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Sen. Sanders on The O'Reilly Factor

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Stacy Robinson (1 месяц назад)
Bernie Sanders is such a likeable person, unlike the interviewer.
Jalen Lowdermilk (2 месяца назад)
O Reilly was actually halfway respectable there. Only time he wasn’t a dick to someone he disagreed with
Thomas Wilmeth (5 месяцев назад)
Bernie is a self proclaimed socialist and bill was nicer to him than obama now what does that tell you about bill
Jeep Man (1 год назад)
All the while bernie is blabbering on and on about wealth inequality and how rich people are bad and poor people derserve the rich peoples money what he doesnt tell you and what we dont find out untill eh about july of 2017 is that his con artist wife was milking some small time college in vermont for every dime she could beg, borrow and or steal to pay her self and also to pay her daughter a nice little salary of 500,000 bucks , oh and did i mention most of the 500k was tax payer money? Oh yes you bunch of wide eyed bernie lovers. Its tough for me to listen to him and other libs talk about how bad they think Trump is when they were defrauding some po dunk college. To enrich them selves no less. Fucking liberals "its fraud unless im doing it" . Trump love him or hate him atleast he made his own money .
James Redmond (2 года назад)
Bernie is a retard
Harley Shin (2 года назад)
O'reilly treated him like the fucking nerd Sanders is. I would have bullied Sanders too- fucking amateur
Ivan De Lara (2 года назад)
Lol, "unfortunately, socialist, and you're one of those"... "The good people of Vermont elected you, so there you are"... "You might have a chance if you did"... Bernie was owned.
Kyle Pickus (2 года назад)
O'reilly is trying to use Sanders to attack Clinton rather than actually talking politics.
William Stryker (2 года назад)
Sen.Sanders let's be realistic here, your a clown, period point blank your a clown. As an Army veteran I worry about the future of you get the nomination ( your not going to get it) because your policies would harm our country. And to be honest I don't need control freaks like you telling me what I need and don't need. And if I make a success of myself it isn't up to you to decide what I can make and give it to losers. I am rabidly anti-control freak and I will not obey you or the federal govt on what I don't need, secondary I'd like to say fuck you for shitting on me and my comrades for our service
SPZ Max (2 года назад)
4:03 He has very good sense of humor. XD
Nishom hahs (2 года назад)
Sad to see the media taking sides. O'Reilly clearly leans his comments to benefit republican rich folk. Media including past government should be held accountable for their actions in misleading the public.
Christopher Sikora (2 года назад)
Fuck bill Smart Ass with no experience.
Ashley Rhodes (2 года назад)
anyone else think it's odd the videos always cut out?
Nishom hahs (2 года назад)
+Ashley Rhodes something about congress and it skipped.
Liam T (2 года назад)
these interviews with him for some reason just scratch out at times during specific answers between them its annoying
Steve Perez (2 года назад)
@2:48. " You gotta run" Bill O Reilly endorsed Bernie!
Prakriti (2 года назад)
Hillary... conservative?......I am in the middle class.. I am doing okay.But my peers are floundering, and its becuse they spend spend spend. They eat out every other day, have smart phones ( I don't have one yet), and all the cable channels. Most people making about what my family does, are worse off then us. And, living in the same city with the same family size... you'd think we'd be pretty equal. I don't think taxing the wealthy into poverty is the answer. At least part of the anwser is better money management.Maybe lower taxes some.  Reevaluated why some of these huge corporations pay little to nothing in taxes while the local mom and pops pay out the ears.Get rid of the income tax. That silly thing was "temporary" anyway.   The answer to income equality isn't to make everyone "middle"We can not tax anyone into prosperity ...Anyway since when is the American dream about laying back and taking hand outs.. I thought it was about working hard to reach your goals in a free country. Make your own prosperity, don't take it from others.....
brunoignaciogi (2 года назад)
Oh'Really? that "journalist" is a joke As an Argentino, i support Bernie Sanders, he really cares about you, the American. if you are a republican *don't shoot yourself to the foot*. breaking big corporations will make capitalism more healthier, create more competition, destroy oligarchy is better for the business.
brunoignaciogi (2 года назад)
If socialism didn't work, explain me the Eisenhower highway system. you live in a community, not in the middle of Antarctica, your constitution says " *we* the people" don't get me wrong, i like capitalism, and the concept of free market, but big corporations are telling you a lie. the walt (from wallmart) family have more wealth than 42% of population's wealth, and they use their money to make unfair competition in the supermarket business.
