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How a natural (uncircumcised) penis works

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This video is for Educational purposes only. It is flagged as +18 viewers only and is posted in accordance with Youtube community guide lines. It contains detail images of male genitals. Viewers who feel they may be offended by this video are welcome not to watch . Video explains how uncircumcised penis functions. It explains how foreskins retracts and what the various parts of the foreskin are including the phimotic ring (ridged band). Correct use of a condom is also demonstrated. There is an active forum where foreskin retraction issues are actively discussed: http://willywellbeing.com/forums/forum/phimosis-frenulum-breve-circumcision-foreskin-retraction/ Any comments deemed to be of sexually explicit nature, offensive or unhelpful will be removed.
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Bonnie Lee (1 день назад)
Willy Wellbeing: you need to put a warning introductory in your video. There are kids age 8 who stumble upon this video and are shocked. Just because in your country children see their parents nudity doesn’t mean that all countries do. I’m in the U.S. tell them that age 14 and older can look and if even at that age you feel uncomfortable then shut it off. Thank you.
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