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An International Embarrassment

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Sen. Bernie Sanders spoke on the Senate floor about child poverty and youth unemployment in America.
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I am Me (1 год назад)
I've been a pretty big bernie fan, but this has made me hit the brakes... is he pushing for government funded/controlled child care? I'm not sure how i feel about that.
Allan Nzoya (1 год назад)
Yuge disconnect
greg keen (2 года назад)
This is hilarious considering our poor represent the top 5% wealthiest people on the face of the Earth. Poor people in other countries don't live in houses, and apartments with heat, and air conditioning, with hot and cold running water. They don't get welfare checks from their government and EBT cards. They don't have cell phones, and cable TV, and they don't have access to free medical care, and emergency services. They can't go to a hospital when they're sick, or about to have a baby. And they're not considered morbidly obese by every nation in the world. And they don't drive Cadillac's, Lincoln Town Cars, or Crown Victoria's. But hey, nice try dumb ass!
atilla serdar (2 года назад)
if we lose our chance this time simply get a vaseline
atilla serdar (2 года назад)
do not watch correpted madia stay in you tube middle classs you im talking to you
atilla serdar (2 года назад)
I hope we do not lose this guy to corropted media and and rich
Marion Keenan (2 года назад)
Bernie is up against 'the Clinton machine' but don't give up on him now the more votes he gets the more power democrats have to make the party accountable to the people it supposedly represents.
kebro475 (2 года назад)
Let's let the GOVERNMENT start indoctrination EARLIER in our children's development. .. what a plan
PIANOPHUNGUY (2 года назад)
Women should stay home the first 3-4 years with the kids.
chiffmonkey (2 года назад)
Speaking as a non-American, yeah it's quite an embarrassment and we've seen it for years. America's supposed to be this shining light of freedom and modern thinking and rights, but it simply isn't and probably never has been.
Ryan Carroll (2 года назад)
This is the dumbest guy on planet f*****g earth
Halabira Lapu-Lapu (2 года назад)
Ladies and Gentlemen , I give you ... the next President of the United States of America, Bernie Sanders!
Steve Stairs (2 года назад)
if you guys don't elect this man...send him here to Canada. he would fit in well and then we can reap the benefits of an honest politician willing to take on some of the biggest special interest groups that are trying to corrupt politicians and damage everyone's democracy. stealing it away from the people it's supposed to represent.
Rafael Camilo (3 года назад)
The only representative of people of this nation with integrity, honesty and consistency. The rest are prostitute for the millionaires and billionaires.
Shawn (3 года назад)
Taxing the wealthy at 90% still a good idea Bernie? Paris attacks were caused by global warming huh?
sky ft86 (3 года назад)
you have my Mexican vote as a US citizen Bernie!
Nikola Tesla (3 года назад)
i have never voted but i m voting and i will take my wife and my best friends to all vote for Bernie Sanders , he speaks the US i want to see and sacrifice for ,
Edward Kenway (3 года назад)
+Nikola Tesla Sadly I turn 18 a couple months after the final polls so I will not be able to vote.
Mr Bluntforce T (3 года назад)
This is one of the examples that freedom of Speech is practically worthless! Everything  Bernie Sanders says falls on deaf ears partly due to the astronomical corruption and comraderie in Your country
Mr Bluntforce T (3 года назад)
You spend more Money on the fuckin military than all other nations combined cos without it you"re nothing;nor do you have any real concept of true Power.Being powerful does"nt becessarily mean Power over someone else.
his1ojd (3 года назад)
I'm British but I think Sanders is brilliant. Americans please for good of your own people and the good of the rest of the world vote him in. American society, as is Britain's, is in the grip of a Oligarchy backed right wing media, which is undermining middle and working class rights and income in favour of corporations and a tiny wealthy elite. For decades now the benefits and rights our grand parents and those before them fought so hard for are being stamped on by our governments and their corporate backers. Whether it be by squeezing real wages, social welfare cuts, poorer healthcare or the undermining of public institutions in favour of private investors.
Gary Harrison (3 года назад)
I've watched 25/30 of bernies videos and these not one that challenges any of his arguments.His the only one that's not full of shit. love this guy.
KuroNoTenno (3 года назад)
This guy sounds awesome. I can't know if he's honest or not, but what he says is the truth. I, infortunately, don't think he'll win the elections. Life can't be that good.
Lord Crump (2 года назад)
+KuroNoTenno Well everyone wants to see the world ran by intelligent people...And we know that the president of the USA has so much power and effect over other countries, so I think you may be just subconsciously looking out for yourself.