T S (2 года назад)
+brunoignaciogi look back at history... socialism doesn't work. also we don't need the government for roads etc, its called the private sector. we didn't have an income tax tell 1913, inheritance taxes tell 1900, and states didn't have sales tax until 1930.
brunoignaciogi (2 года назад)
socialism is *NOT* the opposite of capitalism comunism is. Also i live in America, Argentina is in America, but is not in the "U.S. of America" You may not succeed in being rich or millionaire (as the republicans may suggest), so meanwhile, it would be nice if *your taxes* go to something *you can use*, such as roads, health, and education. you know, the government works *for you*, not the big corporations who are bending the laws to (basically) touch your asshole. this is in theory, make that a reality by voting,  and protesting
T S (2 года назад)
+brunoignaciogi look bud, America is NOT socialist by design, its designed against socialism, socialism is the opisite of capitalism. and it doesn't matter to you because your not lucky enough to live in America.
brunoignaciogi (2 года назад)
yes it does, he specifically says that instead of using taxpayer dollars (aka, YOUR MONEY) to war, it could be spend on education, healt, and stuff that is really important. the american consitution is "socialist" by design, i took the time to read it, i discover that is says "WE, THE PEOLPE" you don't live isolated in a bubble, you live in community.
Taylor Beckett (2 года назад)
O'Reilly needs to stop interrupting.. everytime I watch his show he asks questions then interrupts like 3 seconds later.
Thomas MacWilliams (2 года назад)
Sanders 2016!!
Dan Ray (3 года назад)
no wonder Bernie stopped talking to this jackass
JCummins47 (3 года назад)
I thought Bernie was a democrat? Not independent like it says.
Ashfaq Bhuiyan (3 года назад)
This guy is so awesome! Only a handful of people who deal o'reilly so well while getting his voice heard.
danz177 (3 года назад)
If a war against Iran is waged, I want Bill O'Reilly on the front lines. He seems to really want to go to war. So let's take him up on his bravado.
Fukface97 (3 года назад)
#Bernie2016  If you listen to bernie, you can't vote on anyone else. Cheers from Sweden.
Megarational (3 года назад)
Bernie says that basic health care should be a right of all citizens, and college should be affordable, and O'Reilly says "that's were we disagree.
Nunn Yah'Bixniz (3 года назад)
Video is so choppy... but, you could tell Bill was getting upset, like always, lawlz...
Mohammed Osman (3 года назад)
I didn't hate Bill O'Reilly in this interview.
mark1952able (3 года назад)
God bless Bernie Sanders!  He speaks the truth and O'Reilly hates hearing the truth!
ProClifo (3 года назад)
O'Reilly for vice president? Fuck me.
Matthew Jacobsen (3 года назад)
+Kobe PussyHopscotcher Switzler You demonizing the rich is nothing less than a cry for help...YOU LOSER. .yet you fail to realize that people like me who are far from rich understand that defending them isn't a personal benefit in any way, it's nothing more than living in reality where people might just so better than me. I'm okay with that. Because it tells me the money is out there! It's reassuring! ! Money isn't everything. And many more people don't do as well as me. I could be egotistical like you, but I'll leave that role for the Hollywood celebrity.. Do you feel slighted because you SUCK? Enjoy your liberal role models who demonize the rich, and push climate change while they fly their G7 jet across the world. Hillary accomplished 1 million miles in atmospheric decay. I guess she's got quite the resume. Maybe in future elections we can show the voters all the frequent flyer miles we have? A bunch of incompetent liberal scum who should be tried for treason and face the death penalty. I'm totally in favor of a civil war with a bunch of lightweights who are against the 2nd amendment. ...GOOD! The unarmed versus the armed. Let's see who wins!! LOL Every military general and leader would be with republicans. The military have ZERO respect for Obama. Zero respect for Hillary and Sanders. Quite frankly I think our military, if they had the choice, would arrest all the Democrat socialists and bring them to a public square for a public stoning. Get Hammarby Code on they ass. The Democrat's are a toilet seat. Built on shit. Their voters are my toilet paper. I'm all for another civil war. Let's go liberals! You're wasting my oxygen. Go to your homeland of Syria. Obama is no better than a 911 hijacker. Nor are you
