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Brett Kavanaugh: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver discusses the ongoing controversy surrounding Brett Kavanaugh, the sexual assault allegations against him, his Supreme Court nomination, and what that could all mean for the highest (mostly-dog) court in the land. Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/user/LastWeekTonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: http://Facebook.com/LastWeekTonight Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: http://Twitter.com/LastWeekTonight Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: http://www.hbo.com/lastweektonight
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Grymfalkon (1 час назад)
Well, his temper and rage is rather silly but then again, I constantly ask myself why Piers Morgan is allowed to interview people since he just screams over top of them and whines everytime he loses an arguement about gun rights. His politics are a little iffy but everyone has weird things they believe in. Finally, there is no solid proof that he actually did rape her, several reports from the people she chose as witnesses say that party never happened in the first place. Maybe he did do something but innocent till proven guilty in this country. Just pointing out a few things, not looking to start a fight.
samsonslmpson1986 (1 час назад)
For the people believing what John Oliver is saying, please watch the entire Kavanaugh hearing so you can understand how deceptive this edit job is.
Alan LeMay (2 часа назад)
You don't prove innocence. You prove guilt.
patrick vernon (3 часа назад)
I can't believe that somebody with that attitude and obvious entitlement is on our Supreme Court. The damage Trump has done is mind blowing. I hope he doesn't start another damn war to help himself get re-elected.
Lt. Weinberg (3 часа назад)
He missed the point of the polygraph - moron
bob thornton (3 часа назад)
The guy was accused, not proven, to have done something bad. End of story. His angry behavior was obviously consistent with either guilt or innocence and thus obviously not an indicator in either direction. Anyone who says otherwise is stupid.
Mike Hannon (3 часа назад)
Obviously this channel is biased, just don't be deceived by the pandering that occurs, remember to think for yourself
Mike Hannon (3 часа назад)
Can we please agree, Trump and Hillary are not who we want to be the face of our country.
Fox McCloud (4 часа назад)
"Men are too emotional for the Supreme Court."? Where do they get this garbage?
Blue forest Aqua rain (4 часа назад)
So this bitch waited like 20 years to claim these allegations... sorry even if this guy is a drunk he should have been reported 20 years ago not when trump randomly selected him.
Dick Mick (4 часа назад)
One of John Oliver's very best shows.
Ally kat (1 час назад)
The amount of bullshit in this comment section is unbelievable. I thought we where all adults here, but apparently where all children, who use made up words like dimocrat and libtard. I mean what does that even mean.
47 PE (5 часов назад)
Everyone saying even if she is lying his behavior does not qualify him etc. Have you lost your fucking mind? A false rape allegation ruins a person's life, even when found not guilty in court, people never look at the accused the same. His family recieved DEATH THREATS. Sorry but he hes every fucking right to be pissed. I would be enraged. Guess men aren't allowed to show emotion anymore and just be mindless turnds? Yeah that's why I'm no leftist nut anymore.
lumpierwhale93 (6 часов назад)
whats funny is that noone here acknowledged the fact that every witness testified against the accusers, and the accusers all have a past and know criminal felony history in thievery, slander, and funnily enough more false accusations. you can say that kavanaugh is this an that but none of you even know who vince foster is, so im gonna tell you all right now, you have no right to speak on this issue whatsoever. i honestly feel that every single one of you who believes that he sexually assaulted a woman, should be shot, just for being that stupid.
Roberto Marú (6 часов назад)
This is just propaganda. This show was better before trump was elected
James Shelnutt (6 часов назад)
guess what all you leftist socialist communists - Kavanaugh won - Trump won - you lost - how about that? I'm loving it! Have fun continuing to lose over and over and over with your idiot agenda.
Peter Yim (7 часов назад)
Its sad that you have to use humor to side people towards the bigger liar, Ford
Peter Yim (7 часов назад)
John Oliver, you are wrong and you lost all your credibility to me. How can you not show how everyone whose supposedly there during the rape not side with Ford saying they have no memory of it. She's a liar and you're screwing the brains of America and you're blind from seeing the truth. If you were smart you would believe Kav, maybe you do, but you just want to please other dumb liberals.