KuroNoTenno (2 года назад)
+MrJc9600 Hope so.  Now that I think about it, I don't even know why do I want him to win, I don't live in the USA anyway.
MrJc9600 (2 года назад)
Considering he's got a voting record going back almost 40 years to match what he says, and that he is the only presidential candidate that refuses to take money from large corporations. I think he is pretty freaking honest.
Jared_2015 (3 года назад)
can we just make him president already
Ernesto Loiz (3 года назад)
All of Bernie Sanders revelations were true and correct. But the greedy rich people with the backing of republicans were able to manipulate the capitalist system. One cruel example was the social security system. According to them this program should be privatized! Well, of course to the benefit of their friends in wall street. They think all american people were stupid!
den-den smith (3 года назад)
Brian Knutson (3 года назад)
A jihad ii attack on Bernie Sanders would be perfect for Killary
Brian Knutson (3 года назад)
This guy would be the greatest president ever. I hope they don't kill him
Cyklone117 (3 года назад)
Feel the Bern Washington. Sanders keepin' it real with all of us down on earth.
TCooker (3 года назад)
This was beautiful
TCooker (3 года назад)
This was beautiful
Squirt Earnest (3 года назад)
Yes Sir This is The right person for The White House and to lead Us out This mess They got Us in Thank You Sir I wish I knew what I could do to help Us all We need This Man for the Job He has been on Our side every since I could remember back in the 90s I'm from Flint, Mich and I've seen a huge reduction in Manufacturing jobs here and it hurt Us We are truly living in poverty and We want to work We want to live the so called American dream but We can't with Todays current trade policies and with these huge Corporations taking and bleeding America its crazy how they asked for these massive bailouts and huge tax cuts and You can't or won't even help the people out in Your own country Wow thats truly a American there or what do You call it
josiah hernandez (3 года назад)
How can someone after seeing this not highly consider voting for him? How can people not see through these other candidates like Trump & hillary? Just look at their track records for christ sakes. This man has been fighting for the middle class for decades. He is the voice of the middle class & I dont think there is one thing i have disagreed upon with Sanders, and im sure many many others would agree. I swear if he gets elected and goes through 100% with what he's saying im gonna shed a tear haha. Im rooting for you Bernie, I hope you get this country out of this rut & bring back the American spirit.
Hagfan789 (3 года назад)
Have you sheep learned nothing from Barrack Obama?
Jacob Rodesh (3 года назад)
Fuck. Yes.
ThaKronDon (3 года назад)
Great speech
Douglas Drake (3 года назад)
Go Bernie......... Hope on a rope............ clean up Washington.
j.s park (3 года назад)
I am Korean. Here is Korea. (여기는 한국이에요) I am not good at English. but I would like to throw my full support sincerely behind Sanders.Children must have a right to receive an education fairly. I hope that children who are suffer from poverty will cherish the hope  that they could enter a university for Sanders..
maylightbewithyou (3 года назад)
mich6781 (3 года назад)
Yes, I agree. He is the  best man for us!
Weisz82 (3 года назад)
Americans need him . Way to Go Sanders
Grandpa the Grey (3 года назад)
Bernie Sanders, the ONLY candidate who speaks for the majority of American citizens. Feel the Bern.
Argumemnon (3 года назад)
See, that's what a politician should be doing.
mich6781 (3 года назад)
This is the man for the American people!
Coffee Succubus (3 года назад)
Beautiful. Just beautiful.Voice of a true socialist.
Jason Toddman (3 года назад)
This is the kind of ma we need for President; not the crooked Businesswoman Hilliary and not the even more crooked businessman Trump, and certainly not Koch brothers kiss-ups (virtually every other major candidate in the GOP).
Merovingian Merovingian (2 месяца назад)
Jason Toddman fuck that lezbo bitch
Shawn Zhang (3 года назад)
As a Chinese, i would say that i am so happy our president Xi turns out to be a really great man of this kind, who really care about the people and has a longer sight than most politicians or business man in our country. And he is taking control back from those country suckers. Bernie is his kind too. He cares about the foundation of US, when others seem only care about the bubbles in the air.
Charles Pearson (3 года назад)
I hope Bernie wins the presidency. But it needs to go farther than that. If any of you are articulate, informed and good at giving speeches, please run for office. We need 100s of Bernie Sanders in the House an Senate.
Jen Bailey (3 года назад)
If finance reform and anti-voter-suppression laws go through, I think we might have a real chance at that.
Ami (3 года назад)
Please set me straight if I'm wrong. Mr. president this, Mr. President that.  Is the president there?  Cause the video cuts off before the President answers. Im voting for Sanders but i would have liked you to include the Presidents response.
