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How To Build a Top Bar Beehive from start to finish by Jon Peters

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Learn to build a top bar beehive from start to finish Philip Chandler video on the bee feeder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dN6iKmoCnqY This is a project I've always wanted to do and it was a blast to make. Beekeeping is becoming more and more popular and my goal is to eventually use the beeswax for some of my encaustic art projects.
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Brianne Phillips (17 дней назад)
Great video, but have a quick question- what kind of paint did you use for the outside? I feel it would need to be something with low VOC's and low odor to keep the bees happy and healthy?
Graham Houghton (2 месяца назад)
Nice work, John. I'm currently building these to replace my Langstroths. I really like the prospect of better cared for bees and a lighter work load compared with what I've been doing. It's a win win. Thanks for the video. I can recommend Phillip Chandler's 'Managing the Top Bar Hive', as well as Mike Bush's writings.
Kevin McMillon (4 месяца назад)
Excellent video. Very informative and easy to follow.
sean christian (6 месяцев назад)
Great job Jon! I only have a half acre. Do you think that would be enough to keep bees? This is pretty inspiring.
sean christian (6 месяцев назад)
I'll check with the township. I just got approved to keep chickens- so I'll be building some coops and an enclosed run soon!
Jon Peters Art & Home (6 месяцев назад)
I think so, might want to ask around your town
John Rackman (7 месяцев назад)
Wonderful!!! tnx a lot ;)
ninja man (11 месяцев назад)
can you please make the Happybuy 10-frame Bee hive 2 deep 3 medium beehive frames langstroth beehive box kit 10 frames beehive from amazon
t md (1 год назад)
Why did you make the frame lengths at 13". It would have been better to make the lengths (and sides) at 19" to match the Langstroth hives. You could then transfer the frames to a Langstroth hive if you have problems using the top bar.
LucaTDM (1 год назад)
Thanks put it on the web
Nadia Nik (1 год назад)
this is a great design
Nadia Nik (1 год назад)
wonderful video!!! thank you
thepilotboy (1 год назад)
So this is what Andy Dufresne has been up to since he broke out of Shawshank.
Jon Peters Art & Home (1 год назад)
Fred (1 год назад)
Hello, are you in Sweden.
Dave Clark (1 год назад)
Thanks for such a clear build Jon, great videos, this is my next project in Pine.
Jon Peters Art & Home (1 год назад)
Thanks Dave
The Mad Smith (1 год назад)
Nice anvil!!! i have a 275 pound peter wright anvil and a 85 pound star anvil i'm gonna build this because i use bee's wax for my blacksmithing to blacken the metal, i also use it to make soap. :)
The Mad Smith (1 год назад)
no problem :)
Jon Peters Art & Home (1 год назад)
The Mad Smith (1 год назад)
oh and i subscribed :D
Beekeeper Simes (1 год назад)
I think I may have to invest in some power tools. I did mine with a hand saw. long story short, the dimensions are that wonky, I now use it for somewhere to plant herbs.
Jon Peters Art & Home (1 год назад)
Ha...you don't need many power tools but it's worth the investment
Trent Croxford (1 год назад)
Fantastic clip and wow love ur workshop you make it look so easy. Good job
Pam Eakins (1 год назад)
cool projet, i jave never heard of a top bar beehive, but definately want to try it
Christopher Sawtell (1 год назад)
the bees need a landing stage to help them get in and out of their home.
Stuart Conner (1 год назад)
I worry a little about the chemicals and glues in the formica particle board and plywoods. Other hive how-tos use untreated cedar and pine with perhaps some linseed oil and beeswax to waterproof. Bees are insects and can be harmed by the insect and rot preventing chemicals used on a lot of modern building materials. Your design looks really nice. I like the feeding station. I've seen people just put a tray of sugar water on top of the bars with something to act as a bee ladder.
LG (2 года назад)
Jon can i see or download somewhere size and measure to do this? sorry for my bad english
Highlight of the day (2 года назад)
Great video. I what to make one of these. Thank you.
Philip Waters (2 года назад)
Thank you, this is really useful. Seeing one being built has made it much easier for me to visualize. I hope to be building my own soon. Phil
Kevin Bayat (2 года назад)
Thanks for the tips and tricks. Very informative!!
Tappedline (2 года назад)
sweet, I buy one...
Ben Silas (2 года назад)
awesome video!!!!! totally building one, and wish I had known about this design sooner!!!!