Trilby Arnold (7 часов назад)
Folks seem to have forgotten how Garlock was railroaded out of a supreme court seat by the Senate simply refusing him even so much as a hearing. They will forget how Kavanaugh got his seat. He's getting it because he will most likely vote yay on the upcoming debate that will free the President from any concern he will be prosecuted.
Riley Whidden (8 часов назад)
so uh... it came to the red carpet swatch.
anxious dog (9 часов назад)
Did you know "Brett" is the german word for "plank"
Ruly Sire (9 часов назад)
Hate his voice
Veronica Da Fonte (10 часов назад)
farcical - stupid distraction
Kelly Corcam (10 часов назад)
I have no respect for Oliver - he's a total tool of the Left. I hope this wimpy 4-eyed loser has someone accuse him of crime. He's so goofy looking and acting it will be hard to make it stick
Onri Jay (11 часов назад)
26:40 "It is absolutely incredible the lengths that some people will go to for a free polygraph test". Jacked up. 😮
Jobu_Cerrano (11 часов назад)
How do you not know if you didn't pay for a polygraph? Either you did, or you didn't! Hey John, why don't you get some, what are they called, oh yeah, facts! You are part of the idiot liberal left that wants guilt before innocence. I hope this woman goes down lie the liar she is, and serves 10 years in prison. By the way, I love the left trying to discredit him by saying he got drunk and slurred his words. John Oliver, are you saying that you have never had too many pints and got drunk? Prove it to me. I swear I saw you wasted in a bar groping women one night. How does that feel? There may be no witnesses, there may be no evidence, but are you guilty because I said so? By the way fuck stick, do your homework on Puerto Rico. The support was there, but the governor hid it to blame Trump. You guys are so one sided, people do not like it, get ready to lose the next election.
Jeremy Snead (11 часов назад)
Wow What happened to you John? The mental gymnastics you are attempting to maintain this intellectual dissidence is amazing.
ozayevable (12 часов назад)
im pretty sure he is crying not because of the recollections, but because of how hard it was for him and his family, and everything he has worked for could go down the drain after few hours.
fairyfay30 (12 часов назад)
i am still upset that kavanaugh got confirmed.
Antonio Andollini Jr (13 часов назад)
Women stop making up stories about supposedly sexual assaults that happened 30 years ago this is ridiculous and clearly just lying allegations.
RaymondtheA.I. (14 часов назад)
Gary Phelps (14 часов назад)
Hell, I thought Stephen Colbert wasn't funny!
Peter Hooper (14 часов назад)
Failed the Interview. Got the Job.
Mr. Savage (16 часов назад)
You look at her body language, she maked that pretty voice ... obviously lieing and how can she not remember things that are so important in the story she made up....
Himiko (3 часа назад)
Meanwhile, a judge rants on about how much he likes beer while being effectively interviewed for one of the most powerful jobs in the country. If he did that in a retail interview he'd be tossed out, his application tossed in the shredder and put on the recruiter blacklist immediately.
مول السنايبر (16 часов назад)
if you want to show your support to Judge Kavanaugh, get this T-Shirt from this link : https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07J2Q46X8
Hello Guy (17 часов назад)
long story short: Theres no evidence hence, no real case.
Himiko (3 часа назад)
This was not a trial. This was a job interview.
Sophaurus (19 часов назад)
"if someone is accused of sexual assault he is guilty and you must choose someone else". Yeah fuck off Oliver.If anything now it's better to confirm Brett rather than giving this dangerous ideology any space.
B Naylor (19 часов назад)
I honestly thought the footage of Kavanaugh was an SNL sketch!
jo bordonaro (19 часов назад)
This man (Kavanaugh) does not deserve to make decisions re: the lives of other people
Christobanistan GoogleSuckIt (19 часов назад)
Ford's husband testified she was never raped and was a pathological liar.
Patrick Grothouse (20 часов назад)
Polygraphs are inadmissible in court lol and her testimony was far from detailed and consistent
José verginio (20 часов назад)
idk what this is (20 часов назад)
I don't give a shit about politics because both sides are fuckin retarded, but the Left should be ashamed for how they're covering this. Its a disgrace to Justice. I would love to see any of you or your father/husband/brother have to go through this shit while everyone is trying to bury you. Think about that shit for a second. Both Dr. Ford and Kavanaugh should be able to tell their side without one party trying to crucify them and turn the American people against them to sway an outcome. Shit shouldn't even be televised.
