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Welfare for Walmart

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markclark5 (3 месяца назад)
Feel the Bern
Vegard Fjeldberg (3 месяца назад)
Robert Reich has a great point.
Matthew Johnson (4 месяца назад)
A job at Walmart McDonalds companies like these is not a job that is meant to take care of a family.
Alexander Fomin (4 месяца назад)
I would love to see this sucker destroyed by Milton Friedman or Thomas Sowell
Zoe (5 месяцев назад)
Bernie why don't you start by taking a pay decrease and live among the rest of us? Sell your homes and cars, I want to see more politicians do this! Get on the level with the people for real!
Zoe (5 месяцев назад)
And when the rich run low on money and have no incentive to work what will we do next? Get blood out of a stone? You all know if you could own a business and made lots of money you would want to keep more of it cause it takes hard work people. I run a small business from my house it's just me and my husband and you have to be smart and on your toes all day and night there's no going home at the end of the day like others do plain and simple. So yes I do think I should keep more of my money and I'm not even close to having a million or half a million in the bank like most of these politicians do.
Some One (6 месяцев назад)
Fook off Walmart & all the rest of the sleaze bag corporations!
Cy Porter (9 месяцев назад)
Anyone find themselves thinking of the French Revolution and what happened to the super wealthy in that situation? Just saying.
Cy Porter (9 месяцев назад)
You have my vote Bernie, 2020.
Ashley Steel (10 месяцев назад)
The idea that people have a choice where they want to work is absolutely absurd. It shows how Disconnected they are with reality. Despite the propaganda that people on welfare are just lazy bums who want to skate off government funds, the real data is available to anyone who has a computer. Go look at the health and human services data. Looking at the most recent data 75% of welfare recipients are CHILDREN. Next largest portion is 20% SINGLE PARENT households. And there are 1.9 million families spread out over 2.5 million, which means 60% are single child households. And only a fraction are 2 parent households. So despite the perception that lazy people receive welfare, a huge number are CHILDREN, whose parents are working and still their children are in poverty. Welfare is actually called “temporary assistance for needy families”. We need to educate people and stop this propaganda from spreading like wildfire. The perception that lazy people are taking advantage of the system instead of the truth that its working single parents and their children, who are still in poverty despite having a job... it’s criminal. And a company like Walmart who’s revenue is 486 BILLION, and who pays its CEO 25 million dollars a year, claiming they cannot afford to pay workers a living wage, is just absurd. Also they are one of the main companies that decades of data now shows, they make more money when minimum wages are increased. Guess what, when poor people get money we spent it. We go out to eat, we buy the shoes our kid needs for school, we pay our past due electric bill. Trickle down economics is wrong... but it’s also the opposite. So these companies would increase sales over the amount of ‘loss’ by increasing wages. Same with fast food chains and other mass consumption type of businesses. When you give an already wealthy person extra money, they invest it or save it because they can already buy whatever they wanted. So it makes me wonder why these companies (despite proof they’d make more by increasing minimum wages), are so adamant about keeping their workers in poverty? I don’t wanna be calling conspiracy on everything but it really seems like the intent is to make sure average people don’t get ahead. To keep the wage inequality gap growing and consolidate power in this country. Just sayin!
Some One (1 год назад)
Boycott this bullshit! If we don't start now, they'll take every last cent of ours! READ BELOW: http://www.jwj.org/how-u-s-taxpayers-subsidize-the-nations-wealthiest-family http://changewalmart.org/how-rich-are-the-waltons/
Brian Caleb (1 год назад)
The American dream was once a real thing for anyone, til a lot of the rich became greedy.
Champion Heart (1 год назад)
The workers of WALMART need to come together demand livable wages or fuckin shut that shit down. How the fuck you work for a Billion dollar corporation and you gotta be a food stamp recipient cause this corporation paying you Bull-Shit wages. WTF ???
Charleen Swiger (1 год назад)
walmart has self cashiers
Monika Wheeler (1 год назад)
Colonel Sanders.
Jason Gafar (1 год назад)
6:28 - The mark of a leader. I had to re-watch that at least 10 times to see the sheer strength and heart of Sanders. So much admiration, respect, and love for him. So glad we have people like him in the world.
Ferdhini & Co. (1 год назад)
With the stimulus package, they did not factor in the greed
Gary G (1 год назад)
fucking food stamps!I've never seen food stamps thank god I don't live in America see people work all week sometimes 2-3 job's!then have to get food stamps!can someone in politics stop being bought off and help America!it's disgraceful having people on food stamps!American dream is bullshite!I knew a pilot in America who worked non stop and got stamps to eat!like!C'MON!American people deserve more than slave wages!!!education means fuck all!!spend 200g's in college to make 34 g's a year as a pilot!interest on college debt has my mate broke I told him get out of America get paid better elsewhere but he wouldn't he loves America!!but America doesnt love or respect his job and never will pay better!why would they want to pay more!it's a disgrace to the people
Matt Jones (1 год назад)
It blows my mind that a $100 billion family gets government assistance from tax payers. It's not conservative and Sanders is right here. Sanders is also right on the Wall Street bailout, big pharma and tpp. Sanders also opposed Clinton's gun control plan and opposed Bush's amnesty plan which is also great.