Vbbymcr (3 года назад)
Hot damn he started from the root of the problem and kept building through and through Amazing
Eugene Debs (3 года назад)
We do need a mass socialist party!
EPSTomcat11 (3 года назад)
Once in a lifetime there comes along an opportunity like Bernie Sanders for president. Will Americans be smart enough to take that opportunity and support themselves by supporting him? That remains to be seen, but I'd like to hope so...
Dr.Sanjog Sharma (3 года назад)
Even from half the way round the world I say this to you American.. Make this guy your president.. There is no smirk across the face, no manipulation.. An ideal politician..
GeeZee (3 года назад)
Cannot wait till the statist say the some thing after Bernie.
Timothy Mullins (3 года назад)
Such an idiot
Imperator Furiosa (3 года назад)
How much money does one need? Millions, billions, trillions.... they can't take that to the grave nor can their heirs so really WHY does one need so much??? Just greed... there's no other logical reason. Meanwhile as they rack up the big bucks most Americans live paycheck to paycheck or worse... it is seriously disgusting. The middle class will be completely gone within a few decades if nothing changes... it will JUST be a small percentage of rich and EVERYONE else is poor. Wait and see. If nothing is done, that will be reality... Republicans turn their heads as Americans continue to suffer. They know the truth they just REALLY don't care about the American people.. let's be real here. FACT.
Peachrocker (3 года назад)
he cares about ordinary people and speaks the truth and every time i hear him speak, i love him even more-- and i am not a strong politics follower/aficionado. he is the first politician, presidential candidate or otherwise to make me interested in politics.
Juju jujuria (3 года назад)
Anubrata Bhattacharya (3 года назад)
What a great human being! I really wish i could vote for him but i live in Calcutta. A genuine person and leader. The least we could do is to vote for him!
Accidental Lyrics (3 года назад)
These statistics make me ashamed to be an American.   Is there a reason to hope?  It sounds like every American would do better to immigrate to another country.
Accidental Lyrics (3 года назад)
+Shinji Kurosaki I do not hate facts and I am not butthurt.   It was facts from Bernie Sanders that let me know how bad it was in America.   
Silent Anon (3 года назад)
You're a moron, you hate facts and are butthurt grow up...
Claudia Dominguez (3 года назад)
Bernie Sanders 2016, paste it everywhere. #FeelTheBern
I just stood and clapped at my desk for 17:06 minutes.
ROOT (3 года назад)
If he doesn't win the primaries, I'm moving to Norway.
Garrett Stephens (3 года назад)
+Bernie Sanders Raising the minimum wage will not help anything, if minimum wage is raised, then the prices of things go up too because companies have to earn more to pay their employees more. Raising the minimum wage solves nothing at all. In the US we have a wealth distribution problem, a economic class problem, a corruption problem, not a pay problem. I agree with most of your other views, but not that one.
Garrett Stephens (3 года назад)
+Curio City Ok. I agree with that and work on changing my attitude. But do you agree that what works in one country does not always work in another or is not always best for another country?
Garrett Stephens (3 года назад)
+Curio City Fair enough, I don't doubt what you are saying, however, you cannot compare New Zealand (or any country for that matter) to the US, they are drastically different cultures with drastically different economies, what works in one country will not always work in another; Socialism works great in Scandinavian countries, but in the US, because of people's mindsets and cultural beliefs, that would never work properly. I was just expressing a fact based upon the US's culture and economy.
FPV Flight Airborne (3 года назад)
Michael Davidson (3 года назад)
Congress could care less what the American people want, they get their money and their marching orders from the super wealthy.
Lisa Beysiegel (3 года назад)
An incredible speak regarding education and jobs
Green TwoStay (3 года назад)
'Bernie are you using those 'facts'again?
theglovedmarauder (3 года назад)
this gentleman is spot on. The most rational US politician since FDR
David Stanley (3 года назад)
I look south from Canada and I am appalled at the condition of USA it is a retarded country as far as social programs and labors laws are concerned IT is very shocking to see how bad it is in USA
ertreri (3 года назад)
Whoever disliked this must hate America, because Bernie Sanders clearly loves it! Deep respect for this man.
Jonny Appleseed (3 года назад)
The voice of the people... STAND UP to billionaires and OVERTURN Citizens United! Bernie Sanders 2016! #FeelTheBern2016!
Mika Lee (3 года назад)
Well, as the republicans have nothing to offer or have done anything for years now, The democrats haven't done anything either. Maybe socialism should be given an chance?