Matt Randolph (22 часа назад)
I can't believe they confirmed this idiot
Boobs OrGTFO (1 день назад)
Life starts when a man cums inside the woman's pussy... Change my mind...
Millennial Watchman (1 день назад)
I swear leftists get more and more retarded by the second. 8:10 He's very understandably angry because people have made completely unsubstantiated accusations about him committing heinous crimes THIRTY SIX YEARS AFTER THE FACT, in an obviously politically-motivated attempt to smear him. And he's had his reputation ruined because of this. Wouldn't you be angry if someone did this to you John? So the fact that he showed very understandable anger means he's not fit to be a supreme court judge? 10:21 I actually love Brett Kavanaugh for this I reckon about 90% of people probably got black out drunk at some point in their late teens or early 20s, so the answer 'I don't know, have you' was pretty appropriate when asked this incredibly stupid and irrelevant question. But leftists being the autistic retards they are, probably aren't going understand this. I hope a civil war breaks out between the left and the right because I look forward to annihilating you leftist scum.
Boobs OrGTFO (1 день назад)
Congratulations, Justice Kav!
Joshua Deeds (1 день назад)
Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh
Marshall Homi (1 день назад)
At 10:40 Jon Oliver does "Whatabousim" something this asshat preaches about in his earlier episodes. Yet we still listen to this contradicting comedian and...fuck you Jon Oliver.
Joseph Nash (1 день назад)
Her story has changed
Marshall Homi (1 день назад)
Another case of women being able to testify and men not being able to defend themselves, FUCK YOU OLIVER. Sexually assault survivor? The case was not resolved yet your biased opinion is already on her side...fuck you dude. You speak of neutrality yet you only promote your side.
ZER0713 (1 день назад)
intricatic (1 день назад)
Kavanaugh's possibly dumber than the guy I work with who sits in the corner farting at the wall and laughing about it. I don't know what that guy would do if we made him a supreme court justice, but I assume it'd smell like rotten eggs. What will Kavanaugh do? I don't even want to know.
spazzmanaray (1 день назад)
Wow is there anybody farther in the closet than Lindsey Graham
Christobanistan GoogleSuckIt (23 часа назад)
Alexandra (1 день назад)
Some people are so stupid I wonder how they function, honestly. "tHeRe'S nO eVidEnCe!" IT'S NOT A FUCKING TRIAL, YOU DUMBASS. It was a hearing to determine whether he was fit for the Supreme Court, not whether he's guilty or innocent in regards to the allegations, so his fucking pathetic behavior during the hearing is all the evidence you need! It doesn't matter if even, most extreme case scenario, Dr. Ford was a paid actor and this was all a set up. A judge worthy of the highest court in this country should not have acted the way Kavanaugh did. He deliberately didn't answer questions and tried to turn them around on the people questioning him, acted hostile, showed clear partisanship, and lied about something as stupid as a known sex act, like what the actual fuck??? I hope Republican politicians have saved up for retirement, because people with an actual functioning brain will NEVER forget this. Say hello to unemployment, you uncultured swine.
Lane Mosser (1 день назад)
Stacey Moore (1 день назад)
Whatever, this is a DISGRACEFUL!!! This man is clearly innocent!!! This wouldn't ever have gone to trial if the year was 1982. Why did she wait 36 years?? Why did she say she has fear of flying, yet she has flown throughout her life as well as her career!! And majority of rape victims know where, when, how, they got to the crime scene, and how they left the crime scene!! Just not something rape victims forget!! Not even 36 years later!!!!
CPT GAHM ARMA 3 (1 день назад)
the reason she was composed was the same reason ms Clinton was composed. shes were lairs
Temiken (1 день назад)
Who's here to watch this after BK already got confirmed and is laughing at all the comments and knowing the Libs failed! Me...that's who! hahaha! Eat dicks, scum. Trump is your Daddy and makes you guys lose your minds. LOLOLOL. you suck
citrus candle wax (1 день назад)
trump is YOUR daddy. Go choke on his cock.
sketchyGFX (1 день назад)
Wow, it's been over 10+ years than she decided to talk about it?
