforcements have only been added recently because of the popularity it gained with tourists. The mountain has been considered holy since the second century BC and originally the ledge was just a series of wooden boards stuck along the side of the mountain with exposed nails. Because of all this, the mountain has gained a reputation for being deadly. If you reach the peak, though, you will be treated to this out of place Chess Pavilion with stunning views of the mountains that almost just killed you. Now you have to climb back down. Enjoy.
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D Bo (2 месяца назад)
Pretty sure some evil shit goes on house #13 but idk...
Penny and Copper Hound (3 месяца назад)
Omg I Love copper
P S (4 месяца назад)
Can't stand videos that start out yelling at you.
Michael Rojas (10 месяцев назад)
Fake ass video from the beginning. Pics don’t match. Go to sleep loser.
Helder De Almeida (11 месяцев назад)
The last thing is not a house
Porfirio Lopez (1 год назад)
Jacob Luther (1 год назад)
I let it go when he said “south-ern”, but “Tolkyen” (Tolkien) was too much 😂
Insight HUB (1 год назад)
i thought this was clickbait lol
Trevor K (1 год назад)
What a awkward video, half of the stuff on here is lies. There should be a age restriction of who gets to make video's on Youtube. Really awkward...
Hot El (1 год назад)
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Jackie Johnson (1 год назад)
I would love to see the interior for these homes
bigvalz (1 год назад)
Annoying voice
bigvalz (1 год назад)
Fucking puffin hunting!!! Sick bastards
Nice to know that a Chess Pavilion is actually a home
Brent Lancaster (1 год назад)
the commentator perfectly defines the term "fucktard"
meli77777 (1 год назад)
Don't schwallow your tongue while talking
George Saluto Girsang (1 год назад)
The Queen is crashing right now... people are sadddd
Mikosa (1 год назад)
#5 Cliff House is not real...fake news here.
Sir Robert Walpole (1 год назад)
There are so many floating homes, if you go to Hampton court along the Thames and take a walk there is around 20
FBI (1 год назад)
1:04 why did you say southern like that?
Freddyelle (1 год назад)
5:27 When you have 5.000+ hours on Fallout 4.
Andrew (1 год назад)
This video presentation is fucking awful!!!
Harley Q. (1 год назад)
towards the end by about 5 minutes ibto the video it sounds like you're battling your braces or your dentures are slipping.. ? ..so distracting, makes it really uncomfortable to listen to what you're trying to say. :(
elijgrah937 SMS (1 год назад)
ONT .. ario
HypedTrix (1 год назад)
Hey I live in Arizona that's cool 😎
TheDecisivePoint (1 год назад)
14 is incorrect. It is in the process of being renovated but it is home to Georgian Orthodox Monk who will live out the rest of his life there just as a series of monks did over several centuries in the past.
PhdMusic03 (1 год назад)
good homes for the walking dead lol
Tuatha DeDanaan (1 год назад)
The house is at 13,000' above the ground? LOL... such idiocy.
Sydney2467x (1 год назад)
1 and 2 aren't homes
Altex lan (1 год назад)
where to buy food???
Luisa Sipple (1 год назад)
CLKlasse (1 год назад)
I heard that last mountain in China you have to sign a wavier to climb it.
Phil Tron (1 год назад)
Yehh.. not cool just a buncha pics. I kinda dont buy this shit but cool concepts.
耶稣 (1 год назад)
irakli ikanwli (1 год назад)
peachicedteaple (1 год назад)
You say Ontario weird.
talya fried (1 год назад)
you didn't pronounce half of the places correctly....
Ima OpGamer (1 год назад)
the title of this video is really bothering me. "Homes"......
Max (1 год назад)
#5 is a conceptual design, it was never built. from Modscape's own website: "A five storey modular home clings to the side of a cliff in this *conceptual design* by Modscape. Entitled the Cliff House, the design is a *theoretical response* to clients who have approached Modscape to explore design options for extreme parcels of coastal land in Australia. Inspired by the way barnacles cling to the hull of a ship, a concept was developed for a modular home to hang off the side of a cliff as opposed to sitting on top of it. The home is *visualised* as a natural extension of the cliff face rather than an addition to the landscape, creating an absolute connection with the ocean." jeez, do some research or learn to spot basic photoshop...c'mon, even id be better at these list videos than you....
Lynnea MacKay (1 год назад)
Most of these weren't even houses.
toothie one (1 год назад)
black swimmer
MintyRamen (1 год назад)
0:51 How do you bring your groceries up there?
Sapphire Camui (1 год назад)
you'll never see me setting foot in the cliff house nor on the path to the chess pavilion. view or no view...
anri Gamestein (1 год назад)
You have missed one more great bulding on the Katskhi pillar
i am Georgian meeen come here :)
younggrandma (1 год назад)
Admire and thumbs up for the building workers.
Edus Aguilera (1 год назад)
the last one is not a "home" and the concept neither. video reported
Mr. Grips (1 год назад)
What the fuck is wrong with your voice?
