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Visit All European Highlights with Eurail

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The Eurail pass gives you access to train travel in up to 28 European countries, including France, Italy, Germany and Switzerland. Since 1959, millions of travelers have discovered Europe the Eurail way. Take your pick from 1000s of destinations from famous capitals, such as Rome, Paris and Berlin to charming towns in Italy's Tuscan region. Plan your own route. Go at your own pace. And collect life-long memories of your journey through Europe. Music: Max Brodie - For The Better 0:00 - 0:02 | 0:04 - 0:06 credits: http://visitnorway.
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Текстовые комментарии (37)
Mochileros (2 года назад)
I love Europe ... visit all those countries by train is amazing. Recommended for backpackers !
Flying O (2 года назад)
Can anyone tell me who plays the music on this spot? Mahalo/Thanks/Arigato/Salamat
Eurail (2 года назад)
+Flying O Hi! Music is: Max Brodie with 'For The Better'. Enjoy!
Malynk Cam (2 года назад)
aqui quiero estar 2017 ♡
Eurail (2 года назад)
+malynk cam :)
Holyfuk DAFUQ (2 года назад)
1:20 ... what is this place ? thanks for answer .. great video
Eurail (2 года назад)
+Holyfuk DAFUQ Hello, at 1:20 you see the train route from Sarajevo to Mostar. Very unique! Let us know if there's anything else :)
Naomi Wedderien (2 года назад)
Awesome - a dream I would like it to become a reality!
Eurail (2 года назад)
Let's make it reality, +Naomi Weddrien!
Tatiana Mckeen (3 года назад)
Love Europe and within it, I LOVE Spain!
MakeMoneyHobby.com (3 года назад)
Pat Bianchi (3 года назад)
Amazing way to travel Europe! My wife and I backpacked Europe for our honeymoon, We purchased the 2 Month Eurail Pass and went to France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria,  Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands... It was the best experience of my life, and it was all made possible thanks to the Eurail Pass! I just hope I will have the opportunity to go back and do it again...
Noel Morata (3 года назад)
Loved the video an imagery on Eurail. I traveled via Eurail through the European capitals and enjoyed it immensely especially with the convenience, time and cost factor which overall was better and cheaper than flying. Here some impressions from my European Eurail experience http://travelphotodiscovery.com/eurail-travel-across-europe
Pocket Guide (3 года назад)
Joanne Eiffel (3 года назад)
I'll Start my trip from Denmark and around Europe next July 2015!!! The ticket is a standard price to use every train regardless the country or company??
daintellekt (3 года назад)
Loved it !
mrheavymetalherodude (3 года назад)
I want to move to Sweden forever.
Rowan Par (1 год назад)
Hayuhi (3 года назад)
Lovely places  !!
jkuip (4 года назад)
So, If I am going to do this does buying the 5 country pass cover all expenses then? Or will there be other fees to occur whenever I get to the station and say need to jump on a train from amsterdam to berlin?
Chema Peniche (4 года назад)
My dream.
Lawrence Chen (4 года назад)
Where are the locations of the places depicted at the following times in the video: 0:00 0:06 1:20 Many thanks.
Bernard Pelpola (4 года назад)
My dream tour!!! I wish and pray to reach Europe soon through eurail.
Imad Dabir (4 года назад)
beautiful. what is the song? 
Zachary Palmer (4 года назад)
did you figure out the song?
Christodoulos St (4 года назад)
If it wasn't that expensive, it would be great. Plus, if you didn't have to pay tons of extra € for trains.
murtuza shergadwala (4 года назад)
It's been 20 days in France and we are now all set with our Global Pass 17 day continuous pass to Travel :D So excited!
bil0725 (4 года назад)
The first 5 seconds shows the Åndalsnes-Dombås (Rauma) railway in Norway, a little less known railway, but it has been selected the most beautiful railway in Norway, before the Flåm railway. Other shown railways are in Switzerland (0:17 and 0:53) and the French south coast (0:43). The others am I not sure of, but they are also beautiful.
Juli Horne (4 года назад)
What kind of camera was this shot with?
Eurail (4 года назад)
Hi Juli, Here's the exact answer I got from our video expert:"I filmed with a Canon EOS 5D Mark III (main camera), a Canon 7D and a GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition for the underwater and action shots. I only used Canon L Lenses." We hope you like the video? :) Cheers, Gina
I Troll Idiots (4 года назад)
Beats the fuck out of blowing money on a cruise to some Mexican shithole.  Europe will change your uncultured ass.  You don't need no fancy book-learnin neither to appreciate the food, the people and the art omg the Art.!  So drop the McDonalds you bovine mushwit murican and get your 'murican ass to Europe for some culture and an eye opening awareness that you do NOT have it as good as you think you do. Come back and effect change.
Eurail (4 года назад)
Passionate ;), we like that! Which countries have you visited in Europe already?  Cheers, Gina
Aromatic Lavender (4 года назад)
Eurail (4 года назад)
We agree :), what city, routes or train do you like the most? Cheers, Gina
yovanny petit (4 года назад)
it is the best gift and an amazing experience!!!
Eurail (4 года назад)
Thanks Yovanny, Did you got a Eurail Pass as a gift? Cheers, Gina

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