John Doe (3 года назад)
+Matthew Jacobsen yeah, see how those economics are working now. Please. Just looking for an excuse to deny the facts of the millions of lives these people hurt or take because of their influence in politics and even medicine and hospitals
Matthew Jacobsen (3 года назад)
+Kobe PussyHopscotcher Switzler these people pay 70% of all taxes paid. I'm not going to be jealous about someone who's successful the way you are. Even the Koch bothers who I'm not a fan of, they donate billions to scientific advancement. Many other thing Rockefeller... a monopoly...everyone hated him. .. he actually donated his entire fortune at his death. So be careful who you demonize. Good research Rockefeller. .the man helped make America great. We need to support our billionaires. These are the people that make huge charitable donations. More than our federal government ever could Learn your history dude, then you might learn the FACTS
Shawn Martin (3 года назад)
+Kobe PussyHopscotcher Switzler That's not true. Mitt Romney paid more in one year than you'd pay in 10 lives, let alone this one. Rich people are rich, that's good. They also head corporations that employ people - their income tax goes where?
John Doe (3 года назад)
+Matthew Jacobsen do you not understand that 99% of the new income earned today goes to the top 1%? Or that the top 1/10th of the 1% owns more wealth than 90% of the lower class? Sorry but I don't think they'll be missing a little tax money, considering they give NONE at all.
St.godless (3 года назад)
America: Vote for Bernie ....because 3:10
JPJPR (3 года назад)
Shouldn't it be a deal that is good for the not so free world as well? If we make good things happen to people, they might be generally more agreeable with what we want in other regards. Bottom line: Bill O'Reilly remains a pompous blow hard, yet this was not the most unreasonable interview with Bernie Sanders that I have watched today. Go Bernie! #feelthebern
Ken a (3 года назад)
"I do believe that the united states congress should not be run by a handful of billionaires" "But but that's a big government vision so that's where you and I disagree" BILL O'REILLY OVERTLY SUPPORTS OLIGARCHY
kid gloves (3 года назад)
a little bit of socialism with capitalism works well in many countries in europe, but totally socialistic countries as is the case for some countries in south america are real shit holes..
patria jacobs (3 года назад)
Bernie throws down.  No comment regarding the host.
Brent Falconer (3 года назад)
I think I just realized that Bill O'Reilly is a genius at what he does. Now, what he does is fairly horrible, manipulative misrepresentation at its worst, but still. He 100% ensured that no one anywhere in his audience would ever listen to a goddamn thing Bernie says, ever, within the first 3 seconds of this segment. "So, Hillary Clinton is waaay to conservative for you, huh?" If you're a fox news conservative, listening, that's like 5 strikes right there. I always thought Bill was kind of dumb, but I kind of am starting to understand the grim majesty of his long rule of the underworld.
valcarni1 (3 года назад)
You are awesome Bernie, i'm not American (Australian), but I do hope you succeed and become the next president.
jake hanzvik (3 года назад)
Not voting for sanders because he can't tie a proper tie knot.....
Romulus (3 года назад)
+jake hanzvik and this is why we get what we deserve.
justthinkalittle (3 года назад)
this is not enough!! I need my student loan debt to be releasable in bankruptcy. I need the money that's tacked on to my loans for late fees to be removed at least! I cant get a loan because of it nor some jobs because of bad credit.
simon199418 (3 года назад)
hello there (3 года назад)
All that i gathered from this is that bill oreilly wants to do is make sure he says that you are a socialist 3 times, and that he thinks america should go bomb iran and start another war.  did i miss anythin?
Nolege Is Power (3 года назад)
Bernie handeld that like a pimp
MrIkesimba (3 года назад)
I respect Bill O for being a brave war correspondent who put his life on the line reporting from the front line of various South American combat zones.  </sarcasm>
Realmdarkness (3 года назад)
huh, Bill seems to actually respect Bernie. He didn't really talk over him, he let him get his thoughts out. he wasn't loud crude or insulting, and he was only a bit condescending
Romulus (3 года назад)
+Realm darkness oh yeah, of course. it takes a strong personality to not have that happen.