Max P (1 год назад)
half of these are fucking churches
Tray Ahzz (1 год назад)
these aren't homes
tornike gogiberidze (1 год назад)
kacxis svetia 14 adgilze
tornike gogiberidze (1 год назад)
kacxis svetia 13 adgilze
Dyann Jaxon (1 год назад)
Temples are not "Homes".
Guga Ptskialadze (1 год назад)
14th one is a real
Guga Ptskialadze (1 год назад)
i live in 14th georgia
Nicki LovesDogs (1 год назад)
Don't hunt any animals.
Brandon Bui (1 год назад)
IamUilebeist (1 год назад)
5 is fake
MytherDeath (1 год назад)
wow most of these houses are in canada
motoemt (1 год назад)
You really need to learn how to properly pronounce places before you put them in your Videos, Pretty much Everyplace in Canada you tried to pronounce you failed rather spectacularly. Please put more effort in learning how to pronounce places in the future.
Soncachito (1 год назад)
12.- Khamehouse
Ken Pratt (1 год назад)
The Cliff house exists only as a digital day dream, it isn't real.
Jayden Lawson (1 год назад)
Cliff House = concept only. Very disappointed as this is the only reason I came to this video.
jamesangusmcaninch (1 год назад)
funnily enough?
Swen Oyme (1 год назад)
newfin lind
Swen Oyme (1 год назад)
Joanna W. (1 год назад)
Dude stop trying to eat your microphone for god's sake
T Brown Records (1 год назад)
Snow.Mo (1 год назад)
number 1是华山么?那个不是山谷中心的下棋专用茶室啥的?
DirtyMud Monkey (1 год назад)
#5 looks like the house from Lemony Snickets
BornToRunBarefoot (1 год назад)
Number 5 is a Photoshop fake.
/TRI3\ Light (1 год назад)
XOKree (1 год назад)
1:25 & 4:00 & 6:09 is where you can catch me if the walking dead becomes a reality
Linen Gray (1 год назад)
This guy should learn how to pronounce stuff before next video. Also a lot of these are not even houses or isolated.
Susan McLaughlin (1 год назад)
Bored Badger You need a pronunciation guide. You mispronounced Newfoundland, Ontario and god knows what other place names. Do more research as you obviously are American don't be like your president learn about the rest of the world and then you might be interesting. Look up professionalism too.
Denis Mali (1 год назад)
could someone please tell the name of the background track.. it is dopee ;D please
IAN Velasco (1 год назад)
how about the falling water house?
lovie decker (1 год назад)
gypsyvanneraddict (1 год назад)
The narrator has a weird accent - I highly recommend elocution lessons.
Ahmad Horik (1 год назад)
If the cliff house was legit it wouldn't stand for so long due to the heavy weight of it combined with the cliff will fall easily if there's a cliff cut notch at the bottom of the cliff due to wave erosion
Dugan Sweet (1 год назад)
A bunch of these aren't even houses
Garzbrez (1 год назад)
12 looks like the Kame House from dragon ball
Chris Waye (1 год назад)
The way this guy pronounces Canadian Provinces is cancer
Dreiundzwanzig Siebenundsiebzig (1 год назад)
i tried to erase the huge disturbing number on the left with a rubber eraser,now my screen is broken.
nekkoMaster (1 год назад)
12 ( 1:37 ) looks like kame house from Dragon Ball Z
Tim O (1 год назад)
I. N. (1 год назад)
number 3 looks like a bug zapper
David Bow Wow (1 год назад)
That intro scared the cum out of me
lioness lioness (1 год назад)
peace and. blessings as I read the comments I see ones are discrediting these weather being concepts or actual structures.the point is look and what our minds can do.we are able to manifest the activities we are thinking. look how great we are.if only we stop hateing and killing each other and relize we are each other's reflection. H.I.M
Bro & E (1 год назад)
Is number five real
Bro & E (1 год назад)
Number 8 is just a halagram
Giorgi Lockapishvili (1 год назад)
0:33 that's not a house! that's a church! and it's not abandoned! I live in the Georgia. and as I've seen in the comments many of you think it fake but not at all! კაცხის სვეტი copy this to Google to see more pictures and also to find it on map :)
Braavoos (1 год назад)
Last not is a home :V
Brown Eagle (1 год назад)
All the houses I like less the house of the tree because with time the cables will suffocate the trees.
tezza b (1 год назад)
Puffin hunting?
Mossy Gold (5 месяцев назад)
People need food
Super Noodles (1 год назад)
tezza b Ye it's where you kill puffins
StormEyes1991 (1 год назад)
I want number 9. Ultimate boat house!
karms (1 год назад)
Alot of houses where im from :D
Barnes466 (1 год назад)
Canadians have some really cool homes in this video!
killfistr (1 год назад)
puffin hunting, buhahahahha
Allie & Sam (1 год назад)
The pronunciation of places in Canada made me cringe
AIME1 Graffiti (1 год назад)
James Franco anyone?
hames100 (1 год назад)
fuck this bullshit commentary

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