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Xanthelasma removal at home | cholesterol control | xanthoma | cholesterol deposit around eyes

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New Hmong Fun Channel (6 месяцев назад)
Too fast can not read
tanu saluja (7 месяцев назад)
if our skin on eye got damage by garlic thn our eye look like so wiered in. that skin ?????? garlic burnt my eye skin????? is thr any other option?
T-Series movies (8 месяцев назад)
And yes stop eating wheat flour products nd any milk product specific tea...or any food that gets stuck in ur intestine....dont put pressure on ur liver....now i only eat rice....nd xanthelasma gone
Ellie (1 год назад)
You said it becomes flakey? I've seen horrible pictures of an open indented wound from this treatment and it scares me. Do you have any pics of what yours looked like during treatment? Mine are small right now but I don't want to wait until they get bigger!
Michael Keyes (8 месяцев назад)
did this work?
Ellie (1 год назад)
BLUE SAPPHIRE I don't have high cholesterol and I'm worried they will grow so I'd rather take care of them now when they are small. Eating the raw garlic Made me nauseous so I'm drinking apple cider vinegar instead. I'll keep up the garlic treatment in my spots, thanks!
T-Series movies (1 год назад)
+Ellie yes it Will look ugly in the beginning.. it will take 10 days before it will start healing. i rubbed that spot with garlic clove. u have to burn that skin with garlic nd then new skin will grow. if yours is less then dont use this method. use a healthy food to reduce cholesterol. for me its sugary milk nd tea or a egg yolk avoid
ashok kumar bandaru (1 год назад)
Hello can you help is xanthelasma will definitely go if I eat garlic and jinger
T-Series movies (1 год назад)
No need man u can still control it with your food habits. Thts the only solution. Surgery will b a waste until u change your lifestyle. Many people have said that after surgery it will come back again. So ur money will b wasted. Mine was medium sized so i used garlic to remove that bump. It took 2 attempts...and now i eat vegetables and very less fatty food . So it is control now
ashok kumar bandaru (1 год назад)
BLUE SAPPHIRE I am looking for surgery shall I go or if I go ur suggestions it will decrease
T-Series movies (1 год назад)
+ashok kumar bandaru If it is small spot then dont do anything. Immediately stop eating oily food, reduce nonveg, less milk butter cheese or else it will start growing bigger. U can control now itself, try fasting, eat vegetables a lot, no deep fry food...avoid any food which can increase cholesterol...
ashok kumar bandaru (1 год назад)
BLUE SAPPHIRE I am eating daily and applying also but it is not reducing and it very very small do know any laser treatment and surgery kind of process or help me get medicine or specialist doctors please this is my request,
T-Series movies (1 год назад)
+ashok kumar bandaru You need yo apply the garlic juice on the Xanthelasma spot...and eat garlic and ginger to reduce cholesterol and prevent blockages any...
Sorenson JK (1 год назад)
I hope this works, when the Dermatologist removes them they just come back 80% of the time. I hate these things. I once had one of my little nephews ask me how I got all the scars around my eyes :( I had to explain to him it was from high cholesterol and taking the drug Lipitor.. Before Lipitor I never had these. Thanks for sharing this and I am gonna try it.
Kristie Romero (1 год назад)
When you cut the garlic to apply does it a certain part of it need to be placed on the area or doesn't matter? I tried to make garlic paste and applied it and WOW did it burn like HELL! So I then cut a clove in half and layed it flat against the bump but not sure I did it correctly?
T-Series movies (1 год назад)
+Kristie Romero yes u just cut the tip of the garlic so that its base can place nicely on that spot. let it burn. more it will burn more it will work faster. and then after few days it will become like flake. then u apply any oil.
T-Series movies (1 год назад)
Just rub or place the cut garlic on the affected area and leave it there. keep doing until that spot turns into flake. let it heal on its own. trust me it will disappear. i have done twice. so no fear....
Diana Sethna (3 месяца назад)
Hi I havr 2 small.spots on eyelids does garlic burn ? And is it safe pls reply
tanu saluja (7 месяцев назад)
T-Series movies but it gives burning sensation
Jon Alford (1 год назад)
BLUE SAPPHIRE - I wonder if those odour free garlic pearls work too?
sanchaita Bhattacharya (1 год назад)
just amizing
T-Series movies (1 год назад)
eat raw garlic and ginger everyday morning on an empty stomach. just chew a small slice and enjoy the juice....life long u won't have stomach disease. dont take too much.....
T-Series movies (1 год назад)
+blue sapphire high sugar, high salt and deep fried oily food complete no no....eat only healthy if u dont want to become beggar through doctors and hospital expenses.....
T-Series movies (1 год назад)
+blue sapphire . stop using unhealthy fatty oily junk food and never take any stress...so that your liver can b cleansed. eat two or three cloves of garlic empty stomach...and try doing fasting only on healthy liquid
T-Series movies (1 год назад)
Drink Gooseberry juice 3 tablespoon with hot water daily morning on an empty stomach.

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