Realmdarkness (3 года назад)
true, i'm just so used to his condescension with people that he doesn't agree with, that I expected it here too 
Romulus (3 года назад)
+Realm darkness he's too smart to work over. bernie knows his stuff, and won't be misrepresented.
vampireprincess22 (3 года назад)
Race Bannon (3 года назад)
I'm liking what I'm hearing from ole Bernie. Hillary is a shoe in and that's too bad. Because I think Bernie would be one of the better Presidential candidates. I'd like to see a Rand Paul vs. Bernie Sanders race, but I'm skeptical that either of them would get past the establishment candidates being hoisted upon us by the corporate owned media. I predict it to be Hillary vs. Jeb as I predicted 6 years ago. We really have no choice.
Nitthakan Nopnatee (3 года назад)
Bernie your the best offer this nation has had in many years. I really hope you win.
T. J. (3 года назад)
Bernie Sanders is life, and even though he is a democratic socialist that will be vehemently opposed by conservatives, he still seems to have the base common sense and fundamental drive that makes me believe he can see eye to eye with republicans and democrats and get shit done
Luke Jackson (3 года назад)
Wow, that first question was soooooo leading, just a trap.
Glenn Yoder (3 года назад)
Bill says to Bernie at the end of the video, "it's always a pleasure to talk with you". Indeed it is! INDEED IT IS! GO BERNIE! We are pleased to see you running for President! And we are pleased to support you the whole way!
Adam Hickey (3 года назад)
Bill O'relly is a good interviewer.  Regardless of your political view.  Bill O'reilly's TV persona is one the serves the conservatives.  Bill O'reilly is a fucking rich dude that does not care about "small business".
FMondragon (3 года назад)
I love the way Sanders' voice echos, wherever he is
Sawyer Smith (3 года назад)
United States of Embarrassment (3 года назад)
A person who can handle Bill O'Reilly's douchebaggery is a person who can handle being the President of the United States.
TheWobbelz (3 года назад)
We can make him president! share his name, and make him go viral!
Gene Starwind (3 года назад)
O'Reilly wasn't insane here....
Weston Stevens (3 года назад)
The only argument you ever hear against Sanders is "he's a socialist". Weak minded simpletons would do well to look at many of the flourishing democracies in Europe and realize that they are democratic socialist nations. But no, the 'S' word is is a bad bad word because, well, my Republican masters told me so.
fkujakedmyname (3 года назад)
of course bill orielly wants hillary shes a republican
J. Clint Lewey (3 года назад)
These Fox assholes only try to get him to dog Hillary. They aren't asking his opinion on shit. They just won't to quote him saying something negative about her.
Fleming (3 года назад)
Great guy, should become president
cinnireseisri (3 года назад)
Bernie is the real deal. Who else can say that, no matter what their party?
valcrum321 (3 года назад)
At least he got an interview with O'Reilly whose semi reasonable, GOD FORBID if he got stuck with Hannity.
James Susanka (3 года назад)
does anybody watch orelly any more?
YoungSocialist (3 года назад)
sometimes i think that o'reilly only pretends to be conservative, as an act.
Abhinav Joshi (3 года назад)
Teddy Roosevelt's entire presidency was trust busting. Check your facts Bill. Everyone loves trust busting.
TheTrueObelus (3 года назад)
I'd like to hear more on why Bernie voted against the bank bailout. I hope he wasn't an advocate of letting them fail. That would mean a complete cratering of the economy. And from what I understand we got the money back with a profit. However I do think we should break up the banks now that they are stable.
Cozmo Teckla (3 года назад)
Bernie is such a honest tool. Like making our government bigger is the answer. Lol. All these people want free money and are butt hurt Obama didn't give it to em. So they move even more to the left looking for a hand out. How about everyone looking for free money stand on the corner with a cardboard sign. They capitalist with hook ya up.
Cozmo Teckla (3 года назад)
+Brandon Brady what am I factual wrong about?
Cozmo Teckla (3 года назад)
+Feelyourbody allways I completely agree
Age of Glory (3 года назад)
The billionaires are getting free money dude. Wake up.