Steven Lecher (2 года назад)
Excellent video! Much appreciated for your time in making it.
Selim AÇAN (2 года назад)
Jon Peters master did a very good job
wwasher (2 года назад)
Went to your web page, but the link for the plans would not work. I even tried to type the URL in, but still did not work.
george crown (2 года назад)
the carpenter that pulls the trigger 22 times for one screw will eventually buy new tools to replace the ones with worn out triggers
Mark van den Bergh (2 года назад)
How are your bees doing ?
Pastor Berhane Asgedom (2 года назад)
Mark van den Bergh (2 года назад)
Thanks soo much! Definately trying something similar on saturday.
Trochartist (2 года назад)
good work man!! I'm going to produce one like this in the future.
eric lemelin (2 года назад)
Great Hive!  do you harvest from this hive?
Greg Boshell (2 года назад)
jon, can u put in a queen excluder in a top bar hive
Adiame Shelties (1 год назад)
No, and you don't need too. In fact, if he had put the entrance holes close to one end instead of the middle the queen builds from one end to the other, that way only the first 5ish bars have brood and the rest will just have honey. If she starts laying brood in a honey one, move ita ll the way to the end and they'll hatch them out and then fill it with honey instead of using it for brood.
joyce collins (3 года назад)
Hi Jon I am a beekeeper in Kent, England and I adore your top bar hive. If I can get a carpenter to make me one I shall let you know how it goes.  Thank you Joyce Collins
oldcaptainrusty (3 года назад)
Thanks Jon for your time and efforts. I have been looking at hive plans and watching videos for a few weeks now, anticipating getting my bees next year. Your video answered a number of questions that I had, most of the info that I have ran across is not real clear in some areas. The TBH is definitely the way to go to get into beekeeping without spending a lot of money; especially if you can build your own hive. Thanks again for a great video.
Jon Peters Art & Home (3 года назад)
+oldcaptainrusty Thanks for the comments and you'll have fun with the bees.
pickleme101 (3 года назад)
How do you keep the queen in the hive, is there some type of extruder. If I spend 100$ plus bucks on bees I don't want them to leave. Love the plans and the hive.
Jonathan Guess (1 год назад)
Jon Peters Art & Home. hi jon you do great job what you
Jon Peters Art & Home (3 года назад)
+pickleme101 Thanks , I think you just hope she stays there... so far so good
Scott Baker (3 года назад)
So how did your hive work out?  It's been almost a year now... time to revisit!
Pastor Berhane Asgedom (2 года назад)
+Jon Peters Art & Home hj
Jon Peters Art & Home (3 года назад)
+Scott Baker Hi Scott. I think I've got about 15 bee videos on my channel if you want to check them out..... now I'm up to three hives
Angie Baer (3 года назад)
This is great!
Jon Peters Art & Home (3 года назад)
+Angie Baer Thanks Angie
Lloyd R. (3 года назад)
Excellent video Jon. Have been saving timber for a while and starting very soon. Most hives for sale here are too expensive for my pocket but with these I make my own plus the benefits mentioned. Hated woodwork at school and now just retired wishing I'd paid more attention. Subscribed and looking for more ideas. Bought trailer/caravan to go homestead looking. First trip in 2 weeks. Can now be ready for the bees as soon as we find bee heaven. Thank you.
Jon Peters Art & Home (3 года назад)
+Lloyd R. sounds good Lloyd thanks for the comment and have a good build
KC O (3 года назад)
This is a great hive BUT for those of you beginning to look at top bar hives this is WAY, WAY over engineered.  John looks to be a carpenter and thus makes most things to a carpenters specs....Not bashing just letting everyone know that you can build a good top bar hive with a drill, tape measure, and a hand saw.   This example is seriously the penthouse of top bar hives.  Many top bar hives are built out of old pallets you can get for free at many big box hardware stores
János Szabó (3 года назад)
Excellent video tutorial, good stuff ;-)
michaela terrell (3 года назад)
nice job   I have bin wonting to get  a bee hive my self bin fishing for dears for a small wallet .
Jon Peters Art & Home (3 года назад)
+michaela terrell Thanks
harmonicamans (3 года назад)
Good job. I have a few traditional hives and want to try a top bar hive. You have made it much easier to do with this video. I like your hive and will try and make one like it. CP at   harmonicaman  dot com.