Jeremiah Wilson (1 год назад)
i never understood the ones at the tops line of thinking. if we paid more to employees our prices would be higher ? why cant the ones at the top just make a little less...still keep prices low and workers paid more with benefits?
Zoe (5 месяцев назад)
Cause running a business is hard try it sometime. And I'm not trying to be a dick you should really try!
OlObuffalo (1 год назад)
Cognitive dissonance resounds here. There are people lacking in moral fibre and/or good judgement on this panel and in the comments. The U.S. populace missed the boat when they failed to uplift Saunders to the Presidency
Kyle Taylor (1 год назад)
"It'd be great if people could move up the wage distrubution faster at Wal-Mart" You know...some people, and I'm sorry but especially in a place like Wal-Mart, often just are never able to move up. Whether it's psychological, physical, both... that's unfortunately not a choice that some people can make, and otherwise aren't willing to, because many people are afraid of responsibility and being sucked into a corporate engine that doesn't care and doesn't stop; and I think as you go up the chain of command, it gets worse and worse. People don't want to sell their soul. It's our cultural values which need to change the most. This capitalist hellhole is doomed to self-destruction, unless leaders begin emerging with new values which have the potential to change people's thinking on a collective level. Our thinking created this. We weren't aware of the snakes behind the curtains who whispered in our ears through media, society...telling us to cling to these outdated religions and beliefs about ourselves.. they made the changes they wanted to make while we were busy being distracted. The biggest distraction and biggest lie is the world as we know it today.
Victor Espino (1 год назад)
fuck that last bitch too... they feel any job is better than non even if it requires you to be on welfare lol. quality over quantity! come on people.
Victor Espino (1 год назад)
at 6:25 wtf.. so she's saying it's a good thing that they have jobs and need government assistance. fuck these people
Victor Espino (1 год назад)
at 4:27 , the wages don't determine higher. it's the demand for their products, that will require Walmart to hirer. if their products are in high demand, what Wal Mart won't hire people, and they won't sell anything? absurd!
Eziel Dawnarow (1 год назад)
What is nuts is that they dont want to invest in other businesses that could benefit everyone else. If I were to be up there and I will, these selfish behaviors will not happen. I will create jobs in under developed countries by implementing hydroponic farms. I would even go as far as to give it to them and only ask for the refund of the cost of creation. US militaries and CA army would DEFEND those. Decent incomes would be given and no more shipments of food would be made. They would create stability and allow diversity to flourish. These idiotic wars would end if everyone can grow (up). There is a moral concern about sharing wealth because of frustration, but it kind of dissapears when you have enough wealth to afford a stable home with everything at a given time (work to earn). Anyways... gj Bernie.
whyamimrpink78 (2 года назад)
And Sanders owns three homes. What a dictator.
Zoe (5 месяцев назад)
Bernie also lives on other peoples money, no?
whyamimrpink78 (1 год назад)
+Victor Espino Bernie wants to create a tax plan that arbitrarily taxes rich people more to spend on other people.  He wants to spend other people's money.  The Walton's actually earn their money.  There is the difference.  "but that service and job being provide require their workers to be on welfare. " Which is not the Walton family's fault.  They offer them a job at the market rate. They can't afford more.  It is not their fault those workers refuse to better their lives. "it's like me saying I'm providing a job I pay this guy 1 cent an hour" If you can find someone to work for you for 1 cent an hour than you have found a fool. No one will work for so little. "they're only asking for enough money to not have to be on welfare. " And where is that money going to come from? "the CEOs make record profits, billions, on the backs of their employees and providing their employees wages that require them to be on welfare. " And a lot of those profits goes to the shareholders. They want to see their investment grow.  If it weren't for shareholders than Walmart will be no bigger than Raley's or Hy Vee who pay their workers similar wages but no one complains about.  Also, it you were to take the top 6 executives of Walmart and spread their salary to the 525,000 lowest paid employees of Walmart, they will earn an extra $147 a year.  That's it.  CEOs are not earning that much. "if you can't understand that then, idk , it's pretty simple for me." That is the problem.  You are taking a complex issue and trying to make it simple.  I have said I wish liberal economic policies will work because they are simple. If all it took was raising taxes to provide certain service than I will be all for it. It isn't that easy though.  Take "free college" for example. We lack TAs, professors, tutors and other skilled workers.  Where are they going to come from?  How are we going to provide those services when we lack the people to actually provide it?  Raising taxes is not going to help in that case.
Victor Espino (1 год назад)
whyamimrpink78 who's other people's money?? once again who is it hurting owning three homes? the Waltons provide a service, that true. nothing wrong with that. but that service and job being provide require their workers to be on welfare. it's like me saying I'm providing a job I pay this guy 1 cent an hour. lol, that's fucking retarded. they're only asking for enough money to not have to be on welfare. if your service takes from tax dollars to function than that's fucked up. you should be able to run a business independent of government assistance. the inequality comes in at that point. the CEOs make record profits, billions, on the backs of their employees and providing their employees wages that require them to be on welfare. if you can't understand that then, idk , it's pretty simple for me.
whyamimrpink78 (1 год назад)
+Victor Espino It is though.  The Walton are worth as much as they are because they own half of Walmart, a company that actually produces jobs and provides goods and services to people. What does Bernie provide with his three homes?  How many jobs has Bernie created with his three homes?  All he wants to do is spend other people's money.  "our taxes pay for their employees being on welfare, because they don't want to pay their employees a living wage. " Walmart does not pay more for one simple reason, they can't afford it. 
