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More tool tricks (mechanic edition )

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A little look into some tricks and tips that have to do with mechanics.
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Spam Dump (1 месяц назад)
I'm gonna use that C-clamp trick! Thanks
crystal fyst (2 месяца назад)
indentation.... indention is not a word
Lynn Dempsey (3 месяца назад)
Common sense
Rodrigo Ramirez (3 месяца назад)
Thanks for the tricks. Didn't it was supposed to be a ball pien hammer.
Rodrigo Ramirez (3 месяца назад)
Didn't know. It was supposed to be a ball pien.
AL M (3 месяца назад)
Some alternators won't start charging until they reach about 2200 rpm. A quick way to see if your alternator is charging is to start the engine and hold a screwdriver by the rear bearing, if there is a magnetic pull it's charging. Good ideas, Classic Work, Things I learned when I started out as a mechanic 46 years ago.
bardos (4 месяца назад)
Very nice video, thx
Bruce Davis (4 месяца назад)
I'm an old guy and know or should I say do all of this. But the gasket trick was cool. I would use the kids cheep paint. and the stuck bolt thing I use a pipe at the end and put some pressure on it. then a little smack with a hammer at the bold head and it comes loose
Anonymous98 (4 месяца назад)
The gasket trick is especially valuable, but all are good. Thanks.
Tim Shade (4 месяца назад)
Julian: That was true a long time ago but in today's vehicles you can trash a computer doing that . A simple volt meter will tell you all you need to know !
Julian Drakool (4 месяца назад)
best way to test an alternator, u dont need any tools, is to fire up your car then disconnect the battery. if the car is still running then ur alternator is good, if it dies its bad.. thats a true old school mechanics test!!!
yt watcher (3 месяца назад)
Julian Drakool still need the tool to take off the post connector.and a multimeter is hella faster for checking alternator.and with all these new technology on vehicles you cant do your test anymore.
Homie Gibiotch (6 месяцев назад)
just asked you about the ta on the ih tractor on another vid. now i see you have one. have you had to do the torque amplifier on yours ?
Classic Work (6 месяцев назад)
Homie Gibiotch Well that is a customers tractor, but yes have done a lot of work on TA's.
Homie Gibiotch (8 месяцев назад)
John Wade (8 месяцев назад)
When I cut gaskets for antique carbs and such,I first cut holes for protruding stuff like vents and tubes.Then I put minimal dabs of dark wheel bearing grease on all flat surfaces.I press the paper onto the surface. It leaves a defining line for a razor knife or good tiny scissors .Sharpening the edge on cheap worn out sockets make hole punches.So do spent 22 shells.
John Wade (8 месяцев назад)
I know, it's old school but I'm old. My 12 volt test lite is a 55 chevy dash lite socket with 2 wires soldered to it and 2 nails soldered to them.I have an extension wire with a brass ink pen refill piece soldered to push onto one of the nails.,[ I mashed a dent in it so it will stay on the nail ! ]and put an alligator clip on the other end.After dropping it once, I put a dome of silicone on the bulb.I've had it since the '70's.
truthseekr420 j (9 месяцев назад)
Im sorry, but this video is pretty lame these are common sense. Ive only bin working as mechanic for 8 months, yet this info is useless. Also who makes their own gaskets nowadays, its 2017 ? I guess that's the only useful part if im ever in a pinch.
Classic Work (9 месяцев назад)
No worries man.  I didn't mean to sound like a know it all.  I do understand I've been meaning to make a new video on the subject, and I will put some tips, and tricks worth knowing.  That video is I think 3 or 4 years old.  Haha we are the same age.
truthseekr420 j (9 месяцев назад)
Classic Work im 27. Maybe when you call it mechanic edition you should have some content for mechanics. I didn't realize this was your video, I was a bit harsh. That doesn't change the fact it was useless to any actual mechanic.
Classic Work (9 месяцев назад)
Your point was that you learned nothing from my video, and that my so called "Tricks" are just tails from a "Old crack pot moron"  I can tell your young 18 maybe... And I'm sorry I didn't help you with anything, but you got a lot to learn that you'll learn on your own.  Good luck.
truthseekr420 j (9 месяцев назад)
Classic Work are you for real? Read my last comment come on dude Im sure you're not a dumbass but damn you're sure acting like one.
Classic Work (9 месяцев назад)
truthseekr420 j I'm ok with being a dumbass, so please tell me what your point was.