Jon Peters Art & Home (3 года назад)
+harmonicamans Thanks CP
MillerBuilt (3 года назад)
I have been a Woodworker/Carpenter/Craftsman for near 40 years beginning in Middle school. I've been Bee curious for 10 years or so. My wife and I really enjoyed watching your video and ideas you shared during the taping of it, I think this is the year to get my first hive running! Very well done Jon, love the use of stock saved or reclaimed from previous projects as well. Thank You!
Jon Peters Art & Home (3 года назад)
Thanks Ron, really appreciate it
eitoobmiz (3 года назад)
Outstanding video....I'm inspired to go out into the garage and build this hive. I'm wanting a hive for the garden area. My wife's cousin is James Spurlock he's an accomplished artist here in Texas. He has a website on the net.
Jon Peters Art & Home (3 года назад)
Thank you, I'm building a new TB hive this week I'll have plans on my site and the video will be up on Friday.   I'll take a look at his work
w rice (3 года назад)
I've scanned the comments, and still don't know the reason for the preference of the top bar hive over conventional ones. This explaination, for me, would be helpful. Also, an illustration of the completed hive before construction.  A very good vid on the construction of the hive.  good work.
kingdavidapple (3 года назад)
+w rice I am considering beekeeping and have read several books on the subject. Best of those: Fruitless Fall by Rowan Jacobsen, Top-Bar Beekeeping by Les Crowder, and The Rooftop Beekeeper by Megan Paska. In brief, the top-bar hive requires much less lumber to build, the bees control how they draw comb, rather than following a template as is used in the big box hives known by the designer, Langstroth. An old fellow like me can lift one bar of comb and honey easily, whereas the super full of honey has bigger and heavier frames. Anecdotal evidence of the efficacy of top-bar hives is that bees typically thrive without introduction of poisons to control pests and disease. Don't take my word for it, look up the books mentioned and read 'em. You may agree this is worth trying. An angle of 120 degrees, inside measurement, (or 22.5 degrees outside) is safer than 17 degrees. It matches the angles of a bee cell, which is hexagonal, and bees will not likely attach comb to the sides of the hive.
Adam Meigs (3 года назад)
http://www.bushfarms.com/beestopbarhives.htm  Good info here from someone that raises bees both ways.  Basically, it's cheaper.  WAYYYYY cheaper.
Jon Peters Art & Home (3 года назад)
Thanks I'll be making another tb hive in about two weeks and I'll go over it than and also have planes on my site.
章魚燒小K (3 года назад)
I am from Taiwan. I love that   
Jon Peters Art & Home (3 года назад)
Thank you
shaun boyce (3 года назад)
Nice Video, couple of comments. I think that you want to have some vent holes at or near the top of the hive to regulate the temperatures and provide another place or bees to exit/enter. The other question or comment is why you have the entrance on the long side of the hive? I haven't seen it done this way but I know you should orient hives SouthEast, this may or may not help the bees to warm the hive quicker and get them working. Lastly, check out this video, (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fntZjyT0vpw) they have a stingless feeder that is attached to the false back and they also explain that the top vent hole along the short  side may help prevent the bees from building comb on the first couple of bars for easy management when inspecting or harvesting in the hive. 
Jac Leith (3 года назад)
Hello!  Great video - very clear and easy to follow.  I noticed in your comments that you would not put a window in your next hive.  Can I ask why?  Thanks.
Jon Peters Art & Home (3 года назад)
The Bees stick / build the comb on the window
Nate Auld (3 года назад)
Just saw your latest video and you said you regretted the window.  As that was your main reason for making the top bar style, would you now recommend a different style or just no preference?  
Nate Auld (3 года назад)
+Jon Peters Art & Home Good to know and thanks
Jon Peters Art & Home (3 года назад)
I would still build a top bar but without the window, I'm building another one in a few weeks.
guitarfend (3 года назад)
Happy New Year John. I have followed your plan more or less to build my Top Bar. A few differences, but essentially the same Came out nicely, added a little cupola on the roof, and made the window to about 4" on each end. My question is how much space did you leave between the facia on the roof and the ends of the  top bars? Also how far over  the body of the hive does the roof extend? Looks like about 1 1/2". 
Jon Peters Art & Home (3 года назад)
Thanks , about 1/4 each side,    yes about 1 1/2 - 2 "
james dahl (3 года назад)
I like your video. I am too a beginner. I am looking to expand my hives to five this year. One thing that I did on my first hive was on the feeders.  I put screen under the jars. The bees can get there tongues through the holes and get the feed. But when you change the jars you don't risk having any bees come up through the hole. Keeps them more confided and less disturbed.
