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A Star Is Born - London Premiere

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Watch live from the London Premiere of #AStarIsBorn, with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga only in theaters October 5.
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Текстовые комментарии (75)
Derek Andre Rosales (3 дня назад)
She Looks sad
clay irwin (4 дня назад)
man I wish my music was in the movies clayton astoforoff on facebook
bachemaqbul (5 дней назад)
Deepika Vijakumar (8 дней назад)
After Jack and rose, we now have jack and ally, ladies and gentlemen
Daniel Arthur (14 дней назад)
Yaaaas Lady Gaga!!!!!
KiFi (19 дней назад)
Хули вы на меня жалобу кинули
workoutmwf (19 дней назад)
I was surprised Ms Bowman didn't reprise her Lady Gaga joke. "How do you annoy Lady Gaga?" (response) "You poke her face!" Next time for sure.
YOU DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO (20 дней назад)
Ager kissi ko motivational vidio dekhna hoto mere page me dekh ke mujhe batai ki main or kya kya change karu... Naya hu galtiya ho rahi hai... Par aap sabhi ka pyar milega to sayad kuch to aucha kar hi lunga...
Bruce Wayne (20 дней назад)
Omfg ! A day after the premiere I was there on the Trafalgar Square in London, also went to the m&ms world 😱
Daniel Arthur (14 дней назад)
This is such a cute comment 😂 I never knew their was an m&m world
Jhonki Gonzalez (21 день назад)
I thought it was WWE Elias... XP
Senju118899 (21 день назад)
Lady Gaga❤❤😃👏👍👍🌹💮🌸(*˘︶˘*)
KABOOM! Animation (22 дня назад)
Hey join us and see entertainment. https://youtu.be/dPrF6bSXxtg
Charles Badou (23 дня назад)
$hshvjcmust c
Stevon McD. (23 дня назад)
Ryan Burke (23 дня назад)
Lady Gaga, here I come.
XLProductionz (23 дня назад)
I respect Bradley Cooper for taking all those pictures with the fans, literally taking the pictures with their phones that's dope! #AStarIsBorn #LadyGaga #BradleyCooper
craigs list (23 дня назад)
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Paola Ponticelli (23 дня назад)
I am deeply curious about this movie, really..and I hope it will make me cry and will let me to get emotional
Andrés Sánchez Ramos (23 дня назад)
Gaga fabulous💗🙌👑🎶👏👏👏
Lucy stars (23 дня назад)
This movie is wack badly Cooper awsomeness but gaga can't really act and that song shallow was pathetic slow and boring asshell...
Partha Clasher (24 дня назад)
Sub me i will sub you too
Yep, this is a bucket (24 дня назад)
She looks high af
Good Old Days (24 дня назад)
Is this Liberal media production???
Laughing Colours (24 дня назад)
*Nice one like definitely 🔥🔥🔥👍👍👍*
Rafael Dias (24 дня назад)
Yelitza Sanchez (24 дня назад)
CAN It be October 5th already ???
Donpo (24 дня назад)
Asterio Salamida (24 дня назад)
I Shoutout To Warner Bros. Pictures 6,000,000 Subscribers!!!🙄🙄😊
lamarrkx (24 дня назад)
26:04 Noel Gallagher
Alexis Suzanne (24 дня назад)
I see lady Gaga yummy man hehe
Izzy Read (24 дня назад)
This is like my perfect film Lady Gaga being amazing and a load of brilliant drag queens
Lori Ann Bishop (24 дня назад)
Neil mark Taylor (24 дня назад)
No Edith said Bradley Pitt
Ian Fransen (24 дня назад)
I here they making ready player two staring high five and iron giant and gundam new characters from 30s to 90s like king Kong 1933 and son of kong and their creatures new gundams (20) sonic's friends (44) hello kitty's friends (60) also put ray harryhausen's creatures and THEM and the black scorpion the giant behemoth turboman and booster from jingle all the way space man and gort from the day earth stood still (1951) put flash gordon and all his friends and all gremlins from gremlins and gremlins 2 the new batch jaws back to the future ET and robby the robot
Dan Ta Thi (24 дня назад)
Tận hưởng đi gần ngừng thở cả rồi
Tramaine Terrance (24 дня назад)
This film looks good, but I'm not watching this shit over Venom. Bradley Cooper is the man and Lady Gaga has all of my respect. I'll peep this film out at some point. TERRANCE OUT
CookieBanditPlay Z (19 дней назад)
People already saying venom is dog shite... Watch at your own risk
brent simon (24 дня назад)
Venom looks good and I'm excited to see it, but it won't touch this movie and I will see this opening night over Venom for sure!