Victor Espino (1 год назад)
whyamimrpink78 the argument is at the expense of who.. the Waltons make billions and dont pay the people that help then make those billions a living wage. those people hurt, then the middle class hurts because the Waltons passed to bill to us our taxes pay for their employees being on welfare, because they don't want to pay their employees a living wage. Sanders owning a couple homes is hurting who???
TattooedGaijin (2 года назад)
I love the one lady was saying "they should aspire to move up in the company" why? I work at walmart and if you move up to salaried management you start working 60-70 hours a week... If you divide into the hours you work by your new salary you are not making less then minimum wage. So no thats not the answer. Its so easy to say "oh just move up" well then walmart can take advantage of you in a whole new way.
LordSear1982 (1 год назад)
Why would you choose to work at walmart????
Ante Bagaric (2 года назад)
I love when this chick near the end starts talking about 'going up' the hierarchy as - supposedly - some kind of 'solution' for anything? Hierarchy is *always* pyramidal. They can't ALL 'move up' the hierarchy; there always has to be tenfold of those in the layer direcly below, which means that 90% or more of the people HAVE to be at the very bottom. Most of them can NEVER advance; it is simple mathematical necessity, it is not logically possible to be otherwise. So when she talks about *advancing* to 'take care of their loved ones' - it's either sheer hipocrisy, or unbelievable stupidity on her part. Pick one.
Cheng Lokchun (2 года назад)
that ms mathur sayin that the poor hv a choice not to work in walmart, such an idiot. People in poverty dont have a choice.
Ignore Alien Orders (2 года назад)
"workers have a choice about where they want to work" - yeah. Shitty job A, shitty job B and shitty job C. They don't have a choice you moron.
Ignore Alien Orders (1 год назад)
+LordSear1982 In all candour, not everyone has the ability to do well academically and go on to succeed in a professional context. The truth is many - by no means all but many - jobs are nothing less than drudgery and unfortunately someone has to do them. They might be more palatable if they paid enough, but the nature of unskilled work is that the employer possesses all of the bargaining power. If America had a decent minimum wage this might be alleviated. Your anecdote is nice but it is not representative of the majority. Statistically, social class - that is the circumstances of your upbringing - will steadily and witheringly curtail the high occupational ambitions of many.
LordSear1982 (1 год назад)
EVERYONE has a choice, if your only outlook on life is "shitty job A, shitty job B and shitty job C" you're a stupid ass and deserve to be broke and miserable. Period! Its nobody else's fault that YOU made poor choices in life which ended up with your outlook on every job as a "shitty job". If a little ass 5 foot 8 Bolivian like me can legally enter the US, get an associates degree in Computer Science while working 2 different jobs while going to college, then end up making 64k a year working at a hospital you have NO EXCUSE!!! Americans are lazy, entitled, and have no value in education. That's why most of you are broke and miserable. Cause = effect.
Orian Dorais (2 года назад)
It's funny.
Justin Williamson (2 года назад)
exactly, these people are out of touch with reality
Emine Dilek (2 года назад)
Don't you just love those cowards who say, "oh they can just quit and get another job' as if there are any jobs left, especially in rural areas where Walmart crashed small businesses? Of course they know these facts. They prefer to lick Big Business ass so that they can keep their lucrative jobs.
Brandon Contreras (2 года назад)
Melissa Kearney looks like a thieve from eastern Europe.
John Smith (2 года назад)
assistant managers at wallywierd that don't have much of a education get 80,000 a year for yelling at hourly workers and about 9 dallars for hourly workers. not to mention thier bonuses they get assistant managers and above no on else get any of it.
John Smith (2 года назад)
fuck the waltonz
John Smith (2 года назад)
me to I worked for walmart in wa state, fuck wallywierd
spirit 1770 (2 года назад)
Why does a family like this think there doing. They must be full on them and us attitude. If they only woke up and found that what they are striving for is killing off small business all around them. Hope they can see the light and do something good for a change. The family that made it. Hats off. Claping in order. But now lets get the butcher baker and candle stick makers back.
Baker.E. Liverfield (2 года назад)
Social Democrats always refer to Scandinavia as an example of rich society and high tax burden, implying that if Brazil raise its tax burden to 50% of GDP, will be in rapid Denmark. What they overlook is that the Scandinavian countries first enriched (the fact that they have not participated in any war helped a lot), and then adopted a welfare state. And with an inevitable detail: after this adoption, wealth creation has stagnated (as reported by the Swedish economist Per Bylund [4] and the Swedish Lucas also Danneskjöld [5]. Another thing that is not mentioned is the high level of deregulation of the Danish economy. You will take a maximum of 6 days to start a business (compared to over 130 in Brazil); import tariffs are the home of 1.3% on average (7.9% in Brazil); corporate income tax is 25% (34% in Brazil); foreign investment is released (in Brazil is full of restrictions); property rights are absolute (in Brazil, terrorist groups invade farms and justice invites to a coffee); and, horror of horrors, the labor market is extremely deregulated. Not only can hire without bureaucracy, it is also possible to dismiss without justification and without any cost. And all with the support of the unions, because they know that such a policy reduces unemployment. Estrovengas as CLT (invented porMussolini and quickly copied by Getulio Vargas) would never be taken seriously there. -Note: I am Brazilian and I tangent that this is an example only and if you want to pass to the reality guys, Americans, change text rates (but for all I know, will not change much).