Mohammed Ali (10 месяцев назад)
God Bless You
Dan Conway (1 год назад)
Great video
Mocha Guerrero (1 год назад)
my grandpa had a ball peen hammer with a stubby little Handel that he would use specifically for making gaskets
David Gaudreau (1 год назад)
That gasket right is bad ass! im def gonna use that one.
Santiago Itzep (1 год назад)
thank you
ice water (1 год назад)
the hardest plug I ever changed was the rear passenger side on a 1969 ford cougar with a 351 cleveland.
Everett Calhoun (1 год назад)
How 'bout a Ford Ranchero with a 390
Patrick PhippsPA (1 год назад)
What a joy that was to watch my first video of yours. This was some time ago, so I hope your still making content. Thank you! Thumbs up, new sub., here's your comment!
angus kangus (1 год назад)
didnt learn anything.
Classic Work (1 год назад)
Good I did my job well then.
Jens Bendtsen (1 год назад)
såen en gang pis,klaphat
Gem James (1 год назад)
Ya done good kiddo! More please.
Jeff Clark (1 год назад)
Good video, especially for beginners. I think we've all doubled up a wrench at one time or another and probably lost some skin in the process too. They now make wrench extenders that are much safer.
Doug Fever (1 год назад)
That wrench trick is something you don't want to do at a gas plant. They consider it unsafe and you can get run off for doing it. Of course some of them have rules that seem silly to some. I did a job at one where riggers boots were banned. Some guy slipped while climbing a ladder and instead of admitting he was clumsy he blamed the lack of a heel on his boot. My dad was a mechanic so I learned a lot of this kind of stuff when I was pretty young. I worked in a shop with two other mechanics and we had a rusty old Dodge to do a wheel alignment on. The first mechanic, Joe, was trying to break a rusty nut loose and the wrench slipped and he broke a finger. Roger took over and did the same thing.The service manager didn't want me to do the job in case I repeated that mistake and I assured him I wouldn't. All I did was to use enough extensions to get my hands above the fender and it was done in no time. I think we need to share our tips with other people so things get easier and better for everyone.
2001pontiacta (1 год назад)
That first technique, I used to bust a Allen head bolt loose on my truck. Works great just wear gloves, ended up splitting my middle (🖕🏻)finger right across the knuckle(real knuckle buster). 4 stitches later I still use that technique👍🏻
James Doyle (1 год назад)
Very Good . Thank you.
james davies (1 год назад)
company safety people don't like the 2 wrench application.  coulda shown how to bend tubing using box ends if you don't have a tubing bender
Mr Pendleton (1 год назад)
That gasket trick was pretty slick!!!
981516ortega (1 год назад)
Luis Manuel Martinez (1 год назад)
Thanks, great video...
NOLL72 (1 год назад)
I already knew these tricks myself, but they are helpful for those folks still learning. If I may, I'd like to add one to your list . When reassembling something that has screws or cap-screws going into soft materials, such as aluminum or plastic, cross-threading them can be a problem. I found that if you lightly turn the fastener counter-clockwise first until you feel the threads "click" a bit and drop, that's you finding the original threads. The fastener should then spin easily onto the hole. If there is too much resistance, you missed, so undo it and try again. This technique saves you from cross-threading or 'wallowing-out' the threads and needing to go to a larger fastener down the line. I just hope that I explained it clearly enough to follow without a video.
Bill Wessels (1 год назад)
I like common sense solutions.
John Ware (1 год назад)
Must have attended the sane school of mechanics I did. :)
wad willco (1 год назад)
Hope you tightened those fittings on that tractors' injection pump lines. that's why it's covered in dirt. check out the clean spot on top!!
youtubeisfullofspam (1 год назад)
I watched this with hopes of learning something, unfortunately I did not . I seriously learned all of this by age 14
michael paulissen (3 месяца назад)
youtubeisfullofspam sounds like you have not gotten enough bozo buttons, so please that this as a virtual bozo button and keep your disrespectful comments to yourself. If you didn't learn anything then you weren't paying attention.
youtubeisfullofspam (1 год назад)
+Classic Work Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Now can you RESPECT ME , FINALLY !
Classic Work (1 год назад)
Well do you know the firing order of a L6? Do you know the first commercially made american V6? Do you know what year the first gasoline power car was made? Do you know what the first Diesel engine ran off of? Do you know what size a 1961 806 IH has for a engine? If you can answer all that you will have my respect, and guess what? You might have learned something.
