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Cat D8R2 Dozer Rebuild Timelapse

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The Cat D8R II Dozer couples power and efficiency with advanced technology for outstanding production at lower cost-per-yard. The planetary power shift transmission has three speeds forward and three speeds in reverse. The electronic modulations system allows quick speed and directional change. The Electronic Clutch Pressure Control (ECPC) in the transmission allows for smoother shifting capabilities. The improved D8R II torque converter sends 70 % of engine torque through a converter and 30% through a direct drive shaft for greater driveline efficiency and higher torque multiplication. Caterpillar used torque dividers in the Cat D8R II Dozer because of: • High reliability. • Proven component design. • Low dynamic torque. • Optimum combination of operator efficiency and driveline reliability. • Components are designed to absorb full engine power. • High torque multiplication to get heavy loads moving. The dozer has a higher traction for less slippage, better balance, and a smoother ride. The suspended undercarriage design absorbs impact loads to reduce the shock loads transferred to the undercarriage by up to 50% in uneven terrain. Additionally, the Cat D8R II Dozer has an Advanced Modular Cooling System (AMOCS). The two- pass cooling system is able to increase the cooling surface area to provide more cooling capacity than other conventional systems. The operator station has monitoring for the temperature of the engine coolant, hydraulic oil and power trail oil, and the fuel level. The operator cabin is also designed for reduced noise and vibration. Also, the construction of the operator cabins provides for optimal front, back and side views to better see the work areas. This Cat D8R2 Dozer was rebuilt in 8 weeks by the experienced technicians at Gregory Poole Equipment Company in Raleigh, NC for Waste Industries for use at the Sampson County Landfill. This time lapse video highlights the day- by- day process of a Certified Cat Rebuild from start to finish. This machine should be operating for another 4-5 years. Gregory Poole carries the full line of Cat® equipment and allied products to meet your needs. Our full-service facilities throughout eastern North Carolina - Raleigh, Washington, Fayetteville, Mebane, Jacksonville and Wilmington - are staffed by trained professionals to help you with your sales, parts, service and rental needs. Visit: http://www.gregorypoole.com Learn more: http://www.gregorypoole.com/construction/Pages/Construction.aspx
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ArGAYTINDIO LimpiaMesas (1 год назад)
mmmm isnt it cheaper just to buy a new one?
HJW81253212 (1 год назад)
The rebuild is half the price of a new one.
Roberto Guerrero (1 год назад)
Not even close.

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