Hayabusa Dragon (3 года назад)
Socialism as a political party is a bit redundant if you think about it, I mean isn't any "party" or group socializing? I think this is a cop out on just getting votes. Appeal to the masses and get rich and powerful by doing it.But then what? What will happen when he is out of office? All the power we give him will go to someone worse. Obama preached the same shit this guy is and just got us further in debt! The only difference is Sanders has been preaching this crap for years...Now he's running? Why didn't he run previously? I think that more and more people are on to the fact of corruption in government and so they SENT Sanders in to get the election! Sorry but I don't think we should fall for this crap! I mean Obama preached this and he was taking money from the wealthiest and he even bailed out the banks! When will people start just thinking about freedom and go for Libertarians? They are the only ones that will take us out of debt and give everyone true wealth through a moral Avenue! Come on wake up! How long have we heard this same help the poor and the 1%crap? This is the foundation Stalin And Hitler took over on! I'm not saying Sanders is like them I'm just saying are we really as dumb as the Germans were? Freedom will set us free, not Socialism!
grin and bear it - (3 года назад)
Mr Sanders. You give me hope that I can soon respect the leader and chief as a person and not just the position they uphold. I am so scared for the future we middle class hard working Americans hold. We are the bread and butter of america. But still kept in the dark as new laws and trade agreements are made. Let's stop race wars and love who we are because of where we came from and what we learned on the way. And if people cross to our side of the boarder its because they want what we have not to change us.
April Ballantyne (3 года назад)
The US has some pretty amazing members of congress, a dynamic president, and amazing people like Bernie, and Warren, and yet, their efforts to make things better get denounced by right wing 'agitators' who confuse partisan pandering and ideology of their party as actually being or should be the focus of what their party does and more importantly, does not do.  time and time again you have seen hacks like Boehner and McConnell try to blame the POTUS for the problems that they have created with their creed of blocking any bill that would make this president look like he was doing his job. Jobs, vets, unemployment, infrastructure, it all gets the axe by these people and the US suffers because of their partisanship, their treachery, their hate of actual Americans that want to make the place better for all.  It is obvious that these men have not worked for the american people for some time, and it is also obvious who they really work for, and that their oath of office never meant anything to any of them. Its time to change that oath of office and to enforce it with legal proceedings every time it is found that the people taking it have broken it.
fkusrnms (3 года назад)
jmar505 (3 года назад)
with this election, i truly know now, the incredible awkwardness of talking about politics and government to others. I am always trying to veer the conversations with anyone about anything to the problems that we have in this country. It truly is a daunting task with the majority of people being corporate mass media zombies, they get most of their info from the sources that are essentially against their best interests and have no interest informing the public of the greater picture. Please, please, whether you live in US or not, please make sure to share about Bernie.
Angela C (3 года назад)
As a woman who has great respect for Hillary Clinton (she's a greater person than I'll ever be but), I think she should step down from the race because the US needed Bernie like yesterday! #Bernie2016   #BernieSanders   #FeeltheBern
i'm watchingwhatyourdoin (3 года назад)
Bernie for pres.
Savoir Fair (3 года назад)
Even though he'll probably get trodden over by the rich Clintons for President, he'll still be effective as a Senator. At least now more people know he exists and will hear his ideas. On the subject of child care, it just doesn't seem practical to raise children in America these days. It's hard for a father alone to make enough to support a stay at home wife and if both parents work then they have to try to pay someone else to basically act as a mother for at least 8 hours a day. That's gonna cost a lot of money because it's a lot of work and responsibility. I'm amazed that anyone even has kids rhese days really. Just doesn't seem practical and really doesn't have much payoff, unless you own a farm and need cheap labor.
Cody Davis (3 года назад)
The single most inspirational American political figure of my lifetime. #feelthebern   #bernie2016
Charles Goede (3 года назад)
donate if you can. volunteer if you can. pass the word on and remember to register a friend and vote. we must take our country back from those who only care about profits.
george snuffleupagus (3 года назад)
stop sending jobs overseas
David Frank Markham (3 года назад)
Bernie is not afraid to call out these greedy selfish fucking Republicans!
Ser Torrhen Clegane (1 год назад)
+David Markham No, I think they're even bigger liars. Republicans are bought and they really don't make an effort to hide it, the Democrats hide it like they're ashamed of it. I would actually do what the journalist Jeremy Scahill once suggested and wear my sponsors on my suit if I was a politician.   
David Frank Markham (3 года назад)
+PeterBluth Sadly I have to agree somewhat,   Corruption runs rampant throughout the world with honest people hard to find in both parties there seem to be slightly more on the democrat side .