Thomas Fisher (2 года назад)
at the end there that stupid girl basically in short said "I think everyone at one should just try to get a promotion" yay it's promotion day at Walmart now everyone's a manager and no one is just a standard employee yay! how fucking illogical is that? yeah fuck the people, the mass mass majority that just won't get the promotion and yet work their asses off. walmart can afford to pay reasonable living wage to their workers alright please just shut up and stop sounding dumb you're not solving anything telling everyone to just get out there and try! we don't need pep talks we need policies
Ben Chesterman (2 года назад)
Consumers pay hardly much for products . You pay more to shop at Walmart the workers will get paid more . Cheap prices is always going to mean shit wages for employees
00chubbs00 (2 года назад)
207Demo (2 года назад)
Bernie's been talking about this for forever and yet two years later nothing has changed. He's the man the white house needs
dolofonos (2 года назад)
Oh, and Mr. Reich, you stupid fuck, businesses were paying less taxes in the fifties and there were fewer social programs; that is precisely why they could afford to pay higher wages and workers could not afford to accept lower wages. If you don't want people on government assistance, get rid of government assistance. Finally, comparing General Motors to Walmart is absurd; you cannot compare the wages offered by an employer of higher skilled workers to an employer of lower skilled workers. The relative size of General Motors is wholly irrelevant.
Ben Chesterman (2 года назад)
Exactly car fitter is a technician ,
dolofonos (2 года назад)
What a snake! Hey, Bernie Sanders, have you stopped beating your wife? No, no, no! Answer my question! I don't want to hear anything else! Have you stopped beating your wife or not? That's the question and 'yes' or 'no' is all I'm interested in!
Kyle Taylor (1 год назад)
No, it's more like 'yes or 'no' and then you may elaborate... like someone who isn't trying to avoid answering the question would do.
iEatZombies_ (2 года назад)
A choice?? Do you understand the desperation that people are in when they go to Walmart for an interview and how Walmart EXPLOITS that desperation? Sure, it's a choice- with the alternative being even worse. That's not a choice anybody who has done everything they were told to do in their life should have to make. Sweetheart, you're completely out of touch with reality.
tFighterPilot (2 года назад)
As Margaret Thatcher once said: "He'd rather the poor were poorer, so long as the rich were less rich." Communism, not even once.
darren pat (2 года назад)
+tFighterPilot she was full of shit, she was implying the uk would be socialist in the same respect that eastern european countries were, with the same standard of living, those countries were governed my communist dictatorships with no free elections, she was a manipulative bitch
Contakum (2 года назад)
There's something wrong with you if you think what the likes of Wall Mart does is alright. Maybe you're one of the ones exploiting them, maybe you're a coward that can't stand up for yourself, or maybe you're actually stupid and ignorant enough to believe the wealthy when they tell you that keeping your wages low is in your best interests. PLEASE FIGHT BACK ! BERNIE SANDERS 2016 !
Lisa Kennedy (2 года назад)
I haven't shopped at Wal-Mart in about 5 years, it's a start people!!! duh!!!
Wilhelm Henderson (2 года назад)
To everyone who thinks the panel is "out of touch", they are not. They are paid to have exactly the opinions they have and there in lies the much bigger problem. You have to get money out of politics and rid it of paid for lobbiers and think tanks.
Judy Hammond (2 года назад)
If any of you truly think Sanders is going to fix this mess we're in, you're all delusional. He will only continue what Obama started, and it will be FAR worse.
alextheromanian (2 года назад)
most workers dont have a choice where they work... youre too broke to leave a crappy job
James Brown (2 года назад)
Believing Everyone Really Needs Is Entitlements So Americans Never Do Employment Ramping Social sec.
fatlip mcgee (2 года назад)
Bernie Sanders... The new George Washington minus the slaves...
RJ King (2 года назад)
The Waltons gained most of their 1.5 trillion with a "T" dollars with the help of the Clintons. One of Bill Clintons largest donors.
William J Ellingsworth (2 года назад)
The last girl said "i have no beef with them" - stay classy
NlneLives210 (2 года назад)
where else can you work walmart is killing off most of it competition.
CJ (2 года назад)
The comment about Walmart workers "choosing" where they work is just so... disconnected from the real world.
Theryl McCoy (2 года назад)
$100 billion. lol. Walmart should fund their own welfare program for their employees.
Copulaxoxi Ranbooi (2 года назад)
Thankfully we have Bernie
Ian Stevenson (2 года назад)
Two points from me. Firstly I try to avoid buying anything at all from WalMart. They are a disgusting company selling cheap Chinese crap, while exploiting their workers, just to line the pockets of the parasitical Waltons. Secondly is that I sincerely hope that Bernie Sanders is the next president as he is the only candidate on either side who has consistently shown concern for the lives of ordinary Americans.