Brady (3 года назад)
+Cozmo Teckla I'm telling you public record is public and not at all tainted by dipshit opinions.
Cozmo Teckla (3 года назад)
+Brandon Brady are you telling me anyone who disagrees with you is wrong. I can't if your serious and narcissistic or disillusioned about self awareness and responsibilitie
BigDog (3 года назад)
P.S. O'Reilly is full of shit... " I don't like the money" hahaha That's the only reason Bernie will struggle with this campaign, because he has the balls to stand up to the 1%!!!
Ray Cyst (3 года назад)
I might vote for Bernie just so I can see Larry David impersonate him.
BigDog (3 года назад)
I hope Sanders wins!!!! We need another rational president who knows how to stand up to Wall-street and the Military Industrial Complex!!!!
Hsitmuh (3 года назад)
So much for giving him the last word Bill, you nit wit.
Revolutionary Socialist Media (3 года назад)
Socialists do not want the government to run the economy. That is what social democrats and stalinists did. We want workers and consumers to control it through democratic elected councils of the working class. In Russia these councils were called; soviets, in Germany they are called: räte and in Dutch: raden. The Soviet-Union used to be a union of workers council republics. Stalinist degeneration prevented this, but genuine socialists reject both state control and capitalist control over the economy!
danielvincentkelley (3 года назад)
Nobody will state the obvious about nuclear weapons, that we need to get rid of ours to have any legitimacy to bully other nations to nuclear disarmament. Bush and Obummer and Reagan all dropped the ball on a valid missile shield too many times to be plausibly accidental. This even while Bush abandoned the ABM treaty to strive for a missile shield. Disassembling all the nuke bombs and collapsing miles of Earth in on buried atomized and sand dispersed nuke waste. We should arrange the work to dismantle all the nuke bombs with all the people of the world and recognize every member of every government as crime bosses and torch them to hell.
onlythewise1 (3 года назад)
yes Bernie don't say anything about the illegals crewing up America  your rich friends might get mad
Gandoora32 (3 года назад)
Bernie Sanders for president!!!
Pierre S. (3 года назад)
Love you Bernie! Thank you!
peepthezoobazz (3 года назад)
Bill makes sanders point for him at 1st and he knew it "yah yah whatever i don't like the money either... sooo anyways"...
mrsvspin (3 года назад)
did you notice? the O'Reilly show censored Sen Bernie Sander's statement, ""..the United States Congress should not be owned by a handful of billionaires..""
Brian Anderson (3 года назад)
+mrsvspin Where's the edit? Because if so, that's pretty shameless for Fox.
CoryDoes MLG (3 года назад)
AkJonny1965 (3 года назад)
Brian Williams had to take a 6 month vacation because he lied, and Bill O'Reilly got caught 3 times or more, Fox "News" loves a liar.
Nicole Marquez (3 года назад)
Anybody else notice that fox bleeped out the word "owned" when Bernie says "and I do believe that the United States congress should not be owned by a handful of billionaires." Daaaaannngg! At 3:50
Atheists Gone Wild (3 года назад)
I love you. Please try to be president. You know damn well Hillary Clinton is for those banks.
jannmutube (10 месяцев назад)
I think Hillary owed some banks for her campaign money and that's always a problem but she did say she would have worked to overturn Citizens United. I think if she had won and Bernie was leading the Senate, we would be so much better off now.
Atheists Gone Wild (2 года назад)
+Brian Anderson You are a sexist... (JK)
Brian Anderson (2 года назад)
+Atheists Gone Wild I hope you like drinking fracking-contaminated water, then.
Atheists Gone Wild (2 года назад)
Update: I am now a Hillary supporter.
guyinkentucky1 (3 года назад)
+Brian Anderson Two questions 1. What do you mean they're likely liberal/independent/disillusioned "Libertarian"? 2. What do you mean peaceful political revolution?
rolling126r (3 года назад)
That was humorous and a big reason why Bernie Sanders will never be President. "The agreement is being built on verification not trust."@4:44 Then @ 5:08 he says "you're assuming that the they hide [them there]" so Bernie is assuming (dare I say... trusting) that the Iranians will not hide any nuclear material on their military bases.  Hmmm...well, maybe this whole thing is built on trust. Of course, you will notice that Bernie catches himself and then just dispenses with the disagreement right then.  I'm sure Bernie trusted North Korea as well when they said "ooohhh, of course we're not trying to build a nuclear bomb...he he"
Aidyn3000 (3 года назад)
Even Fox News viewers have to agree with Bernie Sanders on the actual issues. Sanders doesn't use the bipartisan rhetoric that most politicians (both democrat and republican) use. Notice how he sidesteps all of O'Reilly's baited questions and returns to the issues that matter, the issues that affect real working Americans. His message is always focused, clear, and consistent.