Terri Williams (1 день назад)
I think Mr. Kavanaugh's testimony comes off weird because he is not human. He is a replicant with implanted memories. He doesn't have anything REAL or HUMAN to say about his "early" years. Think about it.
FlatusOhlfahrt (1 день назад)
confirmed! BOOM! suck it you liberal snowflakes! RvW is next!
mickser101 (1 день назад)
Dr. Ford is lying through her teeth. There is holes all over her story but the brain-dead liberals can't see that. There is many things i don't like about Kavanaugh but what happened to him was an absolute disgrace
rpbsjy (1 день назад)
Kavanaugh is damaged goods. He does not have the temprament for traffic court.
Gabe Hill (1 день назад)
It seems like you're all caught in the liberal made hype. No date, place, or person to corroborate is even presented for the crime. Her whole testimony is emotional manipulation, look at her background. She's crunching her throat to give the illusion of mucus. She gets rebellious and aggressive later in the questioning with the prosecutor after using pretty pose tactics when answering the questions before. Sorry but IF he did it. This was an awful job gathering anything of worth.
bannerlad01 (1 день назад)
Weaponised rape allegations - and the democrats claim to be the good guys. Just accuse and have him crushed - he is not one of us, he has different political leanings, he might reexamine the constitutionality of abortion and anyway he is a rich, middle aged white man and everyone knows that they are evil. If European history tells us one thing is that this type of BS is really, really dangerous. Taking out your political opponents with flimsy accusations and/or taking them out because of how the react to the accusations is vile. (hammering that guy because he got emotional is like saying guilty people don't run - shag all evidence that either is true). In sates like East Germany, all it would take is the word of a 'respected' official to send you to prison - they were always to be believed because they were better, servants of the people and would only lever do what is best. There are resemblances with how this has unfolded with the use of the current cultural backdrop to exploit the situation. A woman could never wrongly accuse anyone, they don't have anything but the betterment of society in mind and they just want to see justice done. They must be believed. They are equal, but better. One thing that the US does have is a very strong democratic institutions with clear separation of power so I don't think the US could ever dive into tyranny the Europe did. But, what was on show for the last few weeks has the seeds of tyranny.
Paul Archer (1 день назад)
i love how objective this show is
nekotyto (1 день назад)
I thought John Oliver was above propaganda
Christobanistan GoogleSuckIt (23 часа назад)
Dude, he lies and stretches the truth badly on nearly every show. He kind of has to, if there's not a clear bad guy, it's a lot harder to make funny.
paul thomas (1 день назад)
The Blasey Ford lies were working. the swetnik gang bang stuff was not believable. the democrats just lie continuously so they dont know what is believable and what isnt. glad america won. Justice Kavanaugh fought the lies. and Ford got her money. 3 million on gofundme. her lies worked for her.
Christy H (1 день назад)
John ur the bomb....love ur show!💜👍👊 there's a great skit on SNL w/ Matt Damon...must see! 😂😝😂
GhostPants (1 день назад)
Dickhead, he's not crying because he's thinking about a highschool quarterback, this whole event is incredibly difficult for him. He's having his career shredded by a woman with little to no evidence of a crime.
bigdmac33 (1 день назад)
And if that's the standard of puerile questioning that the panel comes up with for one of the most prestigious and privileged jobs ever, then the US REALLY IS F*CKED!!
MX127 (1 день назад)
I think they are both lying but it seems to me that Ford is completely lying or at least making up parts of the story ( I do not think any assult happened by Kavanaugh) that being said I do not think Kavanaugh would be a good fit because he is clearly lying and his dodging of questions and composure being lost. I can understand that he must be annoyed with all these questions and accusations but a good fit would have a higher standard for temper.
bigdmac33 (1 день назад)
Wouldn't trust this lying weirdo to judge a poodle contest.
Cfrizbird (1 день назад)
Kavanaugh wants to make a president “untouchable” and unaccountable for actions while in office ....it’s not just the abortion stance. America is slowly becoming a dictatorship.
Jason Harris (1 день назад)
I'm watching this after his confirmation......
Samu Rai (1 день назад)
John Oliver...the ignorant cunt that dared Donald Trump to run for president because the Marxist cunt John-boy knew that President Trump couldn't win the Presidency or even be nominated. Typical IQ of an ignorant leftist commie.