Preston B (2 года назад)
I've worked at Walmart (no longer now, luckily) and it doesn't matter that most of there employees work for minimum wage, they always have the bare minimum of employees possible. If minimum wage was increased, that couldn't force them to cut jobs because it's impossible to cut more than they already have. Plus, Costco doesn't seem to have trouble not treating their employees like dog shit, I don't see why it's an excuse for a company as rich as Walmart. Of course, this is just my experience at one Wal-Mart and it could be different store to store. But seeing how the decisions weren't from my immediate management and from the "higher ups", I doubt it.
boenk tommy (2 года назад)
*Check below, i have the official link to get $100 coupons to use at Walmart* https://twitter.com/CouponsAuctions/status/708922193594478593
Preston B (2 года назад)
+Preston B And if people could choose where to work, they would not work at Walmart (at least the sales associates).
Apex Phoenix Productions (2 года назад)
I think it's disgusting that these people believe you should have to spend YEARS moving up the management ladder at an AWFUL job just to get to a livable wage. I'd like to see them or their kids work for Walmart for what they pay.
Elvia Olvera (2 года назад)
Bernie 👍🏻
Elvia Olvera (2 года назад)
The last two speakers have a huge misconception about the situation of workers at Walmart. They don't have much of a choice. THEY CAN'T AFFORD TO QUIT THEIR JOBS.
Andrea Morgan (2 года назад)
Wal-mart is a parasite to any place it pops up. It has decimated local businesses, then pay starvation wages even though they've nearly monopolized entire areas. They need to be done away with if they aren't going to pay their workers a living wage.
Judy Hammond (1 год назад)
Kyle, I can't imagine doing so. Ask Graf Spee, who commented in April. He would know what that's like. I also would not want to find out.
Kyle Taylor (1 год назад)
You: "Well I need some common ground here...I KNOW! Everyone will agree that we need Jesus..." Here's a question, and I probably already know the answer you're gonna give me... What would you do without God, Jesus, or the Bible? How would you live your life?
Andrea Morgan (2 года назад)
+Judy Hammond you miss the point. Walmart is the poster child of corporate welfare. Many businesses do that.
Graf Spee (2 года назад)
+Judy Hammond I should have guessed you're religious.... only an ignorant bible thumper would defend the oh so American, Walmart so fiercely.... you probably never even wrote those several "lengthy replies" that were deleted, you just couldn't think of anything besides cramming your crackpot religion down our more enlightened throats... you make me sick
Andrea Morgan (2 года назад)
+Judy Hammond I would be interested in hearing your POV
Samuel Huggins (2 года назад)
bernie Sanders for president!!!
Foxsloth (2 года назад)
Is there a gap in wealth in the US? Yes. Does it make sense to give the government the power to control personal ventures and the individual rights of american citizens? No, and I would physically fight for our freedom to my last breath. Think about the things that are being implied here, and how they have existed elsewhere in the world and throughout history.
Mark Browne (2 года назад)
Given the rather limited track record of Scott Winship (https://scholar.google.com.au/citations?user=Bo0F7lUAAAAJ&hl=en) I find it strange he was asked to contribute or why his employers believe him to be an expert, and have expertise, in the subject? http://www.manhattan-institute.org/expert/scott-winship
A Nony Mouse (2 года назад)
How does someone who has a job and earns minimum wage even qualify for Medicaid and food stamps (unless they have a bunch of kids, I guess)?. In Florida as a single person earning $12,000 a year, you will qualify for $16 a month in food stamps.
Elvia Olvera (2 года назад)
That is EXACTLY my friend's situation. Working at Target, 6 days per week, 25 hours per week, minimum wage, cannot afford to rent his own room. Target cut his hours and hired more part-time employees, discontinued his insurance. He might qualify for Medicaid but does not qualify for food stamps. Fined $340 for not having insurance by the deadline.
Elvia Olvera (2 года назад)
They don't work full-time because then Walmart would have to pay for insurance for its employees. They get pathetic hours.
Samu BRidges (2 года назад)
Walmart is the only store that allows the homeless to sleep in their vehicles in the parking lot. SHAME ON YOU BERNIE. You have no clue what it's like to be poor.
Samu BRidges (2 года назад)
The owner of walmart's daughter was a hippy and traveled with the greatful dead, so he decided to support her and her all american lyfestyle by allowing people to rest without being harrassed by cops. I guess all millionares arnt evil people... Bernie doesnt beleive that but whatever. hes a commie.
Samu BRidges (2 года назад)
+Bjorsk Tarkov you had a lot of time on your hands psycho-analyzing me, but you were wrong. Im actually cool and when i was homeless I sold arts and crafts and did not beg. Walmart saved my life a few times. stop hateing the greatest store ever. And me the greatest youtube commentator ever you slav.
Samu BRidges (2 года назад)
+Bryan Schafer i own my own house you fuckwad 10 yearold
Samu BRidges (2 года назад)
You guys are all full of hatred. JUST LIKE BERNIE
Theryl McCoy (2 года назад)
I suppose they are providing employee housing by allowing their employees to camp out in the parking lot.
JamminLV702 (2 года назад)
Antonio Contreras (2 года назад)
Bernie Sanders is awesome. He is the only politician that we can trust, and I will proudly vote for him.