Vance Longobardi (3 года назад)
I think Bill likes Bernie in a way, and vice versa.
guyinkentucky1 (3 года назад)
+Vance Longobardi He respects him
TheArtofKelso (3 года назад)
Iran won't let you inspect their military installations. I wonder if the USA will allow others to inspect their military installations. No I didn't think so. Bill that argument won't fly.
CrAzYnAdEz (3 года назад)
I hope this guy runs.
Steve Greenberg (3 года назад)
This is the closest I have seen anyone come to taming Bill O'Reilly.  There may be others, but I only watch the show through occasional clips like this one.  If Sanders can do this well against that blowhard, it gives me hope that Sanders could actually run and win.
Origamidude (3 года назад)
You did a fantastic job with this interview, especially given Bill's reputation. Please run for POTUS Mr. Sanders!
Wade King (3 года назад)
I almost became an O'Reilly fan at the beginning. Then he started getting weird after the first half of the video. O'Reilly is correct in his statement about the hypocrisy of democrats, especially Clinton. Bernie needs to stand up against not only republicans, but also democrats.
Alexandra E (3 года назад)
+Jason King Funny, I was thinking the opposite when I saw that transpire. It seems like Bill wanted to throw Hilary under the bus for having a large Super Pac, which she undeniably does have, but Bernie was just reminding him that the GOP stands far above the rest with their large Super Pac's. Example? Jeb Bush is number one, with over 108.5$ million and has only spent 3.1 million, so far. I can't wait until "the Establishment" (1%) gets shaken... #Bernie2016
GUAVcis06 (3 года назад)
That's why he's an independent, he causes with them because he' sees more eye to eye than the republicans who truly are just shifting wayyy out there in right field
ritchie frostwood (3 года назад)
god i hate O'reilly
Vas Sagar (3 года назад)
you can't trust the mullets!
Caitlin McElroy (3 года назад)
Please run. Please.
Bart LeFart (3 года назад)
Senator Bernie has alot of class, and O'reilly... is still a buffoon. Bernie wasn't having any of that nonsense.
O-I-C-U disolve (3 года назад)
O'Reily is the true meaning of arrogant.
GARRY DARNSTAEDT (3 года назад)
Fire O Reilly
John O'Shea (3 года назад)
I expected a shouting match between Bill O'Reilly (R) and Bernie Sanders (I/D) but this was unexpectedly civil. Will he be able to attract the reasonable republicans? Not the climate sceptic, big oil supporting, tax cuts for the rich giving, science denying republicans, which a majority of elected (R)'s are, but the majority of their base whom are reasonable
Sage Mantis (3 года назад)
Bernie Sanders/Jesse Ventura 2016
Walt Chambelain (3 года назад)
Jesse Ventura is a loon. I agree with many things he says but he's way too out there on ALOT of other stuff. Bernie picking him as a running mate would be disastrous.
Reagan (3 года назад)
can we all agree that if senator sanders runs that he will have our vote? seriously, who else is looking this good? Sanders and warren would be just what this country needs!
guyinkentucky1 (3 года назад)
+highspacefox Don't agree with you but i respect them more then Jed or Hillary
Sage Mantis (3 года назад)
Wow, the worst interviewer possible who could have done the worst ad hominems to destroy his character, yet the interview turned out okay.
Sage Mantis (3 года назад)
+Richie Romero You have no standards.
Richie Romero (3 года назад)
Because Bill is reasonable. Believe it or not, he's not as far right as people seem to think. Hannity on the other hand...
DeeShannon Garrison (3 года назад)
Poor Bernie Sanders.  I recommend: "Sweet Jesus, I Hate Bill O'Reilly!" by: Joseph Minton Amann

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