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Top bar hive - treatment free bees

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This colony in a top bar hive is thriving despite having had no Varroa treatment for 2+ seasons. They have nearly filled the hive, so we are splitting them by inserting a follower between two pairs of entrance holes. The side nearest the camera has sealed queen cells, while the laying queen is in the far side. One the new queen has emerged, mated and begun to lay, we can either re-combine them and remove the old queen, or place them in an empty hive.
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nicolae benzar (3 года назад)
Kit Carson (4 года назад)
Once upon a time having had 17 standard hives and losing most to collapse disorder, I remember thinking, I need a hive like found in the wall of an old house that thrives all by itself. I need a tuff mean and ornery queen to raise mean bees Lol! 8 years ago started with the top bar hives and each spring split them all.  They thrive and do great with no treatment whatsoever.  A large part of it is they are allowed to live more like nature intended and also the bottom screen lets mites and other pests fall clear.  Each year from April to June they build and grow, start packing in the honey mid-may and winter well.  I take the honey only in the spring during the April flow.  Yes bees in a top bar hive do very well.  They need little attention or worry.  Just keep them where they do not get congested by splits and they will amaze you with making bees and honey. Yes I live in South Carolina, but would have no fear in colder climates.  Just build a bottom board for winter and put some insulation in the top of the hive during extreme cold.  Making sure you have ventilation and do not cause condensation in the hive. On that note I have learned that to have several entrances is a good thing.  Only close it up a bit during real cold weather.
Phil Chandler (5 лет назад)
The only beekeepers qualified to pass an opinion are those who have actually run a top bar hive for at least a couple of seasons. Plenty of beekeepers love to give their opinions about all kinds of things they know nothing about.
Thomas Robson (7 месяцев назад)
I like your above comment :-) I'm a "wana bee" beekeeper (I won't go into the aggravating story) and don't have any (may never at this point), but any who; I've been looking at a lot of hive designs, and I like the top bar with the end entry the best. "To me" it seems better for management/separation of the brood chamber and honeycomb/stores, then one with a center side entry as the one in this video which seems to me to encourage the brood chamber to be in the center of the hive. But I do like the ability of doing the split in the same hive like this video show with the center side entry.
Megahs2010 (5 лет назад)
I'd like to start a top bar hive, but my club don't recommend it. Many beekeepers claim TBH can only work in hot climate!!??
Phil Chandler (5 лет назад)
Isn't she, though? A bit defensive at this time of year, but fine earlier.
BeeFriendlyApiary (5 лет назад)
Bravo...she's a beaut...

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