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Blue LED Tire Valve Stem Lighted Covers

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I brought some led valve stem lights from www.lizardleds.com this is the direct link for the blue ones shown in the video. http://www.m.lizardleds.com/tire-valve-stem-led-light-covers-blue.html
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mellotron (1 год назад)
The link is dead but you can still find them. Their price is $19.95. I got a set of 4 on ebay for $4 including shipping. You made a very poor video. You should take the video from another vehicle beside them. The amount of circling depends on speed. Your friend must have been an old lady that never drives over 30 mph.
Darie Shellner (1 год назад)
mellotron was it that serious for you to insult my friend on a 3 year old video?
dopex2xdeath (1 год назад)
I'll pass on these, they aren't consistent enough to make it look like a full circle.... they aren't bad tho, seen a car earlier tonight, look pretty dope
Darie Shellner (1 год назад)
Yea man I totally forgot I did this lol. 1st comment showing love to it and I agree with you, that's why I told them off like a few days later. They didn't give a full circle like I wanted but weren't bad, maybe better for a bike.

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