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Bill Maher rant on Big Pharma - Pharmaceutical industry vs nutrition and common sense

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http://www.FoodMattersMovie.com presents Bill Maher injecting his humor while squarely confronting the ridiculous dilemma allowing the pharmaceutical companies to influence the "health" system and program much of the population to "a pill for every ill" - driving health epidemics, side-effects, deaths and dependency on more reliance on the very sources that are largely responsible for health statistics that would have seemed impossibly dire just a generation ago. An awakening is occurring now. Knowledge is power. Self responsibility is returning. The shocking truth and powerful, yet simple solutions are right before us. Food Matters Movie giving away a VERY SPECIAL GIFT PACKAGE - May 5th until they are all gone. How would you like to get your choice of your favorite nutritional products PAID FOR every month (up to $500/month)?! All details at: http://www.FoodMattersMovie.com
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Текстовые комментарии (9)
mjimih (8 лет назад)
that's just the A's :-)
LegalAlien100 (8 лет назад)
@putittogether Wow, except for the 'by law' bit, that sounds exactly what we have right now!?!?!
Ambushcrysis (8 лет назад)
@mbleek2001 LOL , so weird, I was thinking about that specific quote on a commercial yesterday and I was thinking to myself, "Diet and exercise should always work, I mean even if it doesn't make you feel great RIGHT away you shouldn't be trying to get a magic pill."
Pointed (9 лет назад)
when diet and exercise don't work. is the biggest lie i ever heard. But what can I say America likes the easy way.
Nelson Disla (9 лет назад)
Could not have been said better! This message MUST be spread!
lilianka777 (9 лет назад)
love this~Thx~~~
79Datsun (9 лет назад)
you hit the nail !!!
TopCatOwns (9 лет назад)
this is truly great
Mike Di Rienzo (9 лет назад)
This is great
A. M. Goudarzi (9 лет назад)
always love u bill!

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