Cewek Boston (9 месяцев назад)
Antonio Contreras should’ve seen his new mansions and sports cars he got from the election money for allowing Hillary to run lol...trustworthy huh?!
King Bibi (3 года назад)
People "choose" to work at WalMart, yes...but when you can't afford to go to college, like so many Americans, is it really your "choice" to work at a place that pays so little? And not everyone can become a WalMart manager!
MGTairu (3 года назад)
Dustin C Mills (3 года назад)
Walmart is a burden on tax payers who at the same time retain a significant amount of American wealth. For this reason and this reason alone it should be seen as poison to our country and a threat to our economy remedied by its removal.
Ben Chesterman (2 года назад)
Walmart workers would get paid more , if consumers paid more . That's the reality you're worth the profit you make
GTS Revolution (3 года назад)
6:20 Oh yeah, i wana choose to work in GM and make 30 bucks an hour... oh wait... they are bankrupt!
GTS Revolution (3 года назад)
+Ogre Dan Politicians send jobs over seas? Yeah sure, and i am certain that the share holders wanting cheap labor has NOTHING to do with it 
Daniel 2018 (3 года назад)
These two Last Females are amazing to me WooaH! Paid By Walmart not dough about that. it's like the K Kosh Brothers do People chose where to go to get job LOL when more than 60,000 US Companies went in China... to profit the 1% The Walmart are the Crook, and the 1%
bighands69 (3 года назад)
Trump is proposing to remove of these loop holes in his tax plan. Bernie wants to increase taxes to fund his national socialist projects.
BV Bill (3 года назад)
The sophistry of this panel is obscene. Why don't they just say, "Let them eat cake?"
darren pat (2 года назад)
+Jermaine Lee they're not useless, they've all been "bought" America is a disgusting excuse of a country
Jermaine Lee (3 года назад)
+BV Bill They won't say that because that statement cost Marie Antoinette her head when the dust settled. Outside of the second guy acknowledging the corporate welfare that Wal-Mart receives (excluding billions in outright tax breaks at the state and fed level) that whole panel was useless.
Glenn Kirkman (3 года назад)
you dont have to work 4 us but you will.....o you will bhabhhaaabhaa
Patrick Walker (3 года назад)
Employment wise and for the most part, Walmart is no different than any other major retailer. I know several families and friends that have worked or are currently employed at Walmart. It seems they utilize a fairly high percentage of part time and state subsidized employees in their workforce. In my opinion this doesn't help the local economy what so ever but only lines the pockets of the wealthiest family in America, the Walton's.
byoself jstbcuz (3 года назад)
what an idiot walmart Is not going to refuse to hire people because the minimum wage is raised who is going to run the stores ?? certainly not the billionares / millionares who own them lol idiots
Caleb (3 года назад)
+byoself jstbcuz What he is suggesting it seems is more automation, but even then that's not enough of an excuse to pay people poverty levels of pay.
Peter Hall (3 года назад)
she talks about aspiring to and getting a better job within walmart. you always have more employees than managers. 12 people may have applied for those jobs but that is the state of the economy not a personal employment choice. if you pay people more they can afford to spend more, ironically it would benefit the company.
Thecanadianwitch (3 года назад)
they could pay more, it's that they won't want to. In canada the average hourly salary for a cashier in walmart is 10.65$. If they can pay 10.65$ an hr here, they can pay the same price in usa.
Thecanadianwitch (2 года назад)
+Ben Chesterman the prices are still reasonable. costier than in USA but everything is costier here
Ben Chesterman (2 года назад)
Yeah ! But how much do they charge to the consumer . If prices a cheaper than competitors . The wages will be lower for the workers . Something consumers never understand why workers don't get paid much when you expect cheap prices
Caleb (3 года назад)
I currently work about 40 hours a week on 8.60 minimum for where I am at. I get about $1080 take home a month. Can't really afford to live on my own --> (my life if I was on my own) as rent is about $500 cheapest, and that's like 1.5 star hotel equivalent :/ A decent place is about $750 here plus whatever other fees and taxes gotta pay utilities especially since AC is a must here which runs about $120 a month if used in moderation during the summer all other utilities is about $100 a month combined though. $120 left for food, internet, cable, phone, savings, gas (if i could afford a car), car maintenance (dido), entertainment (ya like there is money left over for that), bus fare, looks like I'm living at the $500 place (so I can eat and get to work), would go to college (but i'm broke) :/ Maybe I could get a roomie and hope I wouldn't be robbed, hope I don't get sick because can't afford insurance really, pay Obamacare fine because can't afford that either. :TLDR: I got enough stress as it is that I'd probably die of anxiety if I had to live on my own.
Caleb (3 года назад)
Just to clarify though if you mean average and not minimum, cashiers in the states actually do make a lot more than minimum wage and are usually one of the higher paid positions within a retail store. Though the amount is always significantly higher.
Thecanadianwitch (3 года назад)
exactly, so imagine how horrible the salary is in the states. with a minimum wage pay, you should be able to pay all essential bills if you work 35-40 hrs a month
spj771 (3 года назад)
Only one person in that group isn't out of touch, You can't pay people so little when you make so much off of them and then hide your money so it can't be taxed so I have to pay your employees with my taxes so they can eat, and their kids can eat. This is wrong on so many levels...
m6m17 (3 года назад)
The middle class does not work MINIMUM WAGES.... this guy is extremely stupid.
