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Now you can mix and match Verizon's unlimited plans for your family

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It's the end of the one-size-fits-all family plan. Starting June 18, each family member gets the unlimited plan they want on the network they deserve – all on the same account. Today, we declare the end-of-the-one-size fits all family plan. You’ve told us what you want from your unlimited plan. The bottom line is people don’t like paying more for the stuff they don’t need. Not everyone in your family uses their phone in the same way. So why do wireless plans act like they do? Your kids may only need an unlimited plans to deliver the basics – to allow them to call, text and stream without worrying about overages, while you might demand more from your unlimited plan with premium features like HD video and 4G LTE mobile hotspot. Until now, everyone in your family had to choose and use only one unlimited plan. Starting June 18 you can mix and match different unlimited plans designed to meet each member of your family’s needs - all on the same, easy to manage account. We’re also adding Above Unlimited to our lineup - a new plan that gives you even more choice and better features, performance and global access. No matter which plan you choose, every plan we offer comes with the largest and most reliable 4G LTE network in America. Now go mix and match.
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