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Benavente Lab: Graduate Student Stephanie Wu

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UCI Graduate Student Stephanie Wu shares why she is passionate about finding a cure for rare childhood cancers. About the Benavente Lab The Benavente Lab research interests focus on understanding childhood cancers and contributing to their targeted therapeutics. Our research particularly aims to study the chromatin remodeling processes that establish the normal epigenetic landscape in the developing tissue, how it can be perturbed to promote cancer, and provide insight for the development of new therapies for pediatric solid tumors. For more information: http://faculty.sites.uci.edu/benavente/ About the UCI Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences offers undergraduate and graduate students unparalleled training for future careers in pharmacy, medicine, and biomedical research. Our innovative, rigorous curriculum integrates concepts from biology, chemistry, chemical engineering, pharmacology and physiology. Alumni pursue exciting professional opportunities that improve our society’s health and well-being. Pharmaceutical scientists are rapidly changing the field of drug discovery and development. Graduates of our program are well qualified to seek employment in the public and private sectors, or to pursue graduate degrees such as a PhD, MD, or PharmD. For more information: http://pharmsci.uci.edu/
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