Douglas Mclean (3 года назад)
The problem is big government and they're spending profusely the economy is a prime example.
Eric F (3 года назад)
Bernie for Prez.
DangerNewsNetwork (3 года назад)
It's unreal how out of touch these people are.
superoctane (3 года назад)
Walmart will not benefit from paying a higher minimum wage but what they will benefit from are more sales due to more money in the economy.The country that will benefit the most is China because they make the majority of Walmart's products.The biggest benefit to Americans across the board will be taxing the super rich 1% and lowering the tax burden of the 99%.If you are worth 10s of billions of dollars the gravy train ends when Bernie takes office. Don't worry , the 1% have enough money to live a 100 lifetimes in ultra comfort and own anything their hearts desire from mega mansions to super cars.They will just make a little less profit a year.Boohoo billionaires but it's time to fix the planet starting with taxing those who have spent billions to make sure they can pollute,pay slave wages and buy political favors to keep their unethical money machine cranking while the families who make them richer starve.I just hope those billionaires don't try to kill Bernie.They would kill us all for a buck and Bernie twice for making them pay their fair share.Want to be a philanthropist?PAY MORE TAXES! EVERYONE ELSE DOES BECAUSE THE 1% WON'T.Go Get Em Bernie!
wsharp23 (3 года назад)
So basically the first guy is saying that the walton family isnt willing to make less of a profit for themselves and therefore the only outcome of raising wages would be to lay people off in order to maintain those profits.
SoulRippster (3 года назад)
People can choose where to work? Do these people live in the real world?!... I'm thinking they are from Mars.
Justice Democrat 82594 (1 год назад)
SoulRippster They from ayn Rand's fantasy world, and it's scary.
Willie Dizzle (2 года назад)
+SoulRippster boom
Signify (2 года назад)
+BossMadOne They are certainly not intellectuals. They are just wrong, plainly, stupidly wrong. Also, what's wrong with talking intelligently about things? Don't conflate these vacuous suits with "intellectuals".
Dan Owens (2 года назад)
People who are willing to work and work multiple jobs often have to accept shitty jobs because that's all that's available. Thanks to people like George W Bush
catsalive1 (2 года назад)
I work at Wal-Mart and I want to say not only do most of the younger employees have to rely on government programs despite their working hard hours up to 12 days in a row but the older employees who could normally work a normal job, will seek disability because they cannot handle the non-stop work at Wal-Mart. I have meet four older employees who literally could  not handle, the no bathroom breaks and non-stop work. One out for kidney problems, one out for back problems, one out for leg problems. If you work at WM you are going to be moving constantly and lifting and with their creative, psychotic self serving to WM schedules and let's not forget their favoritism, the mental factor is another issue. I had 15 days in a row scheduled. I could not convince them to give me a day off. I called in sick one day which I  had planned and now have my first coaching. Of course I am looking for something else at a sane company. No full time, just 5 and a half hours , 5 and a half, 5 and a half so you get one break. Wal-Mart thinks it is cute but to be honest, the demons are winning.
Scott Nicholson (3 года назад)
Socialism...because capitalism is a ripoff!
Jay Grey (3 года назад)
Wal-Mart will hire workers regardless; they have work that needs to be done so they need workers. Wal-Mart skirts their workers of livable wages and the government picks up the tab; Wal-Mart would probably pay their workers in gift cards if they could.
Danny Knapp (5 месяцев назад)
+Jay Grey When I was a kid working at Sears was considered a good, respectable job. People made a career of it and retired. Your idea about "self esteem" just goes to show why we should raise wages. By a lot. Because a lot of it is simply based on perception. It shouldn't be, we should have respect for all people, especially those who provide us real value. But we don't, we respect capital and those who hold the capital whether they provide us value or flat-out rip us off. Knowing this to be the case we must raise wages across the board immediately. It's absolutely absurd that you would think someone doing a necessary job which provides value to an entire community would be required to have low self-esteem. smh. My country has gone straight to hell, I can't believe the shit I hear people say any more.
Judy Hammond (2 года назад)
+Jay Grey , Applauding. Here, here! Best reply, so far.
catsalive1 (2 года назад)
+Douglas Mclean You are always good for a laugh. By the way since you obviously are lily white and get any job like you said, it's "they're" up to no good. It's a contraction of "they are". Their is possessive tense, example "their dog" . Good luck at IBM.
khaioken (2 года назад)
+Douglas Mclean Holy shit @ your liked videos. You're crazy, seriously.
Jay Grey (2 года назад)
+Darth Obscurity Thanks, feel free to steal it.
mikeysoundtrack (3 года назад)
My favorite was the last speaker: they should all aspire for management positions.  1.4 million managers...interesting.
darren pat (2 года назад)
+Virux thats why most of them are cunts, popularity stinks
Virux (3 года назад)
+I am (Feather) and furthermore most managers are picked via social status, friendships, connections, etc.
Caleb (3 года назад)
+Michael Rose not to mention a manager position is usually salary and you end up working 70 hours a week easy in the industry.