Kumtie ramnauth (24 дня назад)
weslin haminton
Videomikeh (24 дня назад)
I think she looks more beautiful and sexy without the make up.
Daniel (24 дня назад)
She's fabulous
Bucephalus unruly (24 дня назад)
I wanna be a star 😢
Audi2.7Biturbo (24 дня назад)
João Alves (24 дня назад)
7:13 The queen arrived!
Daniel Arthur (14 дней назад)
Literally just came to see her
Kumtie ramnauth (24 дня назад)
João Alves
Junior Rodrigues (24 дня назад)
The Premiere is on my birthday, this is going to be the best gift ever!
João Alves (24 дня назад)
Lady Gaga is so perfect!
SARETTATV (24 дня назад)
Can't wait for this miracle to happen
O. Tutaysalgır (24 дня назад)
Diego Rivera (24 дня назад)
Thank yes you OK good
THATFoxyFeeling (24 дня назад)
36:00 "Bradley Pitt" omg Olly tried to correct her and she was having none of it, awkward.
David Wilson (22 дня назад)
She definitely said Bradley Pitt and if she has a chance to go back and review this she will have to admit that Ollie was right and the video don't lie... Hehehe don't you love social media.
przeciętnyczłowiek (24 дня назад)
smokeyxx taboo (24 дня назад)
Nadia Meli (24 дня назад)
I don't know who does the comm of this movie, but he's a genius! I can't wait to see the film . Seems great 😊
Israel Solomon (24 дня назад)
Is so heartwarming to see our favorite actors nd actress excel like this, nd also heartbreaking to knw that they are devil worshipers
Noxy Trot (2 дня назад)
Lmfao 💀
The french Timelord (24 дня назад)
You lost me around "knw"
Petar Traykov (24 дня назад)
Get help...
i dash (24 дня назад)
Kundan Gurjar (24 дня назад)
the number of selfies bradley took during this video is insane.
neztrop 16 (24 дня назад)
I can't wait to see this incredible movie❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #astarisborn #ladygaga #ally #bradleycooper #jack
Daniel Arthur (14 дней назад)
Me too
YOU DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO (20 дней назад)
Ager kissi ko motivational vidio dekhna hoto mere page me dekh ke mujhe batai ki main or kya kya change karu... Naya hu galtiya ho rahi hai... Par aap sabhi ka pyar milega to sayad kuch to aucha kar hi lunga...
Billington 104 (24 дня назад)
Saw this at a preview screening Tuesday night, believe the hype it’s spectacular!
BRAD PITT (17 дней назад)
YOU DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO (20 дней назад)
Ager kissi ko motivational vidio dekhna hoto mere page me dekh ke mujhe batai ki main or kya kya change karu... Naya hu galtiya ho rahi hai... Par aap sabhi ka pyar milega to sayad kuch to aucha kar hi lunga...
Frankie zBillington (22 дня назад)
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BRAD PITT (23 дня назад)
Noah Manning (24 дня назад)
I can not wait to see #AStarIsBorn. This movie is going to be spectacular and beautiful. I love Lady Gaga and I love Bradley Cooper. First Comment. 😀

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