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Sales Training Moment #9 - Sell Steak or the Sizzle? (Atlanta, Georgia)

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Sales trainer and founder of sales influence, a sales training company based, victor antonio addresses the sell the steak or sizzle question using a northwestern university study. Find more info at http://www.VictorAntonio.com or http://www.salesinfluence.com
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Ciaira Carver (4 года назад)
Thabk you for your tips, I have found them very useful. I have two questions. How would I go about using them towards selling get flooring? One of my biggest problems is people coming in absolutely set on a certain product. Generally one of lesser value. No matter what I say or what scenarios I bring up, nothing will dissuade them. Is there a trick for this, or are they better left to what they want? Also, one of my sales tactics of up selling from laminate to bamboo is the incredible durability of the bamboo and the fact that the most common reason laminate gets damaged is because of water and bamboo is resistant to that. Wouldn't you rather spend a little bit more now and have peace of mind then having to spend more than you'd have to later? Any tips for improving sales in those situations? It doesn't work as often as I would hope. Thank you!

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