MusicCollaborator (3 года назад)
Hey you amazing Bernie supporters! Be aware that goldsilverandiamonds is a right wing loon who cuts and pastes all over Bernie clips. Beyond his Fox News mental disability is a delusional person who is a complete waste of time. Let this be a small example of what we face down the road. We can better spend our time spreading the word about Bernie than dealing with this asshole. https://berniesanders.com/
Freedom Fighter (3 года назад)
If Bernie wants to stop corporate cronyism then why doesn't he want to reform the tax code or end the Ex-Im Bank which mostly helps Boeing and GE? If Bernie doesn't want big banks taking advantage of us then why doesn't he talk about the biggest bank of all, the Federal Reserve?          The Fed finances our government with new money which we all pay for through inflation. The Fed also gives new money to the biggest banks, which give it to the biggest corporations, next the 1% get the money. Again we pay for it because our old money is worth less. Bernie isn't telling the whole story. Either he is ignorant or he doesn't care.
se7ensnakes (3 года назад)
THE TRUTH THAT BERNIE SANDERS WONT SHARE Bernie Sanders is not so good with details though his heart is in the right place... Does Bernie Sanders really know how deep these rich people are intertwined with our economics. Berni Sanders rages against the super Rich and its hold on the politics and the wealth of the nation. But how deep does the problem go?  How much control do these families have over commerce? Every top candidate that I have reviewed so far does not look good.  This includes Bernie Sanders. None of the candidates address the core issues: 1) Banks have taken the debit card concept and are inundating the economy with electronic money.  This means that secretly the banks have totally taken over the issuance of money.  This electronic money is counterfeit because A)There is no equivalent legal tender paper money in existence backing electronic money, and B) There is there is no law stating that electronic money is legal tender.  Therefore electronic money is counterfeit.  If banks recall every asset, every investment that banks have made, if you recall every single coin and every single paper there simply would not be enough to cover electronic money in people's account.   Now picture this: You go to a bank and borrow 300,000 dollars to buy a house.  The bank will give you a check for this 300,000 dollars.  Here is the kicker.  The bank does not take that money from any account. Whatever amount the bank had in their accounts before the loan and after the loan will be exactly the same. The bank literally went to a computer keyboard and created the money for the loan out of thin air.  But what happens if the borrower was unable to service the loan? In a foreclosure the bank will be able to trade this counterfeit electronic money for a real asset. While trying to wrap around your head around this scenario, it has already happened and it is ongoing. How do you think Nicholas Biddle was able to collapse the economy and blame Andrew Jackson?  It has been a practice since this country first began.  That is why the top has some much money.  In reality they own everything worth while owning.  Because this type of wealth transference has been going on for so long. Bernie Sanders is not aware of this because he has not shown that he knows.  Bernie Sanders will not be able to do anything about this.  None of the candidates appear to be interested in this issue because it is part of the American heritage: The lower classes pay taxes, in the form of interest, to some clever people at the top.  2) Bernie Sanders have not addressed the problem with the INCOME TAX.  The most extensive report ever done on income tax revenues is the PRESIDENT'S PRIVATE SECTOR SURVEY ON COST CONTROL.  This study claims that ALL of our income tax revenues are going towards paying interest on the National Debt.  So two questions have to be raised. The first question why do we need to issue treasury securities when we could simply print UNITED STATES NOTES and issue it directly without a debt instrument.  The second question is WHO is buying all these savings bonds? What are they using for money?  There is only 4 trillion dollars worth of paper money and we have a public debt of 17 trillion.  The consumer debt is 14 trillion.  So what are these people loaning and what are they using to buy these savings bonds.  Even accounting for the velocity of money it makes absolutely no sense. When you increase taxes using the IRS you are effectively opening your home for invasion.  The IRS system is based on fear and making you sign things under duress.  Is that a type of system you really want to live under? Now suppose Bernie Sanders goes about and closes all the loopholes for the Federal Income tax..  It would not matter.  All the money will still go to the trillionaire families. 3) These same trillionaires are interested in world conquest.  They may be motivated by ethnicity and they may be motivated by the idea of world conquest.  Having 600 million dollar  special personal jets or 35,000 square foot mansions or partying with 30,000 dollar cognac bottles are taken for granted.  To make their lives meaningful they looked towards world conquest.  The wars we see in the middle east is just for that same reason Does Bernie Sanders see this problem?
se7ensnakes (2 года назад)
The problem is that Bernie Sanders comes closer to the truth but he falls.  Hillary and trump are even worse.  We really have no one to vote that will address the problems
Sean Dafny (2 года назад)
Show me how deep the rabbit hole goes. I am willing to listen.
silvafox07 (3 года назад)
I can't belive I actually see people defending Walmart -_-. How stupid or how out of touch do you have to be to not understand that there is such a thing called corporate welfare.
Green TwoStay (3 года назад)
'I worked at Mc Donalds in the eighties I was payed around $3.45hr I was 14,my shift finished at 12;30PM the buses stopped at 12:00pm,I was just a kid and wanted a taste of work 'IF WAS MY FIRST REAL TASTE OF CAPITALISM!'
Common Visigoth (3 года назад)
What clowns the last two speakers were.

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