Kent Witham (1 год назад)
sorry to nitpick, but the title should be More tool tricks (mechanic edition)
Classic Work (1 год назад)
Very true I'll fix that.
Raymond J (1 год назад)
ive made thermostate gasgets like that to get me home out of cardboarde lol but it worked lol !
Tommy Arnold (1 год назад)
that's old school tricks that was taught to me in the field doing heavy equipment a lot of times we couldn't get the gaskets so we had to tap them out and sometimes just couldn't get an impact in to some of the places so we use a cheater wrench and the spark plug is something my daddy showed me when I was like 5
Jancarlo Paredes (1 год назад)
hhhhhhh shikaka idea
Charles Frey (1 год назад)
great tips. keep it up!!!!
Da Boyz (1 год назад)
"I BEEN MECHANICAN A LOOOOOONG TIME". Been doing this for years not rocket science just common sense. Worthless!
skylineqrt4 (1 год назад)
good video. here's a trick that I have use many times. Some times when using a socket extension for removing or installing a nut or bolt in a hard to reach area, put a piece of paper towel in the socket to keep said nut or bolt from fall out of it.
dirtrider88 (1 год назад)
but then you have a mess. a small mess but bigger than if you used a paper towel.
Chaz Hester (1 год назад)
A dab of wheel bearing grease will do the same thing.
Gary Kovach (1 год назад)
Yup, I like the gasket hack. Works out pretty well.
Arturo Perez (1 год назад)
brother the gasket one is a pretty good one I usually use a round handle screw driver but from now on I am using the ball hammer
tuga2112 (1 год назад)
nice clip, i particularly likes the gasket trick, I would have used an exacto knife if i found miself needing to cut my own gasket but the ammer trick seems better to get a nicer edge.
peanut Smith (1 год назад)
lmfao I bet your mom and dad is proud of you this is just common sense
fknows1 (1 год назад)
nice clip on mech tricks but wouldn't recommend double spanner tightening up I can see a lot of hobbyist or DIYérs  snapping bolts and studs from going over tight. (fellow mechanics should like this one) As I used to say when people used to ask how do you know when a bolt is tight enough. and I would tell them to keep tightening it up until it strips then back off 1/2 turn
Dean Yaddow (1 год назад)
fknows1 M
fknows1 (1 год назад)
Classic Work (1 год назад)
Well you got to learn when it is tight enough.
Dario de nero (2 года назад)
Top tricks for people with less than 5 brain cells !
MrFireman164 (2 года назад)
Very cool
Imightberiding (2 года назад)
"Mechanicin" I love this guy.
R Wallace (2 года назад)
Your a good guy, thanks man
Colby Harold (2 года назад)
Sub/Like for the gasket trick! Wish I would've known that years ago!
pmailkeey (2 года назад)
My free tip for all hand tool use (spanners, screwdrivers etc.) is to use a tool that fits the job. While a spanner that's not quite the right size will often work, when that work gets real serious a tight-fitting spanner is worth a hell of a lot. Spanners can also be 'extended' with steel pipe. That's a safer option than using a second spanner and also better for the spanner you're abusing.
pmailkeey (2 года назад)
+Classic Work Have you come across the instrument panel being referred to as a 'dash board' ?
pmailkeey (2 года назад)
+Classic Work The phrase we use that makes no sense is: "two countries separated by a common language". Have you come across the Snap-On (?) 'flank drive' spanners/sockets ? They feel loose compared to 'proper' ones ? I much prefer proper ones - and if the nut is big and tight, it's great to have to persuade the socket onto the nut with a hammer - a sure good fit for reliable grip!
Classic Work (2 года назад)
I got ya now.  Well its funny how much things change from one place to the next.  May speak the same language, but we talk different.  That's cool to know. 
pmailkeey (2 года назад)
+Classic Work I'd always assumed a 'spanner' was so called as it spanned the nut you're about to tighten. 'Wrench' is 'wrong' as wrench is a twisting action - more like via a socket which applies an axial twist to a nut whereas a spanner applies the force from one side. Nearest the UK gets to wrenches is a 'tap-wrench' - for holding a thread-cutting tap.
pmailkeey (2 года назад)
+Classic Work I knew a woman that had the nickname of 'spanner' - cos she made your nuts go tight.