Kang5030 (3 года назад)
+PeterBluth ^This guy knows what's what. Both parties are at least waist deep in it by now. One look at Hillary's super-PAC donors list tells the tale. I don't know if Bernie can solve everything, but he's a step in the right direction.
Ser Torrhen Clegane (3 года назад)
+David Markham You think the Republicans are the only ones who are greedy and selfish? Ha! Trust me, the Democrats are bought off just much as the Republicans, they're just more subtle about it.
neilemac (3 года назад)
The USA as a nation is a "Union!" So; those dissing 'unions' are 'unpatriotic;' all need their heads read. Wake up, 'we the People;' support workers' unions else we're all complicit in the current American Global Hegemony creating chaos around the globe.
neilemac (3 года назад)
And, a UNION!
Vinny Pappalardo (3 года назад)
It's a democratic republic I believe.
pablo p (3 года назад)
Your currently looking at two gold plated bimbos for president, and then....you have Bernie who's record shows what he is, and not some b.s. you think would be nice. If you don't agree with every thing Bernie's about, you agree with what he's about, is in fact honest! Please wake up people who aren't doing their homework on the two faced politicians serving the elite.
The Acorn (3 года назад)
I love you so much Bernie. You are making me cry.
gatekeeper501 (3 года назад)
The fact this video has less then 30k views makes me weep for mankind.
White Heterosexual Cis Male (3 года назад)
Yay Communism
zack villa (3 года назад)
Thats one bad mother fucka
Ally Francis (3 года назад)
Please America vote for this man! #Bernie2016
Justin Creswell (3 года назад)
Tell em Bernie!
nateleg (3 года назад)
Bernie is a breath of fresh air.
Dill Pick (3 года назад)
I'm so tired of hearing Conservatives that argue against government spending on federal programs. They whine so much about "Oh, you wanna offer higher-education opportunities to those that wouldn't otherwise be able to afford it? (and here comes the zinger) Where are you gonna get all that money??" like they just roasted me. WE'RE ALREADY SPENDING ALL THAT MONEY. They don't seem to care about the billions of dollars that we needlessly spend on wars we can't afford every year. They don't care about the ridiculous amount of money we're pouring into prisons every year. They don't care about the .1% who pay almost nothing in taxes every year. They continue to support massive corporations while they outsource jobs every year to foreign countries to avoid having to pay reasonable wages to Americans. They also sure LOVE the de facto caste system that has emerged in the US. They don't have a single fucking problem with any of that, but you bet if you wanna try to offer healthcare or equal opportunities to the disenfranchised they'll throw a hissy fit about "big government" and "government spending." Give me a break. If government aid makes you so sad go wipe your hypocritical tears away with your confedorate flag that you seem to love so much, or complain about "minorities in America." That always seems to make you feel better.
Katrina Whitney (3 года назад)
tulipano (3 года назад)
Bless this man and what he says about the issues that matter to most Americans! The Republicans don't REALLY care about you......don't those people voting Republican realize that???
Donald Mersel (3 года назад)
Vote and support #bernie2016   #berniesanders  #thepresidentweneed
wgaskill2 (3 года назад)
The Republican response to "largest % of childhood poverty" is "those parents don't want to work." which, at first glance, must be a joke, because almost no parent would intentionally leave their children in poverty if it was possible to avoid it. Because of the R propaganda machine, we are becoming the most heartless country in the world - deciding anybody who is poor deserves it, anybody who is handicapped deserves it, and on and on, while happily allowing the rich and corporations to pay no taxes, exploit workers, exploit consumers, and send their money to other countries (so much for "Job Creators").
wgaskill2 (3 года назад)
"The top .1% owns 22% of the wealth in this country.." - Unfortunately, they also own at least half of the politicians. The Republican response to "Income Inequality" is to cut taxes on the rich and corporations, which just makes this problem worse, but does highlight the fact that they aren't your or my representatives.
Joey Flowers (3 года назад)
I'm a white 24 year old male and have actually a really good job. I have no college degree only some certifications. Im a part of the middle class and have no kids. I have worked along side people with bachelors degrees who make less money than me. I and a living anti statistic of everything that Bernie says in this video... However, I 100% agree with everything he says because I also have friends and family, and almost all of them are having to live the American nightmare. You have my vote Bernie and have inspired me to do everything I can to push for change. This video literally almost brought tears to my eyes knowing that there is someone in politics that understands. Also, thanks for acknowledging climate change.. (other video)
natevel1 (3 года назад)
We're a nation of slavery, we just made it legal by targeting blacks and the poor and putting them in prison so they have to work for slave wages.

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