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The Real Fiscal Cancer that will Bankrupt the United States - FM

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Revealing investigative news report on the real fiscal caner that will end up bankrupting the United States. US Comptroller General David Walker discusses the Dirty Little Secret Everyone In Washington Knows. Entitlement programs, baby boomer generation, medicare and the prescription drug bill. Medicare is a FIVE TIMES greater problem than that of Social Security. Discover what is driving the skyrocketing health epidemics and health care costs of baby boomers. What is our Big Pharma driven pill for every ill brought us to? Food Matters Movie giving away a VERY SPECIAL GIFT PACKAGE - May 5th until they are all gone. How would you like to get your choice of your favorite nutritional products PAID FOR every month by Uncle Sam (up to $500/month)?! All details at: http://www.FoodMattersMovie.com
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