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Making Top Bars

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This is how I made the top bars for my top bar hive. I choose to mill my bars to come to a point and cut to fit inside the walls of the hive. It was a good bit of work, especially when I got to the sanding. The actual hive is yet to come.
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426 SUPER BEE (1 год назад)
he heee that too much work, plus the chance of being hurt i just make a long box and use standard frames another reason for the long box and not the V shape box, every thing works, No lifting boxes, standard frames, extracting honey, more comb surface and as long as u wish.. I use 4 to 8' L... But it cost more to make em rather than a standard hive. IDK WHO CAME UP WITH THE V SHAPE BOXES, THEY NEED THERE BUTT KICKED cheers
Mark Massingill (1 год назад)
Some people prefer top bar hives over horizontal hives. As for how much work it is, craftsmanship, some of us find it important. Ever try to build your own standard frames? They take a lot more work than this. How about leaving each to his own rather than pretending your method is better when each has it's advantages? Why extract honey if you can sell it in the comb for more? The same no lifting of boxes applies to both horizontal and top bar hives. Top bar hives cost less. Having said that, I've since switched the top bars over to horizontal hives myself. Mainly for the standard frames giving side and bottom support to the comb. Comb breaking off the top bars was my #1 complaint with the top bar. On the other hand SHB seem to be more of an issue in the horizontal hives. I build my own 4' long hives (why you'd want to go longer I don't know but again, each to his own). I like that a standard NUC can be moved straight into a horizontal hive where top bars pretty much take packages only. Horizontal hives also make splitting hives and creating NUCs much easier. I prefer NUCs over packages for reasons of my own but again, each to his own. I built my top bar hive in my search to find what worked best for me. I built 8 frame hives rather than 10 frame hives for the same reason. I've also tried packages and NUCs, again going with what worked best for me. Not with what worked best for my neighbor or what some blowhard said was best, but with what, through testing differing methods, worked best for me. I won't knock you for your choice because my first reaction is that you tried different methods and went with what worked best for you. I know that your first reaction is to be a blowhard. Whatever works best for you I suppose.
Follow Me (1 год назад)
Your video shows the steps and gives the best detail of all the wedge shaped top bar videos on YouTube. Thanks for posting if! To eliminate two cuts it might be better to eliminate the indentation on the long sides. Great job
Yettiman1001 (4 года назад)
A lot of work, but a very high quality result, many thanks for posting, I will be doing this for my hive, and am glad to have found your video
Mark Massingill (4 года назад)
It was a lot of work but I was quite happy with the results.  Thanks for the comment and good luck.

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