Jon Peters Art & Home (3 года назад)
Thanks, that sounds like a good idea
Patrick Montgomery (3 года назад)
i like everything you did ... now i had built one awhile back and on my top bars i split them in the middle and put a 3 or 4 in wide piece of beeswax foundation the length of the bar in the middle and screwed the pieces back together.. it gave the bees a starting point and no need to melt the wax ..(which is hard to clean off )  by the way excellent video
Jon Peters Art & Home (3 года назад)
Thanks Patrick 
WILSON! (3 года назад)
Awesome hive!
WILSON! (3 года назад)
Okay, this is the second time this has happened, where I ask a question on another video, and then find the answer on your channel.  I'll be sure to search for related videos on your channel before asking questions from now on.  Sorry about that!
Jon Peters Art & Home (3 года назад)
np thanks for the comment
ajmossell (3 года назад)
Hey Jon, Maybe I missed it, but what is the length the hive? I know some people do 15'' top boards and 44'' length. But I am trying to go for 13'' by 36''. Hoping that is not too small. Thanks, Ryan
Jon Peters Art & Home (3 года назад)
I think that will be fine the bees will work to the size of the hive, but take a look at time 1: 50
Scott L (3 года назад)
Jon, my wife hit me with the thought of keeping bees a few days ago. As once avid gardeners in our younger days, we would love to rekindle the vegetable garden passion we once had... having a hive of bees around would certainly be an excellent addition to the garden. Thanks for posting this video. On another subject: what is your preferred table saw blade? As always, thanks. 
Eric Hess (3 года назад)
Scott, dedicated blades for your table saw will make a tremendous difference in the life of the blades, and the quality of your cuts.  IF you do crosscutting AND ripping on your table saw, get a blade for each, you won't regret it.  I have Freud's Glue Line Rip blades for ripping, and their plywood & melamine blade for crosscutting.  I love both of them.  I think that, for the money, they're some of the best blades.  But they aren't exactly cheap.... On the other hand, they both have very beefy carbide teeth, and if you care for them, you will get many, many sharpenings out of them before the teeth are too small to be safe.  Clean your blades, heat is carbide's second worst enemy (behind hidden nails... -.-) Good luck!
Jon Peters Art & Home (3 года назад)
Thanks Scott, I use a good combination blade about $ 50, this is the blade I’m using now , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXY3V_PQcX8
Chris Barnes (3 года назад)
Very nicely done video.   I have several Langstroth hives and am planning on building my first top bar hive - but modified to have straight sides and be able to use normal deep frames.  
Joshua Wiebelhaus (3 года назад)
3.27! lol
dogfight156 (3 года назад)
awesome vid!
guitarfend (3 года назад)
John, my first year and chose top bar. I'm also a carpenter. Very good, concise, and pretty clever. Thanks for the excellent video. Bruce Romanoff
Jon Peters Art & Home (3 года назад)
Thanks Bruce, we had a lot of fun with it , good luck with the build and the Bee keeping 
Kenn Alan (3 года назад)
I will build two of these in my shop this winter using your exact instructions. Neighbor across the street has 3 colonies in Langstroths. She sometimes has difficulty separating the supers. I believe the Kenyan-style top bar hives are perfect for me. Looking forward to more videos on this. Good work!
Jon Peters Art & Home (3 года назад)
Thats great Kenn, it's a lot of fun and a great winter project. Thanks for the comment 
Janis Booth (3 года назад)
are these instructions written anywhere my friend who would build this for me has no internet so cannot watch it. Please let me know, thanks
Ourstuff Togo (3 года назад)
You can google Top bar Hive plans and you'll get plenty of links.  If you look at the images you'll find exploded pictures as well.
Jon Peters Art & Home (3 года назад)
no sorry, I do plan on building another one this winter and when I do I will put plans on my site.
kevin placide (3 года назад)
nice work enjoyed it, looking to use part of something to put my hive together 
Jon Peters Art & Home (3 года назад)
Thanks Kevin
Andrea's Workshop (3 года назад)
Makes me to make my own beehive! Great video! Could you also make a groove to accept acrylic sheet to avoid clamping?