Maximus Minimus (2 года назад)
This guy is the real deal. Thanks for making these videos and keep spreading the Classic Work gospel.
turboslag (2 года назад)
I've been using all these 'tricks' for years, decades actually. Didn't even know they were tricks, I just instinctively arrived at them.
Mrs Silence DoGood (6 месяцев назад)
turboslag aka Grade School Agricultural Engineering Survivalist course
Danny Walsh (1 год назад)
turboslag I agree most of these are common sense
Jonathan Browne (1 год назад)
Joe A, don't paint us all with the one brush, there are still people coming up in the trade that are not total fuck wits...
Joe A (1 год назад)
remember, people like us were smarter back then. now days, these kids dont know there head from there ass let alone what a wrench is. So to them these are tricks :) Hes showing the new age noobs! Good Job tho!!
Dan Burch (1 год назад)
I've been using these "tricks" for decades myself. Even used the spark plug "trick" today to test my leaf blower. But this is still a good video for those newbies who haven't developed any common sense skills like you and I have. I don't have a ball peen hammer, so I use an Exacto knife to trim my gaskets to fit.
galaxybeing1 (2 года назад)
Good vid! Thanks!
Anthony De La Rosa (2 года назад)
On the gasket cut-out, a fine grit sand paper can be used to smooth- out the edges.
nitrous07me (2 года назад)
I like the gasket trick, thx for sharing
Gareth Edwards (1 год назад)
Manilla folders work great too. That's what I used in the Army.
Derek Garland (1 год назад)
Milk cartons used to be great have not had to use one in more years than I care to think of but someone may need it.
pmailkeey (2 года назад)
+nitrous07me His angle of tapping wasn't the best when he started around the outside - which is why he had difficulties following the shape accurately at the half-way point. My tip on home made gaskets is that Kellogg's (and probably others) cereal packets make a good gasket material !
ALLxoxoxoxo (2 года назад)
When you are doing this wrench trick be careful because their is a small possibility, if you have low cost tools mostly, to bend the open end of the first wrench or even snap one off. But as long as you have good tools and keep them straight like he said this is a trick I have used for years and teach to all I work with.
Davinder Singh (2 года назад)
Love the tips brother!
timmy D (2 года назад)
thats a cool trick for the creating a gasket. I would just try to outline the surface with a pen and cut it out but the way you showed seemed significantly easier.
Robert Rager (2 года назад)
Nice job,,, keep it real. your right not everyone has extra money.
wolfeman351 (2 года назад)
Thank you for the video. These are some great and useful tips. I already knew most of them but the gasket making was very cool. I can use that one for certain.
wolfeman351 (2 года назад)
Thank you for the video. These are some great and useful tips. I already knew most of them but the gasket making was very cool. I can use that one for certain.
Daynaleo1 (2 года назад)
A trick I learned long ago that has served me well over the years: to get fiberglass insulation out of your skin after crawling through an attic, or rooting around in a wall looking for that wire you fed in, use an old nylon, or a leg out of your ladies panty hose. The super fine mesh will catch the fibers and pull them out. Lots easier on your hair than duct tape and cheaper too.
jason edwards (3 месяца назад)
Daynaleo1 always found a hot bath works every time.
jason edwards (3 месяца назад)
taterhead30 I always find a hot bath works every time, but never tried a cold shower for fibre glass and I used to work with it.
taterhead30 (2 года назад)
+Classic Work cold shower.. as cold as you can stand...
Classic Work (2 года назад)
+Daynaleo1 Wow that's a good trick.  Never thought of that.  Thanks for the comment.
Richard Squires (2 года назад)
The wrench trick is a true classic. And if you're using a breaker bar and a floor jack, you can take off the pipe that is the jack handle and use it as a "force multiplier" too. I wouldn't recommend it with a ratchet because you'll wreck your ratchet. But it works. Even for stuck mercedes lug bolts. (Grrr...)
crpth1 (1 год назад)
+Richard Squires - Some heat (heat gun, torch...) applied in those nuts can make a huge difference. ;-) BTW newer Mercedes have thread lock factory applied in almost every bolt which makes them a bit more stubborn than usual. ;-)
cpgone (2 года назад)
1.22 PB blaster first?
Eugene & Evelyn Stephens (2 года назад)
Great tips. I have used the wrench handle many times. You have added to my knowledge.
