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Power is on: Heat chiropractor makes adjustments

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Posted by: Jason Bristol HARRISBURG -- All sports teams make adjustments at halftime. The Harrisburg Heat makes them before the game, too. Heat players turn to team chiropractor Josee Homza and she delivers -- by turning the power on. It's a phrase Homza uses constantly. "That's a saying I've been telling my patients for many years after an adjustment," Homza, a native of Quebec, Canada, told CBS 21 News Sports Director Jason Bristol. "I'll say, 'The power is on!" The power comes from properly aligning the spine, which works with our brain. Homza claims the right adjustments just make people feel better. "When you feel better, you play better is that right?" asked Homza. "One-hundred percent better," added defender Zach Sell. With her portable table, Homza can work anywhere. She has also treated players on the Hershey Bears and Harrisburg Senators, as well. She and her husband own Homza Chiropractic Wellness & Rehab in Harrisburg. While effective, not all the adjustments she makes look nice. "She pretty much puts my neck in this little spring-loaded thing, and does a karate chop," said defender Brad Kerstetter. "It's the best one. It feels great." That's why there's no shortage of Heat players who turn to her for twisting and turning. The Heat's final home games of the Professional Arena Soccer League season are Friday and Saturday at the PA Farm Show against Chicago. It's not just Josee's hands doing all the work, though. Her heart plays a role, too. No session is complete without a hug. She believes there's more power in that than a simple handshake. "When you know you're helping people perform at a higher level, it makes my day," said Homza. Turning the power on? It's a lot easier with a chiropractor who really cares -- someone with so much positive energy.
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Nique Millo (2 года назад)
Thanks! Your video is so helpful in explaining things. Do you offer free consultation for massage therapy and physical therapy?

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