Jon Peters Art & Home (3 года назад)
Thanks, sure
Penny Royal (3 года назад)
That sounds like a whole family fun project. A friend of mine is moving out to the country and this project would be a great gift. Awesome video as usual Jon. 
Jon Peters Art & Home (3 года назад)
Thanks Penny
Chris Kepics (3 года назад)
Do you have written instructions posted anywhere or like blueprints with exact measurements? Would be most helpful. Great Video!!!
Jon Peters Art & Home (3 года назад)
I don't have plans but I think should have no problem with help from the video. good luck with the build.
Teressa Honeycutt (3 года назад)
I have talked hubby into building me a top bar hive rather with going with the Langstroth. I hope to get bees early next yr so we are going to build it this fall. Would it be possible to get a rough plan with dimensions for this one? I have watch oodles of videos and visited endless websites but I am really sold on your version.
Jon Peters Art & Home (3 года назад)
No, but I think I’m going to build another one over the winter and make a few small changes. I will try to get plans for the new one on my site when I do. Thanks for the comment.
Matt Ramirez (4 года назад)
Hello, I do not know if this Question has been asked yet but i would like to know "Why, is there No Queen Extruder in a TopBar Hive?"
karlitos saiyan (4 года назад)
you remind me of my teacher in middle school crazy but im planning on building the same bee hive soon for my project pretty nice hive thanks for the tips
Jon Peters Art & Home (4 года назад)
cool, thanks and have fun with the project    also make all the bars 1 1/4  I need to cut all my 1 1/2" bars down to 1 1/4"
426 SUPER BEE (4 года назад)
No way in hell i would spend that much for any hive! i make my own for about 50 bucks every thing complete paint wood nails,frames hive bodies, inter cover, top every thing!        Yep i agree the grill is a lot safer NO FLAMES!    Nice Job!
Walt G (4 года назад)
Really great vid thanks for all your work making and posting them! Hope to see follow ups on the hive from time to time.. W
Trev Derrick (4 года назад)
Hi Jon, another great project, wish I had enough room in the garden to keep some bees. Quick question, the building at the end of your video? The red and white one. Is that your workshop? It's lovely. Did you build it? Would love to see a video on it. 👍
Gary Mercer (4 года назад)
Great video. Ingenious idea about putting on bees wax. I used an eye dropper but you idea was better. One thing you need to do is put down special rocks under hive. I forget the name. But they disrupt the hive beetle life cycle and and at least neutralize that bastardly pest.
Gary Mercer (4 года назад)
Hive beetles
Gary Mercer (4 года назад)
Great vi deo. I made my own and loved the bees for two seasons. Great honey. Damn hove beetles and probably varroa mites ruined my hives. Bastards!
Gary Mercer (4 года назад)
A where are your safety glasses? Bad move to cut without safety glasses. One chunk and you lose an eye!
pickleme101 (4 года назад)
Started a garden and this looks like something I need to do. See you on Tuesday.
Ticky66MN (4 года назад)
Jon, you mention priming before painting and I'm wondering what you use as primer. Thanks Jon.
Matthew Lawrence (4 года назад)
Hey Jon I like watching your videos, great job! I have a langstroth hive and the frames within it have a 3/8" spacing between them so the bees can navigate throughout the comb. I know the top bar hive is a little different. Both have there pros and cons. A good book to read is the bee keeping for dummies. I have a digital version if you would like for me to email it too you. Good Luck!
Caesar Marciales (4 года назад)
i am up in alaska, I plan on building this for next years spring/summer. I will let you know how well the bees winter in the hive.
Rami Alahmar (4 года назад)
Thank you jon for your videos . I ve been whating it since long time great.
jim holtum (4 года назад)
Hope you did your homework regarding beekeeping and, really important, get a bee smoker and protective clothes before you start opening the hive when they are established. Love your vids. Rgdz - Jim
Jon Peters Art & Home (4 года назад)
Thanks Jim, yes I am not taking this one lightly. I’m thinking if it becomes to time consuming I will give the hive to a friend, if I give up. Thanks again and Ill keep you posted.
jim holtum (4 года назад)
+Jon Peters Art & Home Hi Jon, I kept bees for about 20 years until about 15 years ago. Forgotten so much about it by now - they are fascinating critters to look after, and 'look after' is the key. Quite time consuming too. I kept between 10 and 15 national hives. I see you have put sugar syrup feeders in but they will not necessarily need it this time of year if there is plenty of natural feed for them, but feeding will help to establish the colony. You can lose colonies due to weather conditions and pesticides and bees natural enemies. At the present time here in the UK there is a particularly nasty bug from Europe or Africa causing a lot of losses. I can't tell you all there is to know about beekeeping, it would take at least a book, and there are a lot of good books here and I assume it is the same in the US. Good Luck. Rgdz - Jim 
Jon Peters Art & Home (4 года назад)
Thanks Jim, any advice is greatly appreciated, I really have no idea what I’m getting into with this one.
