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Star Service DVD (Mercedes-Benz)

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A must have for Mercedes DIY repairs and maintenance. This is the factory official repair manual. To load on a 64bit computer follow this link for instructions: http://www.startekinfo.com/StarTek/outside/11498/images/downloads.html Subscribe and Follow the Fire Mercedes C230 and similar. w203 chassis 2001- 2007
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Natasha Minor (2 года назад)
Where did you find this I would love to have one or even a copy for the 04 c240 4matic one owner (I have all service records)? He left both original keys, all manuals and even the complete first aid kit. I intend to do all the service myself now, today I've been changing blown bulbs myself and have one rear fog light left. Having this looks like it'd be a big help.
mugs132 (2 года назад)
They're tough to find because they were designed for older 32bit computers. But there is a link below my video with instructions to make it work on newer 64bit cpus. Call the dealership or google search for a cheaper price. Think I paid the dealer $100 for it but well worth it to me!

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