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Stevie Nicks' Health Question

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The queen of rock 'n' roll, Stevie Nicks, has a medical problem that's making her feel less than majestic. For more information, visit www.TheDoctorsTV.com.
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aloha maui (2 месяца назад)
Don't blame it on her blame it on her Wild Heart
Ben Davis (1 год назад)
she still is the queen of rock and roll
Melissa Rester (6 лет назад)
my entire life, thanks to my mom & God. I miss you mom, but at least we reconciled and had the best 3 1/2 months of my life with you. now it's time for Dad & me to have a relationship, and so far, it's working. that was god's plan...got mine back with you, now it's time to finally start one with the dad i was always afraid of my whole life. i love you mom, you saved my life with all your counseling, advising, ideas, healthful eating habits, & countless other ways. love u forever mom! peace : )
Melissa Rester (6 лет назад)
peace & love & i pray for the world. "I Can't Wait" to see Stevie for the first time ever in my life, a month to the day later that my mom died...on sept 21st. just wish these horrible austin allergens wouldn't affect my singing voice so much. now i can only sing low, rather than former 3 octave singing range i had in dallas. small price to pay for having a chance to start my life over! at least now i can sing Stevie's latest album, since i can now only sing low...lol! natural harmony machine
Melissa Rester (6 лет назад)
thurs, the 30th. my church is amazing. never did i EVER think i'd be a church goer again in my life. but these people are just regular, real people...all ages, and i adore them all, even though i'm still so new here. can't wait to go to my singles study group after the contemporary svc i attend. joined them just over a month or so ago, never in my wildest dreams thinking i'd spill my guts that very day! just wanted to meet people here in austin, so i could have some friends. I am truly blessed.
Melissa Rester (6 лет назад)
yet another divorce, rampant in this time in history. love my nieces like they're my own children...would die for them, my brother, sis in law, my dad, & my best friend in dallas. i'm one of the absolute luckiest people on the planet. i have a family who loves me more than i ever knew, due to my small amygdulla & severely skewed misinterpretation of my upbringing. what i'm most grateful for right now is that mom & i completely reconciled before her sudden death on tues. her memorial svc is next
Melissa Rester (6 лет назад)
trying to turn this into a jesus freak/holy roller/bible thumper tirade. just typing because maybe it'll help someone, the way HallowsEve555 helped me with (her?) comment re: the visine tears suggestion. What to this youtube post tonight? Stevie Nicks, because she's my absolute number one role model i wish to emulate. my mom's ashes are expected in the mail on monday. she wished to be cremated, just as i decided for myself, long ago. glad i have no children so they don't have to live through
Melissa Rester (6 лет назад)
real. he's not a guy in the sky, sitting in a throne wearing sandals and a white gown with a long white beard. God is with you all the time. all you have to do is surrender yourself to it/him/whatever you want to call it...energy, lifeforce, Buddhism (which is just the way i lived my life prior to accepting God). just tried to live my life by the golden rule; do unto others as you'd have them do unto you. wasn't very good at it, due to a ridiculous amount of circumstances in my life. wasn't
Melissa Rester (6 лет назад)
school weds, aug 15. since i've never known in my 39 years what i've wanted to be/do, as i've been restarting my life, she suggested i might want that, but never pushed it. i decided yes, i'd like a career that's rewarding and helpful to mankind, even though i generally don't believe in western medicine. yes, i'm a hypocrite, just like most every human on earth is. after giving her probably the best mother's day of her life by joining their church this past may 13th, i finally realized GOD is
Melissa Rester (6 лет назад)
my brother, my sis in law, my 2 nieces (7 & 8.5), all our relatives, her friends @ hospital & church, our neighbors, & whomever else that i can't think of just now. i'm not suffering...I miss her more than words can ever say (WAY too much info). moved to austin in may cuz had to leave husband of 21 yrs, & had no where else to go (economy of course, like countless others WAY worse off than me). she & dad brought me back to life. i'm a person again, a grown up, just finished nursing assistant
Melissa Rester (6 лет назад)
@ least 13 yrs younger than was. while on vaca w/ dad in NM/CO past wk, she was in process of upgrading tour bus tickets, & was running back to not miss bus. eye witness said saw her fall w/out reflexively trying to break fall w/ arms. high altitude, plus family hist of stroke, means she likely stroked out, causing the fall,killing her instantly from enormous concuss to her right eyebrow impact w/ ground. this was tues 8/21 bout 8:30 morn. so she didn't suffer, thank GOD. my dad's suffering.
Melissa Rester (6 лет назад)
forgot to say american cancer society is evil. europe cured cancer YEARS ago. my wonderful, amazing mom worked for homeopathic nutritionist in 80's, was retired occupational therapist, then volunteered in ER @ hospital every mon for bout a yr. she was stage 4 breast cancer survivor who knew so much about general health. if not for her faith & prayers, would've died in 06. 68 yr old woman did cardio wkt every a.m. except for slightly high blood pressure, was poster "child" for how to look & feel
Melissa Rester (6 лет назад)
hope ur doctor is a preventative type...sounds like it. western medicine feels they have to keep us sick, to keep themselves employed. my doctor believes in preventative care, so i'm one of the lucky few out there. i have occasional tearing in one or both eyes, due to huge high mold allergens in austin, tx. totally sporadic 0 to 5 times a wk?! drives me crazy. i'll have to try the visine tears like ur dr suggested...so sick of this stupid, inconvenient problem! thx for your advice. peace : )
sabrina h (6 лет назад)
if tears come from your right eye first, theyre out of joy. if they come from the left first its out of sadness. her issue must be due to her fabulousness.
CattitudeInterlude (6 лет назад)
in other words....Stevie needs to go to a doctor to find the EXACT reason her ONE eye keeps tearing up sounds odd that it is just one eye as well-usually allergies and such affect both eyes it sounds to me like there is something just going on with the one, like a scratch or a messed up tear duct

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