Greg Grose (4 года назад)
Very interested in seeing a follow up video once the bees have established a hive. Great work!
Jon Peters Art & Home (4 года назад)
Randy Owens (4 года назад)
Check out the video on Wranglerstar's channel. He found problems with closing the bottom during winter. Great video! I have always wanted to make a beehive. Thanks!!
Jon Peters Art & Home (4 года назад)
Thanks Randy, I will check it out
Randy Owens (4 года назад)
Check out the video on Wranglerstar's channel. He found problems with closing the bottom during winter. Great video! I have always wanted to make a beehive. Thanks!!
John Heisz - I Build It (4 года назад)
Great project - I really enjoy watching you work and how well done these videos are.
Jon Peters Art & Home (4 года назад)
+Gervase Evans thanks, should be fun
Jon Peters Art & Home (4 года назад)
That’s awesome John, really man, Thanks for nice comment.
Gervase Evans (4 года назад)
That's great work & so helpful. I've wanted to "keep" bees for yrs & now that you have shared your ideas here, I can. Many thanks. Looking forward to sharing my results.
Joseph Guyder (4 года назад)
Awesome work very informative
Paul McVicar (4 года назад)
Nice video.  Any idea the quantity of honey you expect to produce?  Cheers
Jon Peters Art & Home (4 года назад)
I think any will be nice , should know a lot more by September . thanks for the comment Paul
Dave Pelcher (4 года назад)
Great project.  Not something I could do, I am allergic to bee stings, but I am very excited to see how this turns out for you.  Surely hope to see a video of the progress from time to time.  Thanks, Dave
Dave Pelcher (4 года назад)
LOL, ummmm, no thanks.
Sovek (4 года назад)
with VIT (venom immunotherapy) it is in fact something you could do.
Jon Peters Art & Home (4 года назад)
will do, thanks for the comment, Dave
Ed Tillman (4 года назад)
Nice. An excellet project. I hope you'll give us updates on how the hive is doing.
Mark Price (4 года назад)
Very interesting video for you...I have always been interested in staring a hive myself. Maybe I can build along with you and see where it goes. I did a lot of research a year or so ago, but have since moved and lost most of my info. I would love to see the entire process from start to finish, as well as maintaining the hive. Thanks!
Jon Peters Art & Home (4 года назад)
sounds good, thanks 
Hu Ko (4 года назад)
Kevin Miller (4 года назад)
This looks really cool. I'll be interested to see how it goes for you.
Jon Peters Art & Home (4 года назад)
Nick Johnson (4 года назад)
Looks great, Jon!  One suggestion-- I've heard it's a good idea to put a small ledge just below the entrance of the hive.  It gives the bees a "landing strip" to rest when they get back and to orient themselves when they leave.
Jon Peters Art & Home (4 года назад)
Thanks Nick, I"ll need to do that
Warren Downes (4 года назад)
Great video Jon. Very interesting subject. Do you need to get a queen from somewhere to start things off.
Jon Peters Art & Home (4 года назад)
Thanks Warren, the queen will come in the box with all the bees, should get them some time next week
TheDanArt (4 года назад)
very nice :)
Jon Peters Art & Home (4 года назад)
telbera sky (4 года назад)
Wonderful job jon
Jon Peters Art & Home (4 года назад)
Alasdair Craig (4 года назад)
Here's hoping the bees love it! Interesting about turning the blade around to cut plexiglass - I didn't know that. 
Jon Peters Art & Home (4 года назад)
Cool, thanks for the comment
Ryan Yon (4 года назад)
I would love to keep bees not only for the honey and wax but also bees are extremely important to pollinating the world to keep plants alive which in turn keep animals alive
Tim Choate (4 года назад)
Hey, John. Can't wait for the recap. Do you think you can make a rough estimate of cost during your recap? You made this look as easy as can be. I would love to make one.
Jon Peters Art & Home (4 года назад)
Thanks Tim, sure will do

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