neil froggy crompton (2 года назад)
easy way to cut rags when u don't have a knife is by using the sharp metal edge on a workbench,spread out your rag on the bench edge @ the point u want to cut it & tap it with any hammer eventually it will cut right through just like the gasket in the video :)
greg parker (2 года назад)
The wrench on wrench is not safe better to put a small steel pipe on it better torque i worked on heavy equipment
J Moore (2 года назад)
My little tip- carry a good jack knife and bandages and a needle as well in your wallet to pull splinters- you will need all! :) Great little vid on makin do! A cheap voltmeter indicator in your cigarette lighter from hong Kong ebay about a buck with digital voltage readout- great for marginal batteries or high draw machine. Check for oxidation especially aluminum under distributor cap- flick it off with a knife point. A 12V tester with sharp points to get through insulation to wire is really handy troubleshooting .cheers
galaxybeing1 (2 года назад)
+J Moore Just got that little Chinese voltmeter. Now I can check the battery w/out opening the hood. Less than $3 including shipping.
Classic Work (2 года назад)
+J Moore Aye good stuff to have.  I use a test light a good bit of the time.
Millennium Man (2 года назад)
Awesome vid man. Learned a couple good things here. Thank you! Great tips!
Classic Work (2 года назад)
+Rich Bartlett Thanks.
Sparckman (2 года назад)
The greek Archimedes discovered leverage around 240 BCE. Great trick amigo.
desertrider100 (3 года назад)
Hey Man, you are a renaissance man. You have quite a few skill sets that the everyman can benefit from. Thanks for sharing your tips.
IRVPIANODRIVER (3 года назад)
thanks for sharing. Have used all of the tricks at one time or another. But its always good to have a reminder. You are such an inspiration to all of us. Looking forward to your next post.
TheStar218 (3 года назад)
I don't think there are many mechanics left,they call them selves technicians now.they don't fix anything they just replace parts.mechanics learn from experience, technicians go to school and very few become mechanics.
Croc (6 месяцев назад)
well, what did ppl do before. Hammer new parts from scrap metal?
Alberto Ledezma (8 месяцев назад)
You are the most babotas I ever seen before
truthseekr420 j (9 месяцев назад)
That's how you fix a car, you find out the problems then fix them. Rarely can you fix the part Smh. Have you ever actually worked as a mechanic most of the comments here make me wonder.
clarence (1 год назад)
Would you rather me spend costly to you hours repairing parts that don't pay me to repair, or get a new or remanned part with warranty. Sometimes diagnostics on complicated systems can eat our lunch, and we aren't charging you for a lot of it. If I diagnose it is a $60 part..why would you want to spend $160 labor for me to rebuild it? Diagnostic is the the key...and the flate rate tech has to be quick about it..it is a continuously learning process.
Michael Bowman (1 год назад)
*_"...technicians do not fix the bad part they replace it."_* Why "fix" a bad part if a new, or already rebuilt replacement part is readily available at a cost effective price? *_"mechanics rebuild the part."_* How many "modern" mechanical parts are "rebuildable" *_on site_*, again, at a cost effective price?
cnguyen616 (3 года назад)
Good presentation. Thank you.
Ron Townsend (3 года назад)
IS that why they call you sparkie??
Daniel Sierra (3 года назад)
Great gasket trick. What did you use for the gasket cardboard paper or something else? Couldn't catch what you said in the video. Excellent video though, keep it up.
trespire (2 года назад)
+Daniel Sierra We call the gasket materials either Klingerite or Victrite. Not sure about the spelling as there probably not English words. Klingerite is feels like a high quality thick carton material, but it's not paper. Victorite is made up of compressed layers, if bent it easily delaminates & becomes useless. Victorite is good for hot applications.
felipe salas (3 года назад)
Really good on the gasket, thanks
dan andy (3 года назад)
Good reminder on that gasket making method.  Many years ago I had seen that done but had forgotten about it. Thanks.  Very good tricks of the trade. 
Ra Sa (4 года назад)
Really found your mechanic tips useful. Thank you.
Classic Work (4 года назад)
Thank you.  Glad you liked it.
zzhhst (4 года назад)
cool gasket trick. New one for me. Cant wait to try it. Thanks
martin blouin (4 года назад)
i like your handy trick video! about your first one, in fact i would say it's not even only if you dont have an impact, the guy who teached me that, he had a cheaper electric one, and when it wouldint give we used to do that  and it would come right off! we've even broke bolt with that sometimes so much it's strong, well with a pipe, 
Bryant Salmon (4 года назад)
nothing runs like a Deere.

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