Heather Holidays (1 день назад)
Wow he might be dumber then trumpo...we drank beer us boys and girls
PK Saenz (1 день назад)
A free Lie Detector test, that she passed. Hmmm... Okay. That should have been a clue. Did Kavanaugh pass his Lie Detector test? Oh, he didn't take one! Hmmm... Not Okay.
Ari (2 дня назад)
Clarence Thomas is an associate justice on the Supreme Court in spite of Anita Hill's testimony. Now the same thing has happened with Kavanuagh- he was appointed to the Supreme Court despite well vetted and extremely credible testimony from Christine Blasey Ford. My constant state of mind in regards to current U.S political affairs is "Disappointed but not surprised"
Bugler55 (1 день назад)
What does 'extremely credible' mean in this context? Do words even have meaning anymore? Is everything relative? Why does this sound like a postmodern moral relativism morass?
Eskil Eriksson (2 дня назад)
Kavanaugh stated an US president can't get impeached. That's why he's valuable.
Zotan Zero (2 дня назад)
This is the most glorified circlejerk I have ever seen. You guys aee a mess.
Zotan Zero (2 дня назад)
The man just had his life ruined on unproven grounds. You'd be crying too
Bugler55 (1 день назад)
Thats correct, but I also promise you Ford will come home doing just fine and dandy.
locant23 (1 день назад)
His life isn't ruined, after these kind of aligations and have people support you even stronger, I guarantee he is extremely happy with this outcome.
IDK2Me (2 дня назад)
"sexual assault survivor" yeah, prove it. Accusations are meaningless if not proven guilty.
Elizabeth Galindo (2 дня назад)
All these politicians are liars, they don't care for the people, there only interest is who gets to drain the cookie jar for their own benefit.and have us pay for what they spend, while our family suffer, they don't care people,thier lying thieves, that we get voted for caring for our needs cause were too incompetent to care for ourselves.why do we even need these people, see how self centered these people are.there out of reality, they don't see what we see.
Elizabeth Galindo (2 дня назад)
He is lying cause of his facial expressions, trying to gain sympathy,
Elizabeth Galindo (2 дня назад)
Kavanaghs wife has a look of disgust looking at him, did anyone notice her in the back?
Carter The Brown (2 дня назад)
Notice how Oliver chose to omit that Leland (Kristine Ford’s friend) said that she’d never even met Kavanaugh.
Bugler55 (1 день назад)
locant23 (1 день назад)
That doesn't seem like a big detail, Ive been to several parties with people I have never met and never talked too at the party.
Jason B (2 дня назад)
fuckkkkkkk allll of you! He's Justice now! Google "how to remove a Justice." (Hint: it's not easy!) XD lmao!!!!!
locant23 (1 день назад)
Lol where 3 comments necessary, saying the same thing.
Jason B (2 дня назад)
haha fuck all of you. He's Justice now BITCH.
Jason B (2 дня назад)
Brett Kavanaugh is now an associate Justice for the Supreme Court of the United States! YES!
Naoto Shirogane (2 дня назад)
Meanwhile, Alyssa Milano is throwing more shade at him than night time. (She's the best)
David thanks (2 дня назад)
Run Donald.. just do it.. please Donald.. just run for president.. LOL.. you can't make this stuff up!! Guess what.. oh.. crap.. this is better than the supposed funny late night host's. No writer needed..
Vincent VL (2 дня назад)
This video was good until 2:04. Where is the proof? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkQUdFMF0Zs
Anderson Silva (2 дня назад)
Gauris (2 дня назад)
So.... he likes beer? What a muppet.
Rafael Diago Lizarralde (2 дня назад)
Hey! Georgetown Prep is a great school, so do not speak ill of it for having a nine-hole golf course.
Jonathan Crider (2 дня назад)
I guess this standard only applies when it's politically expedient. Go figure: https://youtu.be/7VG_s2PCH_c?t=708
dimsumcheeks (2 дня назад)
that woman on the left is having none of his bullshit.
D C (2 дня назад)
John Oliver used to be better that this, sad to see him fall into the same tired routine of every late night talk show. At least he’s stuck with the outrageous mascot now, the punishment fits the crime.

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