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Quitting Smoking and My Massive Coldsore Storytime

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Trying to quit smoking? Me too - kinda - Listen to me rant about how much I want a cigarette and moan about having herp mouth - yes... cold sores are the herp - Get Over It and Subscribe!
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Brett F (1 год назад)
New to your channel. Sorry to hear you're "under the weather". Please forgive me for being forward,.. But this is you feeling bad for real??.. My goodness, You're glowing! Even more gorgeous than the other videos I seen of yours! Herpes and all! Grins ;)
Brett F (1 год назад)
Anarky Good to hear and You're quite welcome!
Anarky (1 год назад)
LOL! Thank you so much! Great to hear at a time like that! Hahaha That was months ago though! I'm much better now thanks for asking =}

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